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this space is one of the best things about 2015.
2016, i can't wait to see what other great gifts you have in store for us 😊🎈. #HisFavouriteKid #Creative #DigitalKid

24-year-old Nigerian-born, London-based singer-songwriter @vicktortaiwo is on tour with @ibeyi2 and just opened up for the sisters with a powerful set at @websterhall in New York City. #digitalkid #vicktortaiwo

Baby Erin wants to use my phone again. Makiki-post lang daw siya sa instagram. :/ #ErinLove #DigitalKid

N D A L O Y E N K O S I ! #WinnersLoveMonday #NewSpace #DigitalKid

Zach's trapped in the past #digitalkid #classicmilennial

With her around you getting no time on da phone #digitalkid



πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Moja cerka slusa Betovena i ostavlja "intrigantne" komentare na YouTube-u. Moj posao je ovde zavrsen! Ovaj roditelj se odjavljuje! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Pre nego sto sam postala mama, pitala sam se ko ostavlja sve te sulude, besmislene komentare na YT. Da li ti ljudi dodju na YT sa tim sumanutim komentarom vec na umu ili ih spontano neki video inspirise da ostave komentar: "hdte ekdjegehdvejdi61322?2/)!:jsheua"? Onda je moja cerka pocela da koristi tablet i od tada je napisala raznorazne komentare ovog tipa besomucno lupkajuci po ekranu. I sve to u moje ili muzhevljevo ime. Inace, ispod decjih videa na YT uglavnom mozete naci samo ovakve komentare. πŸ˜‚A Betoven - Aja je pevala 5. Simfoniju po kuci jer to peva i Masa (i Medved), pa sam joj pokazala original. ➑️➑️➑️My daughter is listening to Beethoven and leaving mind-blowing comments on YouTube. My work here is done! Parent out! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Before I was a parent I was wondering who the hell leaves these crazy gibberish comments on YT. Do you come to YT with that comment in mind or the video spontaneously inspires you to write "hdte ekdjegehdvejdi61322?2/)!:jsheua"? Then my daughter started using out tablet and she has written all sorts of these encrypted comments while clicking endlessly on the screen since. And all of it under my and my husband's name πŸ‘«In fact, under most of the kids videos on YT you can see nothing but this type of comments! Oh and Beethoven - She was singing the 5th symphony because that's what Masha (and the Bear) sings at some point, so I showed her the original. #youtube #youtubecomments #kids #beethoven #digitalkid #parenting #funnymoments

She is a sleepy 😌😴person

Had a little helper at our meeting today. My apprentice you might say. Actually, this kid owned the meeting, he was coding software by the end of it! I'll probs be sending him my CV in 15 years time 😳 #techkid #digitalkid #genz #hetalksilisten #mylittleman #werk #werkwerkwerk @mish_thomas

Sharing my #deskie for the @digitalmums and @notonthehighstreet campaign! I don't have childcare on Fridays which means the laptop comes out of my office and on to the kitchen table, so I can do bits of work on my clients' channels. More often than not though it gets hijacked by the 4 year old...

I've just had the most epic 3hours!! Try managing online and social media for a live show while the client is right behind! No pressureπŸ˜‚
Alas, all went well, so I can finally decide which beverage to really commit to, the water is winning so far! Just going to take a moment then before I know it I'll be running again! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜₯
#workbesomuchfun #pressure #digitalkid

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