A new week, a new dinner conversation starter question! 🍴We’d love to know, how do you describe yourself? Ready...go!

Watermelon rosemary lemonade, the besssst white truffle mac n cheese in the world, and chats with friendly locals @cvf007 nice to meet you! #lemonade #watermelonlemonade #trufflemacncheese #dinnerconversations #sanfrancisco

Who says Olympians are too big to have dinner with Marcus and Andy-roo? Not Scott Hamilton (@scotthamilton84). He is an Olympic gold figure skater. And he is a three-time cancer survivor who is currently battling his fourth cancer diagnosis. That grin is the ultimate example of how Scott keeps fighting the odds with a spirit of sheer gratitude. His new book, “Finish First,” charts his story of living a motivated, thankful life. And we are certainly grateful for him. Season Two - featuring Scott - is coming. Season One can be viewed in full at the link in our Instagram Bio 👆🏾.

It was a joy to witness the confirmation of the Pickman twins, Tyler and Caitlin, at St. Bridget's in Cheshire. Br. John and Br. Maximilian have accompanied them over the years as they participated and later began to lead youth programs and family retreats. #spiritualespresso #thechurchisalive #thefamilyisthebuildingblockofastrongsociety #dinnerconversations

Oh how we love @patsyclairmont. We cannot wait for you to see a special conversation she hosted with @marklowry - exclusively available on our Season One #DinnerConversations DVD, Coming this summer everywhere! ... Dinner-Conversations.com #conversation #communion #marklowry #andrewgreer #patsyclairmont #welovepatsy !

Seinfeld (my favorite television show of all time) went off the air exactly 20 years ago today. I know most episodes by heart and still laugh out loud like I've never seen the them before. This is a scene from the early days...(Season 2, Episode 2) "The Pony Remark." Still gets me and Elaine is my spirit animal. 😂😂😂📺📺📺🐎🐎🐎

What a wonderful person and wonderful voice (in that order). @thecrystallewis we love you! Honored to share her voice and story in this season of her life on #DinnerConversations Season 2. #conversation #tabletalk #marklowry #andrewgreer #crystallewis

Flashback Friday ||to last weekends night out on the town, dining at Prime Table with @dianehugheshunt , @joedibianca , @emilystoughton @brittneykara, and @father_friel ! Great night with even better conversation! #primetable #stocktonca

Why must Jess order meat and cheese for every meal 😋 #SoGood #ICanEatItAll #AllOfTheCheese #CiBoom #Matera #Apulia #DinnerConversations #TheCheeseLovesMeBack

This photo tells a story. Michael W. Smith (@mwsmithofficial) afforded me my first job in Nashville at Rocketown Records as a collegiate. That job introduced me to April Hefner, editor of @ccmmag. She recognized my writing wasn't half-bad, and so she introduced me to the periodical where I was first published as a writer. CCM first believed in my on-camera journalism skills which led to the #FeaturesOnFilm series I host currently. And “Features on Film” introduced me to @marklowry, which spawned a friendship that birthed “Dinner Conversations with Mark Lowry and Andrew Greer” (@dinnerconvosmarkandrew)– which Michael W. guested on today. Michael has been a touchpoint for so many people in this town, and in this line of work. It is good to take the time to look back and see where we have come from, and to be grateful. #dinnerconversations #michaelwsmith #marklowry #fullcircle #grateful

Elementary Families: At dinner tonight, ask: What is the best thing you ever gained by being honest? #honesty #dinnertime #dinnerconversations #mecpowerkids

So fun having @dannygokey in da’ houuuuseee and on the “Dinner Conversations w/ @marklowry and @agreermusic” set today. The man can talk and saaaaanggg. He even gave us a smoky rendition of “Mary, Did You Know?” This will be an episode not to be missed. #DinnerConversations #Conversations #communion #americanidol #MarkLowry #AndrewGreer #DannyGokey #Saaaaang

So cool hanging with Olympic gold medalist and all-around good guy Scott Hamilton (@scotthamilton84) this morning. He says my triple lux toe touch grand slams are coming along nicely. @dinnerconvosmarkandrew Season 2 is gonna be good. #dinnerconversations #scotthamilton #olympics #figureskating #thinkicouldbeafigureskater

“Some of the fondest memories are made at the dinner table!” To shop for some of our lovely table runners, placemats and table cloth click here

#theyellowdwelling #tablelinen #tablerunners #tablecloth #placemats #dinnerconversations #bangalore #cottonhomefurnishings

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