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We took family portraits exactly 3 years ago today, one week before his open heart surgery. I remember thinking we need to take family portraits in case he doesn't make it. He was so tiny. He didn't even weigh the necessary 8 pounds yet, but we kept filling his g-tube as much as we could believing in faith that he would make it to 8 pounds and give him the best fighting chance to survive the surgery. Looking at the photos from that day bring up so many emotions, I want to all at once throw up and shout for joy because of what we've walked through and because we walked through to the other side #heartwarrior #elienhancesmylife

Hi! I'm Maylan Chavez, I'm 22 years old and from Miami, FL. I'm a student, patient, daughter, fiancee, and friend to all. As a disabled woman of 22 years, I've faced more struggles than most others ever should. I grew up in a world just not built for me, and constantly broke any barrier put in my path. Thanks to my parents who never imposed limits on me, I learned to be strong even when all else told me otherwise. Through school, friendships, relationships, family, travel, and interaction, I've risen above the known stigmas, and it was as easy as accepting who I am. I love me for me, and my most important lesson was learning that disability is not an obstacle, but rather a different way of living life.
I constantly remind myself of my one, absolute truth: happiness is a choice. You must choose to be happy. Proactively, unequivocally, unfalteringly — happy. And though it will always be easier to be anything but, being happy is the only choice that is worth it. I promise you. Be happy in the face of adversity, and the sun will always shine again.
If you are disabled like me, please remember there's nothing you can't do. And if you aren't, please remember that we all share this experience called life, and there is never any difference between you or any other human being. But please, above all, never let anyone, from a person to society, impose their views on you. Be all that you love yourself for, unapologetically. Always.

"Meet Kinslee! Our sweet girl was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome on July 13, 2016. Rett syndrome is a rare disorder caused by a mutation of the Mecp2 gene and mainly effects females. Rett syndrome interferes with everyday life skills that most of us take for granted. Kinslee needs help with every task of every day living. Her diagnosis rocked our world but we quickly picked up all the pieces and took on Rett syndrome without looking back. She may be non-verbal, but she can bring the house down when she is upset! She has lungs that are out of this world, a laugh that is contagious and a smile that can light up any room! She is determined to beat the odds of Rett Syndrome! She kicks butt in weekly therapies, is the happiest girl in the whole world and is the centre of our universe. Kinslee may not have a voice, but she has had an impact on a whole lot of lives, and has a team of supporters who love her dearly. Kinslee has taught us all not to take life for granted, and has shown us what unconditional love is. She has given purpose to our every day. We love her more than words can describe and would be lost without her. She is our world and we are hers." ❤️✨ at 'Until all the pieces fit: Kinslee's journey with Rett Syndrome' on Facebook. #enableawareness #rettsyndrome #curerett #climbingmountains

Keller is a partially blind and deaf puppy. He can see shadows/shapes and hear high pitched noises. Keller has been spending some time in a foster home. He is back on the adoption floor tomorrow looking for a forever home! Keller gets along with dogs and kids in his foster home. Stop by Animal Ark Rescue to ADOPT Keller tomorrow!!! #puppy #rescuedogsofinstagram #differentlyabled #adoptme #adoptdontshop #happyfallyall #fall #falldog #dogmodel

Many of you are familiar with my wonderful boyfriend, @onkar_nerurkar. As a person with physical disabilities, Onkar has overcome many challenges in life. This is his story of self-acceptance and personal empowerment. ✨
"My name is Onkar Nerurkar and I'm 24 years old. I'm an Indian-American Hindu college student studying cybersecurity. I enjoy computers and launching model rockets; I'm part of a university fellowship contracted by NASA. My goal is to work for the NSA, FBI, DOD, or CIA. I like Bones, Castle, and the Fast and the Furious series. I love travel, and I'm always overdressed.
I also have a disability: I'm legally blind. And, I'm partially epileptic. Both conditions resulted from my developing meningitis at birth. This caused scarring in my occipital lobe and holes in my brain. I have no peripheral vision or depth perception. I don't have grand mal seizures anymore, but I still get random drop attacks.
My #1 tool for getting around is my cane; I also take the bus a lot. I can do this because of the help I received from teachers and family as a child. I had occupational therapy and mobility training to teach me life skills. Technology has also been, and still is, a major part of my life. To help me read, for instance, I use text-to-speech software, magnifiers, and audiobooks.
I was bullied for the majority of my 12 years in public school. People saw my visual impairment as a weakness and made fun of me, plus they thought my seizures were contagious. Because of this I always felt like I needed to one-up everyone, so I focused my energy into studying hard. I believed I had to succeed to prove myself. (I still strive to be my best. But it's no longer to show anyone I'm better than them, it's for my own achievement, to show myself what I can do.)
As a kid, I hated using my cane. I wanted to fit in, and my cane made me different. In high school I wouldn't use my cane on campus, even though this was a safety risk for me. But from my first day of college on, I've used my cane daily. I realized if I didn't accept my disability, I would suffer most. In order for me to be independent, I needed to use my cane. Now, I do so with pride...(cont. in comments ↓)

A huge good luck to all the gorgeous
#differentlyabled participants ! I was honoured to visit #Splash and meet them briefly as they embarked on a day of painting and art organised by @ConcernIndiaFoundation .. I really believe everyone is a star and if needed with the right interventions therapies and help everyone shines so keep shining all you stars and the star volunteers Have a super day all

Tag the dope ass women in your life!! I'll start! @dothehotpants @1thatgotawayy @kennedy.carroll @pratnya these are all the dope women that work to make the Ripple what it is an I am so honored to be part of the team! Make sure to take time out of your Saturday to thank and appreciate the dope women in your life!! 💕 -Diane

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Today at Donyi-Polo Hearing Impaired School Chimpu.
Last year we went there and did some plantation and after that was so caught up to visit again which was getting hard on my heart, so today without making other plans ma'am Lilly R. Jomoh and I decided to go and meet them adorable kids.
💖💖💖 #differentlyabled #specialkids #love


"My name is Alyssa Brown. Here is a little piece of my life story. Ever dream of doing something all the time? I do. Will I stop until I do? Nope. I am able to stand in place and look " normal" for the most part, but not for very long and I can not walk independently. I have a brain injury known as Cerebral Palsy. Doctors told my Mom that I'd never roll over or do anything for myself. They didn't even think I'd make it past my stay in the hospital after birth. I am a 20-year-old college student who is learning to drive and although every day is a physical challenge, I have hope that I will walk independently one day so that independence will come easier. With all of the odds that I've beaten, I have no doubt that I will reach personal goals. It will take a lot of work, I may want to quit, but it's been said that nothing worth it will come easy. I am thankful for the treatments, people, and doctors that don't give up on helping me fight for what I deserve. I have had many miracles in my life, I am not looking for a complete cure as of now, it would be nice, but I have determination to make it an easier life. The millions of stories like mine are the reason why we need to fight for continued and affordable healthcare. I hope you continue to follow my story and help me bring awareness to making a difference in this world. My Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are @abandcp97. My Facebook and YouTube are it’s Aly B with an Addition of CP. My email is abandcp97@gmail.com" ❤️✨ #enableawareness #cerebralpalsy #anythingispossible

Lifting 45kg with one leg. One of the Strongest calf muscles.. #amputeeswholift #differentlyabled #calves #weekendworkout

Bong rips of some Monkey Treats while watching Beauty and the Beast 🌿💨
I'm exhausted y'all I'm gonna snuggle up with Mr. Heffalump and I'm gonna be out like a light goodnight fam😴🐘✌🏻
#favoritemovie #favoritestuffie #mrheffalump #beautyandthebeast #wildhair #naturalhair #tiredpanda #disabledandcute #differentlyabled #loveyourself #monkeytreats #girlswhosmokeweed #fueledbythc #sexystoners #oregongrown #oregoncannabis #higherminded #pnwstoners #positivevibes #oregonstoners #cannabiscommunity

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