Somebody left a note in this grocery cart that said “ cheese and shit like that “ long story short, I believe in soulmates. -
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Went to jail 24 hours before this , bailed out told the deputy I’m making it to Disneyland to my princess 👸🏻 all that street shit is cool and all but you gotta be a man to prove your gangsta to me #dilfsofdisneyland #Royalty
F R E S C O B A R S E A S O N 🖤🌹🕊👿🦍🤨

Parker’s 1st Disneyland Trip ☀️It was so hot but we had so much fun!
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Flexin dat #dadbod wit my suuhn👨‍👦 (jk I’m in Texas)

What or who motivates you?
What is the “why”behind what you do?

I’ve absolutely loved teaching people how to transform and enjoy their bodies over the past 7 years. My "why" has always been to help others, and What I’ve gotten in return has been incredible. I’m impacting lives and making a great income from it. Freakin win-win!

This year, my son was born. Holy sh*t. A fire was already burning but now it’s uncontainable. My “Why” was strong… Now it’s even stronger. Constantly thinking of my “why” helps me makes choices that better leverage my time, push me to fight against resistance (and laziness), and in the end, I end up helping more people, in a much deeper way.

So what’s your “why” getting or behind staying fit?
What’s your “why” behind going to work or aiming for advancement?
What’s your “why” behind the other things that you want in life?

The Stronger The “Why”, The Easier The “How” - T. Harv Ecker

Think about these things throughout your day. When you don’t want to do what you know you should. When you need the courage to STOP doing repetitive things that aren’t advancing you and your situation. When you need to take a risk. When you keep making excuses so and don’t go and do that thing you really want to. ⠀
On Sunday, I gave my first live workshop on my 3 step system on How I became a sponsored fitness icon and built a six figure online business. I’m blown away by how many people attended and stayed the ENTIRE length of time. My DM’s have been nuts today, I love ya’ll so much. Seriously.

For anyone who missed yesterday’s live workshop, you have ONE more opportunity to catch tomorrow’s live workshop. June 12, @ 11AM Pacific Time
Link in my bio @mattogus

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Ava's birthday and Father's Day at the most magical place on Earth! We love you Daddy! ❤️Dreams do come true!

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