It makes me good to see him so happy... 💘 ( @deejayrupp #dillonrupp #djrupp #RUPPPACK )

and Aaron's new song? I need to listen to itttt
#oldmagcon #aaroncarpenter #taylorcaniff #dillonrupp #deejayrupp 💓

Hey guys whats up?
I havent posted in a long while since i dont have any captions and my life is so stressfull rn and i think i fell in love with this german rapper and i‘m still sad i didnt really talk to him when i met him 😩
#deejayrupp #dillonrupp #djrupp @deejayrupp

My boys

Babe starting a project? FUCK YES!!!! // #dillonrupp @deejayrupp ❤️❤️❤️// Dillon liked x6

Drawing of @sandwa ❤ dm me for a FREE drawing!!

happy 4/20 ya pothead @jackgilinsky 💨

Boys boys

I'm a little late but yesterday was the fourth year since the old magcon split up which was devastating at the time but I'm so proud of each and everyone of them. They've achieved so many things by themselves. These people were mainly the reason I made an editing/fan account💖🌺 Also a little late but I've had @_mendesaf_ since April 1 2014 so that's been one thousand one hundred and thirteen days😱 They've made my middle school years SO much better, so many laughters at night. I remember watching a YouTube video of one of the boys with my friend during class and just laughing at their weirdness. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
📆 :: April 18 2018
📈 :: fc: 4946
⏰ :: 4:45pm
💋 :: I've watched so many old vids of them I just an hour😂👏🏼
qotd: Do you all agree that the Cameron Dallas song should be in iTunes?!😂👏🏼
aotd: Yessss!!! 😂😂👏🏼
sotd: Cameron Dallas song by Shawn Mendes
song: counting stars by One Republic
who's in the vid: Old Magcon family
vc: don't know.
tag: @shawnmendes @nashgrier @camerondallas @matthewespinosa @jacobwhitesides @mahoganylox @taylorcaniff @aaroncarpenter @jackj @jackgilinsky @sammywilk @deejayrupp
hashtags: #shawnmendes #oldmagcon #mendesarmy #camerondallas #nashgrier #hayesgrier #matthewespinosa #jacobwhitesides #mahoganylox #taylorcaniff #aaroncarpenter #jackjohnson #jackgilinsky #samwilkinson #sammywilk #dillonrupp


I’m back 🥀

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