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There is so much noise out there regarding the best way to eat or workout to lose weight or gain muscle. Your body is YOUR responsibility. Find what works best for you and do that! #rdtobe #health #wellness #gorillazenwellness #runner #run #nike #nikerunning #healthylifestyle #dietitianintraining #nutritionstudent #250kchallenge #triathlontraining #sofleteathlete #marinecorps #veteran #wellness #zen #healthylifestyle #fitness #transformation via @RiplApp

I love adding some extra nutrition to my baking 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪
As well as sugar and chocolate chips these biscuits also contain-
💚Walnuts- a source of omega-3 fatty acids that are good for heart health
💚Rolled oats- a source of soluble fibre that slows digestion and increases satiety (feelings of fullness)
💚Wholemeal flour- that contains more fibre and vitamins/minerals than white flour
💚Plant sterol enriched margarine spread- that contains plant sterols that lower 🌱cholesterol (when you are consuming 2g of plant sterols a day equivalent to 25g of enriched spread)
What’s your favourite thing to bake? 🍰

I had a solid week or workouts last week. I’m using @mindpumpmedia MAPS Black Aesthetic full body workout plan paired with @sofletehq APEX triathlon training plan. Let’s see where I’m at in 12 weeks for my first major bench mark of the year, the @runrocknroll San Francisco half marathon which coincides on the same day as the end of the 2018 @bodybuildingcom @250kchallenge transformation challenge. On top of it all, tomorrow officially begins the next semester in my pursuit of my BSc in Dietetics/Human Nutrition and Microbiology. Big goals in the coming months!! #rdtobe #nasm #personaltrainer #dietitianintraining #250kchallenge #fitness #fitfam #nutritionstudent #mapsaesthetic #mapsblack #mindpump #mindpumpmafia #gorillazenwellness #wellness #zen #mobility #yoga #weighttraining #transformation #healthylifestyle

Baked chicken nuggets and a thrown together salad 🥗. This meal is so easy and yummy! Its usually pretty easy to adapt your slightly-less healthy favourite meals into ones you can eat on a daily basis.
To make this one simply- coat chicken in egg, roll in rice crumbs, spray with olive oil and bake for 30-40minutes (until golden)!
This is one of my favourite dinners, I alternate between steamed veggies and salad depending on the weather! 🌦

Hey y’all! Welcome to my first post and welcome to my new IG! I’ll still have my personal, but I am beginning this one to build my brand as a Registered Dietitian and provide you guys with not only just healthy lifestyle and eating tips, but also a look into my life through mini VLOGs throughout my internship rotations and eventually my work day. Hope you guys stick around and as always live long and prosper 🖖🏾 #rdtobe #dietitianintraining #dietitiansofinstagram #welcome #renonv #houstontx #renolife #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #thebiggestlittlecity

You can’t build Rome in a day. Your health is a long term commitment. It takes hard work, effort and perseverance. But remember to enjoy the present point of the journey! #gorillazenwellness #rdtobe #mindfulness #fitness #goals #runner #run #nike #nikerunning #eatyourveggies #nutritionstudent #healthylifestyle #fitfam #triathlontraining #rd2be #dietitianintraining #spartanrace #aroo #zen #meditation via @RiplApp

Ways to get more fruit in your diet 🍎🍐🍊🍒🍉🍇🍍🍑
- Add fresh fruit to breakfast! On cereal, toast (🍌 with pb!) or on yoghurt! - Make some stewed fruit to add to porridge or yoghurt - Have a fruit based smoothie - Add fruit to your salad at lunch or dinner (apples, berries, grapes and mangoes are my favourites!) 🍓
- Snack on dried fruit - Apples or bananas with peanut butter also make a great snack
- Fruit for dessert by itself, in fruit salad form or with ice cream! Fruit crumbles and baked apples also make great desserts 🍦

Wholemeal/grain vs. white pasta! And how taking too many photos almost cost me my dinner 🐶😂 _____________________

Yes! That’s white pasta in the photo, I like both and mix it up depending on how I’m feeling at the time!

Pasta is a starchy carbohydrate that provides us with protein, B vitamins, and small amounts of calcium and iron. It is also low in fat and helps to fuel muscle. The most notable health differences are that wholemeal pasta is higher in fibre (just like brown rice) which leaves you feeling fuller for longer and prevents constipation. As well as the fact that wholemeal varieties provide higher amounts vitamins and minerals, as less are lost during processing. In vegetarian diets wholegrains can act as a source of iron and zinc.

Wholemeal pasta has greater nutritional benefits, however, it does have a noticeably different taste, texture and mouthfeel to white pasta.

Try alternating between wholemeal and white pasta to add additional wholegrains to your diet. However, if you really dislike wholemeal pasta there are plenty of other ways to fit wholegrains into your diet! Any pasta is a great source of carbohydrate of which we should be consuming at least 4-6 serves per day 🍝

Being present can be difficult when you’re focused on your goals. By allowing yourself time to reflect on how you’re progressing to those goals will allow you more time in the present. #gorillazenwellness #rdtobe #zen #goals #fitness #250kchallenge #nasm #personaltrainer #dietitianintraining #nutritionstudent #mindpump #mindpumpmafia #runner #run #nike #nikerunning #swimbikerun #triathlontraining #meditation #runrocknroll via @RiplApp

Dinner last night @nagisa to celebrate 10 months with my boyfriend ❤️Japanese is our favourite food to eat together!
This was a veggie sushi roll wrapped in zucchini-otherwise known as my third favourite vegetable 😋
Sushi is a healthy food to eat when dining out 🍣 nori provides iodine that helps to regulate our endocrine system (hormones)
🍣sushi contains fish/other protein, vegetables and carbohydrates- a balanced meal
🍣is usually in healthy portion sizes
🍣tuna and salmon provide heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids
Tips for picking healthy sushi 🍣look for varieties without mayonnaise 🍣sushi made with brown rice will be higher in fibre 🍣use it as an opportunity to eat more fish! (Aim for 2-3 serves of fish a week) 🍣watch portion sizes at sushi trains _____________________
So basically eat all the sushi! 😝

When we hear the voice inside saying no don’t, that means we are heading in the right direction. Change is hard! But we need to embrace it to grow! #gorillazenwellness #rdtobe #nasm #personaltrainer #growth #wellness #onnit #runner #run #mindpump #mindpumpmafia #runrocknroll #triathlontraining #fitness #fitfam #nike #nikerunning #spartanrace #aroo #nutritionstudent #dietitianintraining #healthylifestyle #peace #meditation #yoga via @RiplApp

Dinner last night was Lime, Ginger and 5 Spice Chicken, another one of my favourite dishes taken from @hfgaustralia 🥦 💫
This one is served on brown rice- my favourite grain! 🙌🏻 Brown rice has more fibre than white rice because it retains the bran and germ removed when white rice is processed. 
Brown rice takes a little bit longer to cook so when I’m busy I buy microwave packets of brown rice (like the ones from @sunrice) that only take a few minutes! 😊

First post✨I’m new to the spiralizer trend and gosh have I been missing out! I’m definitely supportive the traditional noodle but these zucchini and carrot 🥕noodles are a great way of upping your vegetable intake!
Swapping ordinary noodles with veggie noodles can help you meet the recommendation for 5 serves of vegetables a day on days where your other meals may have been low in the vegetable department 😊

Aiming for 5 serves of vegetables a day can: - Help prevent chronic diseases - Increase your fibre intake to prevent constipation - Ensure you are getting a range of nutrients - Add variety and colour to your meals 🌈
This recipe is from @hfgaustralia one of my go to places for healthy recipes! I used a handheld spiralizer that I picked up for about $30.

First week of classes means getting back into the swing of things. As a college student, cost is very important to me. That's why I buy as much food products in bulk. Quinoa, cereals, kale, everything! And, by using reusable bags and glass containers, you can cut down on excess packaging in landfills! (Wow, the was a very Oregonian thing to say) Dinner tonight is quinoa topped with some yummy black bean hummus, kale salad, and tempeh (a little reward for surviving the first 2 days of classes) Hope everyone is having a rad 2018!! #nutrition #dietetics #rd2b #collegenutrition #dietitianintraining #joyfulgingernutrition

Let’s see how the pairing of veteran owned and approved #SOFLETE new #APEX triathlon trainer and the #MindPump high volume MAPS Black program does to prep me for the Evergreen sprint #triathlon #gorillazenwellness #rdtobe #nike #nikerunning #mindpumpmafia #dietitianintraining #sportsnutrition #fitness #healthylifestyle #fitfam #250kchallenge #triathlontraining #runrocknroll #marinecorps #veteran #usmc via @RiplApp

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