#ThrowbackThursday – One year ago, our #DirectorsOfToughness participated in the @elcrucecolumbia, a 100km ultra trail competition that crosses the Andes, at the border of #Argentina 🇦🇷 and #Chile 🇨🇱. The trail was hard, but from the views, we can tell that the reward was worth the effort! 💪

Jump and be happy, just like our former #DirectorsOfToughness on their Icelandic mission!⠀
Our equipment helped them battle:⠀

- Ice ❄️⠀
- Snow 🌨️⠀
- Igneous rock ⛰️⠀
- Grass 🌿⠀

And much more! Discover it (link in our bio!).⠀

“What difference do it make if the thing you scared of is real or not?”
- Toni Morrison
one of the things i learned during my time as @columbia1938’s Directors of Toughness is that it’s important to respect and acknowledge your own fears and thresholds and that it’s okay to go your own pace as you chose to push into your own uncomfortable zone. spending the weekend at @outdoorretailer I got to connect with so many people in person that i’d only met online and have some really incredible conversations about inclusion of all types in the outdoors, what difference looks like and how we explicitly invite new people to share our worlds and our passion. very excited to be in this space with so many dope people.
this was an uncomfortable moment for me, headed up to my first summit, Mt. Shasta. was lucky to have a super supportive team with me. while i haven’t been fiending to get back on a mountaintop, learning about this great program Big City Mountaineers and their #SummitforSomeone inititiative this weekend is making me think about peaks again. 🤦🏽‍♀️❄️🗻

it’s Monday
get after it 😜
it came to our attention this weekend that i don’t have enough fish pics. hehe.
taste the rainbow.
📸✨ @_cammcleod_

believe it or not, i had multiple pre introductions to fly fishing. once in the tenth grade i convinced my English teacher to take me out of study hall and teach me how to cast. i was not interested, i was skeptical. i was tired of reading Walden and could not for the life of me understand the man’s obsession with fishing. i liked time spent with D.White, i tried harder at the comma splice rules as a result...it obviously did not last.
earlier this year post 100k in Argentina my boys were fly fishing, we camped near a lodge kind enough to let a ragtag little bunch stay a couple nights. the boys went upriver to flyfish... i drank fernet in hammocks w/ @elliot_wr
then i needed to learn to flyfish and i found myself out on the river with @_chadbrown_ . and i fell in love with river time, with distilled moments, with the focus and patience required, with the opportunity to begin to understand river ecology.
this is what we share at @soulriver_runsdeep. this summer there will be six mission driven experiences in wild spaces at risk of environmental threat. we are looking to bring PNW based inner city youth and veterans together for leadership development, healing & learning. there are definitely some chance for folks from further away, so don’t hesitate b/c of that!
super proud to be a part of this organization. please hit me up with questions, tag someone who might be a good match and please share my info with anyone curious! we are accepting applications for participants until January 21st!!!
really hope we can share some river time!
✨📸✨: @_cammcleod_

there’s an incredible madness in running.
we train so singlemindedly,
nothing seems to matter except that day
everything orbits around those hours, seconds, minutes
and then the moment comes and goes
full of all of its emotions
days pass.
weeks pass.
the run comes back to us, the rougher moments remind us of ourselves. on a training run. but more than anything. they fade away. and we start again.
there’s a thin line between madness and a lot of other things.
off to training camp.
cheers to the thin line.
last year this time i was prepping for El Cruce. pumped to be back in the mountains. 📸🔥✨: THE @_cammcleod_ in Argentina.

➡️ The tough part of being a Director of Toughness:⠀
- You are tested as hell 😈⠀

➡️ The good part of being a Director of Toughness:⠀ - Since you’re tested as hell, you become incredibly #testedtough 💪⠀
- You get to enjoy landscapes like this one right up here 👆⠀

We think that’s totally worth the effort 😍 Do you agree, @markjameschase & @faithevebee? ⠀

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It’s true, Gert tested our Directors of Toughness in the most extreme conditions of the globe 🌍… but she didn’t want them to become two ice cubes ❄️! That’s why she provided them with the OutDry™ Ex Eco jackets. Discover this #testedtough collection by clicking the link in bio!
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Met a lot of folks with different stories at Big Bend this weekend . When asked for their why “Because I could die tomorrow” Really stuck with me even though I’ve heard it a thousand times. So here’s to more adventures and one of my new favorite National Parks! 🌄 #GOATworthy

#DailyRiddle: It’s cold but it warms our heart. What is it? Our former #DirectorsOfToughness mission in Yukon, of course!
Thank you @markjameschase and @faithevebee for bringing with you throughout all your crazy adventures.

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Our #DirectorsOfToughness took on the challenge and faced Avachinsky, a 8993 ft active volcano in the Kamtchatka peninsula.
The mission could be literally 🌋explosive🌋, but with the proper guiding they finally made it! And the view is worth the risk… oh, yes 😍! •

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Our #DirectorsOfToughness have come through some incredible adventures throughout their missions, going from the ❄️ bitter cold of Mt. Shasta ❄️ to the desert heat of Death Valley🌡️. Today we looked back at their mission in Yukon, Canada… how can one resist such a landscape 🏔️! Click the link in our bio and relive their adventure! •

#columbiasportswear #adventure #explore #discoverearth #yukon #canada #camping #testedtough #volcano #travel #thegreatoutdoors #instagood #optoutside #view #mountains #picoftheday #getoutstayout #tbt #lake #mountains #snow

“Show a people as one thing, only one thing, over and over again, and that is what they become.”
- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
blessed that this year w/ @columbia1938 has broadened my own ideas about who, where and how i get to be in this world. very excited for next steps that let me share this feeling and these new imaginings with other folks. cheers to the weekend, get after that imagined life! 🙌🏾
ALSO! @soulriver_runsdeep is an awesome nonprofit started by @_chadbrown_ that brings inner city youth and vets together in the outdoors! if you are Oregon based there is a gala on Sunday at the Oregon zoo, check their profit for details! See you there! or think about supporting them on their website!
thank you Cam Vibes 📸✨ @_cammcleod_

Our #DirectorsOfToughness have been testing our products in all conditions so you can focus and live your own experience 💪!
Click the link in our bio to discover our new #ColumbiaTitanium Autumn/Winter collection ✌️!

sometimes the thing is physical
in this case, a hook in my face.
but much more often the thing causing pain is not physical.
it is the stress all of us are experiencing as we read the news daily.
or the difficult position at work, or trying to find work.
it may be the numbers: bank accounts, performance goals, scales.
very often it is navigating our relationships, with others or with ourselves. anger, sadness, hurt.
it may be something you can’t pinpoint or don’t want to address or can’t name.
whatever it is, we can try to breathe. to calm ourselves. to engage with it in healthy ways.
i found myself in tears at the end of yoga yesterday, heavy with thoughts, grateful for the darkness and the sweat working as camouflage.
similarly, i was pretty nearly about to lose my shit in this photo. but that wouldn’t have gotten the hook out. 😏
i’m not great at getting unstuck, but i try.
if you have a sec listen to: Pema Chodron Getting Unstuck, she also calls it Getting Unhooked. (google it)
photo captured by @_cammcleod_ during our recent fishing trip in Kamchatka with @columbia1938, you won’t see this behind the scenes part in the video, but you will see a lot of other dopeness! hope you can check it out. ✨☺️

next camping trip is on the horizon 🙌🏾✨
getting hype.
my friends back home thought i would get sick of camping this year, no way!
so many cool places to go & views to wake up to. ☺️🌱
camping in the red rocks of the Valley of Fire was definitely a fave. not to mention running up them.
can’t wait for more camping and trail running adventures.
monday motivation.
this photo? a @markjameschase + @_cammcleod collabo. if you look close you can see Mark in there! ✨⚡️📸⚡️✨

#ThrowbackThursday – We got hold of this picture featuring a ‘Mamo’, a leader of the Colombian indigenous community of Kogi, who had just kindly guided our #DirectorsOfToughness through the Sacred Lands of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ⛰️.
Such an inspiring encounter that @markjameschase and @faithevebee will never forget!

"A lot of people refuse to do things because they don't want to go naked, don't want to go without guarantee. But that's what's got to happen. You go naked until you die."
- Nikki Giovanni
growth isn’t comfortable.
whether that’s on a mountain, in a new career, or trying to widen political & social justice perspectives....even when we were little kids, i used to wake up in the middle of the night because of growing pains.
it’s not always going to feel good or be convenient.
this year has taught me that the more you chose to embrace the discomfort, push your own boundaries, the more you’re opening yourself up to opportunities for growth.
thinking back on everything we did this year as @columbia1938’s directors of toughness. and all the moments captured by @_cammcleod_. ✨📸 i was straight up miserable at this moment, i didn’t like the short roping, it was meant for my protection but it made me feel out of control. there’s a lot in life that is wayyy similar to mountaineering. #fbf

Time goes by sooooo quickly when you’re going on an adventure!
Only 10 months ago, our #DirectorsOfToughness were embarking upon the first of their #testedtough missions in Iceland, with our products by their side 💪.
For those of you who haven’t met them yet, just click the link in our bio. We were so pleased to have @markjameschase and @faithevebee as our team mates.
Take care 💚

Good luck to @faithevebee and @markjameschase on your next adventures in life! Thanks for being the most awesome #directorsoftoughness and product testers for @columbia1938. The cliche is true: its not the destination, its the journey. Facing fears and taking on new challenges; you guys certainly are #testedtough! So congratulations on a great journey!! This trip together left me with cool memories of seeing gigantic bald eagles 🦅 and gorgeous wild rivers. Cheers!

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