Eek! What is this! Not sure I like it...
Doesn't get much grass experience, but gets plenty of concrete and rocks 🤣🤣🤣
#nature #greengrass #getoutside #babydoesntknowgrass #differentfeeling #boymom #momlife #takingbrothertoswimlessons

A week just passed by😲

Days about this week were quite the same because we prepared for the summer camp for the Pacts school😇and ate so many foods at the Curtin university😂
However the foods in Pacts school were so nice😇😇😇 And it was quite funny that me and judy danced in front of the other EPs😆
We successfully shared the red flavor to eneryone in this project😃

As for the food we ate these days😕, we cooked so many times at home and I think the food we made was a liitle bad each time 😐 However, we made food together and we felt happy every time😊
(@flyingbigdragon I still remember that you made sugar as salt😂and added to the beef😆) We had fun together at home and played cards all the time 😂but it was quite fun😆

We are going to do the project tomorrow and I think it is quite the same as the thing we do for the freshman😇 I don't know what it will be 😕all the thing I know is that I will do very well😉because I have good partners😊 Fighting😊~ How I wish I can say Vietnam language😕
How I wish I can sometimes ignore other people's thought about me😕
I will conquer it 😈


Ye hai kadwa sach
Attach with your family's and friend 🤗

#nevergetattached #itspoision #wakeup #differentfeeling #kadwasach

Driving road conditions are unbelievable all around national park in United States. #horseshoebend #northamerica #nationalparktour #overwhelmingfeeling #differentfeeling from other natures #stunningview #traveling #abroadlife

🔥KIZOMBA🔥 🚨Trio ljeta: SALSA, BACHATA, KIZOMBA🔝🎶 ✨Večeras trening u BANJALUCI, od 19:00h, sutra u PRNJAVORU, takođe od 19:00h...😎 ✨Još uvijek nije kasno da nam se pridružite💯 ✨Više info: 065/454-210 (Svetislav) 📲 ili u inbox 📩

#sensualdance #relaxingmoments #newpartners #differentfeeling

Went to give myself a new little look 😊 my hairstylist always does an awesome job, I love it everytime 💜 I needed a little pick me up, something different to look at as I look forward to my future 🦋 #newlook #differentfeeling #onmywaytomyfuture

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