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This is no Samsung to Iphone transformation lol ✋🏽😛 #everyone that want to build some booty listen up 👂🏼 The myth that woman shouldn't lift heavy, and weights make you look masculine is perpetuated by women who fear work and men who fear women! Weights will show your feminine curves you WON'T get bulky or manly 🙅🏽! 1️⃣. Lifting heavier weights uses more energy meaning more calories are burned 🔥 2️⃣. Lifting heavy helps increasing insulin sensitivity by upregulating the mechanism of glucose - allowing you for a higher carb tolerance after workouts 🙌🏼 3️⃣. Builds lean muscle, which therefore speeds up metabolism, additionally helping to burn more bodyfat bc of added muscle gain 🌺4️⃣. THE ONLY WAY TO BUILD A NATURAL BOOTY IS LIFTING HEAVY WEIGHTS! YOU CAN'T ACHIEVE A BOOTY BY DOING AIR SQUATS 🤗🍑 (well in some cases if u got bomb ass genetics it might be possible). So you see lifting heavy won't make u manly only toned, lean and sexy 🍑💪🏽! #transformation from 41 to 56kg 👊🏽 every body can grow muscles! This is possible bc a butt is a muscle 🙌🏼 #bootygains #motivation #gymselfie #start #today #difference #gainweight #inspo #fitness #squatspo #gymmotivation

Three months ago today, the day before Leo was born the doctor who diagnosed him told me that he would never be a rugby player, and my midwife told me that he would never play the piano. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how unacceptable this is? These are medical professionals dealing with parents who have just been informed of a diagnosis for their child and they are focusing on what he won't be able to do 10 years down the track. While I didn't have a response to their ignorant comments back then, I do now.
Screw you negative nancies, Leo is going to be the best damn piano playing rugby player this world has ever seen (if he wants to be 😝).

Your surrounding shouldn't change you. You change what's around you. #be #the #difference JESUS #GloryGang💯

Then and now

Can you see the difference in my curls back in 2014? Hello frizz!!! A bit of frizz never hurt anyone but for me, when it was accompanied with dry, unhealthy hair it was much worse. Of course at the time I thought my hair was just fine, it's only when looking back that I realise how different it really was!

Daily washes with the cheapest shampoos/conditioners I could find and not taking any time to research any ingredients, certainly took it's toll on my hair.

For me back then it was all about finding the largest tub of thick hair gel I could find for the cheapest price possible.

I didnt have a clue about hair products in general.

2017 - My hair is the healthiest it's ever been and my curls are so defined.

What's changed? ME!!! Once I paid attention to how unhealthy my hair was, I decided to take action, so I changed my products, methods and attitude.

I no longer wash my hair on a daily basis and the majority of the products I use are Sulphate free.

Over time my curls started coming back to life!

Love your curls and they will love you right back 💚💜💛

Attitude is a #little_thing that makes a Big #difference.


Envision Your Life, the way you want to live.

Are you married to your routine? Or do you like a little difference? Find out what's best in our blog tomorrow! #dnafit

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