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Bacon Wrapped Pork w/ Apple Stuffing - Follow @tastemadede for German deliciousness! ⠀
1 pork tenderloin⠀
1 green apple⠀
1 onion⠀
1 bunch of thyme⠀
1 roll, cubed⠀
3 Tbsp dry Dijon mustard⠀
10-12 strips of bacon⠀
Preheat the oven to 350°F. Cut the apple and the onion into small cubes and finely chop the garlic. Sauté apples and onions in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil and season with salt and pepper.⠀
Add a pinch of thyme and rosemary to the pan, then add bread and the Dijon mustard. Stir together and continue to cook.⠀
Pound the pork tenderloin and cut it lengthwise. Add the stuffing on one side and roll it up.⠀
Lay out the strips of bacon on a board. Place the filled tenderloin on the bacon, then wrap the bacon strips around the pork so it's entirely wrapped.⠀
Bake the roll in the oven for 20–30 minutes. Let cool, then slice and enjoy.⠀
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Peixe Assado Sobre Cama de Tomates e Ervas 🐟 📲 Salve essa receita no aplicativo! Link na bio. ❤️ Clique duas vezes no vídeo para curtir 👌 Compartilhe com seus amigos

●  400g de tomatinho cereja ●  200g de batata mini pré cozida
●  1 cabeça de alho cortada ao meio
●  1 maço de orégano fresco
●  Sal a gosto
●  ½ xícara de azeite de oliva
●  500g de peixe em posta
●  Pimenta branca

Em uma forma refratária, dispor o tomatinho cereja, a batata, a cabeça de alho e o orégano.  Temperar com sal e pimenta e regar com azeite de oliva. Por cima, dispor as postas de peixe, temperar com sal e pimenta, fechar com papel alumínio e levar ao forno 180 graus por 1 hora.

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Esta 🎃 Calabaza rellena con cebolla, choclo, brócoli y queso 🎃 queda super! Les cuento que es bastante sencilla también, así que pueden usarla para ir practicando... 😂😂😂 La receta rinde para dos calabazas como la de la foto.
🔶 Ingredientes: ✔️ 2 trozos de calabaza (Si usan los extremos mejor porque al ser ahuecado pueden colocarle bastante relleno) ✔️ 1/2 taza de cebolla picada ✔️1/2 taza de choco cocido ✔️1/2 taza de brócoli cocido al vapor en trozos ✔️ 2 huevos ✔️ 2 cdas de queso untable descremado ✔️sal, pimienta y ajo en polvo ✔️ c/n de trozos de queso fresco descremado
🔶 Procedimiento: 👉 Cocinar los trozos de calabaza al vapor hasta que estén totalmente tiernos. (Tienen que poder atravesarlos con un tenedor) 👉Esparcir rocío vegetal sobre una bandeja. 👉Colocar los trozos de calabaza sobre la misma, reservar. 👉 Colocar aceite en un wok. 👉Agregar la cebolla, cocinar y mezclar. 👉 Retirar del fuego. 👉 Agregar el resto de los ingredientes para el relleno excepto el queso fresco descremado, mezclar. 👉Rellenar los trozos de calabaza. 👉Agregarles el queso fresco descremado encima. 👉Cocinar a horno moderado por 20 a 30 minutos.

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#foodporn at its finest!! 😎👏😍😍 🎥 by @befatbehappy!

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Good evening. Tonight's dinner is shrimp fried cauliflower rice and it was delicious and easy to make. Here's the recipe. 🔹3-4 Tbsp. @chosenfoods spicy sesame oil.
🔹1 large clove garlic chopped.
🔹5-6 scallions chopped.
🔹2 cups riced cauliflower.
🔹8-10 shrimp peeled and deveined.
Can replace shrimp with tofu or chickpeas.
🔹1/4 cup frozen loose corn.
🔹1/4 cup frozen loose peas.
🔹1/4 cup chopped carrot
Or sub frozen veggie mix in equal amts.
🔹2 eggs beaten
🔹Salt and pepper to taste
Sauté 1/2 the scallions and the garlic in 2 tbsp. sesame oil on medium high heat until they start to soften. Add cauliflower and sauté for another 5 minutes tossing often. Move cauliflower to sides of the pan and add a little more sesame oil if needed in the middle. Add shrimp and cook until pink on both sides. Move shrimp to sides and add frozen veggies and carrots. Toss a few times for 2 to 3 mins. then combine mixture, cover and remove from heat. In a separate pan add a little more sesame oil and scramble eggs until cooked. Mix into hot cauli rice, season with salt and pepper and top with remaining scallions. Serves 2.

When entertaining guests, I bring out this savory soup while we're waiting for the main course. It's simple to make—just saute the onions early in the day and let the soup simmer until dinner-time. In winter, big bowls of it make a warming supper with a salad and biscuits. —Linda Adolph, Edmonton, Alberta

Rich French Onion Soup Recipe

TOTAL TIME: Prep: 20 min. Cook: 5 hours
MAKES: 10 servings

6 large onions, chopped
1/2 cup butter
6 cans (10-1/2 ounces each) condensed beef broth, undiluted
1-1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
3 bay leaves
10 slices French bread, toasted
Shredded Parmesan and shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese

1. In a large skillet, saute onions in butter until crisp-tender. Transfer to a 5-qt. slow cooker. Add the broth, Worcestershire sauce and bay leaves.

2. Cover and cook on low for 5-7 hours or until the onions are tender. Discard bay leaves.

3. Ladle soup into ovenproof bowls. Top each with a slice of toast; sprinkle with desired amount of cheese. Place bowls on a baking sheet. Broil for 2-3 minutes or until cheese is lightly golden. Yield: 10 servings.

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It doesn't look that great, but it is so good. Definitely the best lentil soup we have made! I'd describe it as a spiced Moroccan soup with lentil and kale. Spicy, hearty and packed with protein and vitamins. #dinner #soup #kale #vegan #wednesday

Is it ok to feed your kids roast potatoes for dinner when there's literally nothing else? They will get yoghurt, Harissa and pickles on the side! #vegetarian #potato #dinner#sad

Slow cooked Angus beef fillet, 30 hours marination into Red wine glazed, crushed Congo potato, compoter red Cabage, beetroot raviole

Chris made this beautiful lentil meatless loaf for dinner tonight. We forgot to take a picture before we took it out of the pan - but this was very delicious!! Served it with a spinach salad 😁 #lentilmeatloaf #lentils #meatless #vegetarian #dinner #love #instameatless #instagood #healthyeats #nutricious #postworkout #delicious

Wonderful dinner at Leo in Bogota. She is the most famous and best female Chef in Southamerica. Everything, every detail is from Colombia. The special leaves, the nuts, the beans. The small red balls are a kind of potatoes. Brillant! #food #foodpic #foodporn #foodphotography #foodlove #foodlover #foodlovers #foodwine #instafood #bogota #discoverbogota #discovercolombia #discoversouthamerica #leoespinosa #travel #traveler #traveling #traveller #travelgram #instatravel #instatraveling #enjoylife #lifeisgood #goodlife #lifeisbeautiful #gourmet #dinner