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Whatttttt I postedddd? So yeah, it’s been a while. I broke my arm, my baby brother was born, and I moved. Sorry it’s been so long and thank you to everyone who stayed! I’m so sorry I ghosted y’all! ❤️❤️❤️ edit: new setup!

Credit~ @dino_slimes__

{Floam mixing row}

I love the color of the foam beads!

{Their name}
They don't have a name for this 😕

{My name if I could name it}
Birthday blue

~ignore tags~
#repost #dinoslimes #amazing #floammixing #loveit😍 #need

Comment your hair color letter by letter!

My baby brother is 3 days old!!! I get my cast off on the 9th

FAQ part 1! This was made with TextingStory! Go check it out on the App Store!

FAQ part 2!

New icon by @dreamysigns !!!! I absolutely love it!!! Go check her out!!!!

Icon by @fuzzy_slimes_ I love it so much! Please go check them out!

Review for @kingsandqueens.slimes -packaging:10/10! Nothing leaked and everything was in little baggies -extras:10/10! Much appreciated!!! Also include a receipt and borax! Btw I loved the little lion eraser!! -pink lemonade:10/10! It melted and spilt on me, so it did have more. But one I fixed it, it was amazing! I love the texture! -purple sparkle:10/10! I loved the texture and it is beautiful!! -Overall:10000/10! It was amazing and I Really recommend buying from her!

Announcement: MY SHOP IS OPEN! I only have one or two listings right now, but I will be listing more today when I get home! ❤️💙 Happy 4th and enjoy your day and my shop!

Again with a sucky video 😁

Sorry for the sucky video 😆

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