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Day 4/80 In Food!
Preworkout meal: Oatmeal, DF yogurt, almond butter, greens.
Postworkout: banana and recovery protein with Almondmilk.
Postworkout meal: sweet potato, pesto shrimp, and green beans.
Meal 1: tostones with taco meat from my earlier video! Chopped tomato and strawberries off to side. There was so much meat. If I hadn’t put the meat into the container to measure it myself i wouldn’t have believed it.
Meal 2: Pesto shrimp, chickpea pasta with clams, sautéed zucchini.
Meal 3: Just kidding I’m going to bed.

Did you know eating out frequently negates all your efforts towards health? If you are one of those who orders breakfast, eats lunch at cafeteria, grabs a sandwich in the evening, imagine the damage!


Eat out of your kitchen on majority of the days, carry fruits, peanuts, chaas for all in between snacks and keep outside food to 1 meal a week or 2 weeks.
Small efforts go a long way towards a healthier fitter you 😊
www. informedhealth.in

😂 But really though, SUGAR IS A DRUG! Sugar is highly addictive, feeds the bad bacteria in the digestive tract, and causes severe dips and spikes in energy. The more you eat, the more you crave, because your body becomes dependent on it! You literally train your body to FORGET HOW TO BURN FAT when you give it never-ending cycles of glucose. #foodforthought Something to think about. Dietitian rant over ✌🏻

What’s better than tacos? Tacos in a bowl. Made these ones with my fave @tempeafoods tempeh (Recipe is on the blog). .
One of the things I’ve been incorporating more into my diet this past year is more plant based meals. Tempeh has definitely been a favorite discovery. It’s got a good hearty consistency and is packed with protein and fiber making it the ultimately satisfying plant-based protein. It will definitely be making it into the Vegan version of The 321 Method! Recipe testing in progress :)
Have you guys tried tempeh yet? What did you think?!

📎Entre los principales factores de riesgo para las enfermedades no transmisibles como: diabetes, cáncer de mamá, de colon, enfermedades cerebrovasculares y cardiopatías:
✔La inactividad física
✔ Fumar
✔Excesivo consumo de sal, alimentos no saludables y bebidas azucaradas.

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New Year, new health goals!✔️✔️ Where do we start, how do we make time, and how do we afford it??? The best thing we can do is make a plan. I can help you really reach your 2018 health goals by working with you to figure out the root cause of your health problems. Click the link in my bio to schedule an appointment to get an initial consultation for just $99!

Am I over-posting about fiber? Probably. Do I care? No.
Ok so if you haven’t heard I’m hosting a free #FiberIsSexy challenge happening starting SUNDAY. You need more fiber in your life because:
💯It SO detoxing
💯It gives you a flatter tummy
💯It makes you poop and everyone loves to poop
💯It increases your metabolism
💯It’s great for gut health
💯It keeps you super full
I’ll be giving you recipes, snack ideas, and just the general 411 on fiber all week. Peep my bio to sign up. ALSO THERE ARE PRIZES. FOOD PRIZES. Love you mean it.
But wait, did you already sign up? Start using the #FiberIsSexy hashtag and you’ll already start entering yourself for prizes.
Pictured: a SEXY bowl of high fiber lentil pasta w nutritional yeast and lemon olive oil for when I’m feelin vegan and stuff.

🤤🍭 FRUITY SUMMER ICE-BLOCKS 🍭🤤 Recipes live on my blog NOW! Hit the link in my bio! 🙌🏼 These Fruity Summer Ice-blocks are one of my favourite summer snacks! Healthy, delicious & refreshing, they are perfect to keep you hydrated on hot summer days and to help you get a hit of fruit in your day!
Make them up and keep them in the freezer for a quick and easy summer snack! Enjoy 😀 Tag a friend who would love these 👯‍♀️🕺🏼
Using @aussiemangoes & @thesourcebulkfoods
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✌🏽Booty Burners
15 reps // 4 rounds
Superset the exercises before taking a 45 second break.

Helper of hearts @quaker my patients are loving these sample packets of heart health!😍#solublefiber #oatmeal #hearthealthy #wholegrain #whole #healthyeats #breakfasttime #anytime

The mercury in Sydney has reached and surpassed 40 degrees SUMMER IS BACK GUYS🙌☀️🙌☀️🙌☀️🙌☀️🙌
To celebrate this is my summer salad that I’ve been eating all week! Featuring baby spinach, ricotta, pumpkin, pine nuts, slivered almonds, roast chicken and a drizzle of @cobramestate EVOO 😍😍 super light yet satisfying 😋
This salad is full of B vitamins, vitamin A, fiber, fats and proteins from nuts and calcium!

Had my first consultation with my new #dietitian today and I’m feeling empowered and excited. And I didn’t even have to leave my room thanks to Kaiser offering everything over the phone.

Go visit Cassandraandvernice.com (thats Cassandra and Vernice with no spaces dot com 🤙🏼) we will be sending out a chance to win a free tailored meal plan and 4 week tailored workout guide to those that subscribe. Do it!! do it now...! Like right now....aaand Go!!! All email addresses that are subscribed by the time I wake will get an email with a code that will change in 12 hours from the time of receipt. This code will open the “FORMS” section on the website. After the form is complete we can start developing your tailored program. This is worth $200...(it’s 11:15pm USA/Florida time now, I wake up in 7 hours)!! .
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What’s on your plate today? 🍴 Are you fueling your body with nutritious, whole foods, or are you filling it with junk? When you fuel your body with whole foods, it will quite literally show its gratitude with improvements in your hair and skin, in your digestion, in the quality of your sleep, and in your weight. 💪 Show your body some love and start fueling it with whole foods at each meal. 💙#BalancedBellasMealPlans

And your body is really freaking good at counteracting it. ..
.. This manifests in the form of overeating and experiencing intense cravings for readily available energy (simple carbohydrates) and a compensatory decrease in metabolism to use less calories performing normal daily activities. ..
IN THE NAME OF PROTECTING YOU, your body defies weight loss. Rather than rolling our eyes at this and hating our bodies more for this protective mechanism, it’s time we give way to the idea that maybe, just maybe, our bodies know what’s best for us. ..
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Post-yoga goodness 😍 this bowl from @cocoblisscollective was the perfect way to refuel after a class of vinyasa flow at @beyondyoga in Hamilton/Ascot 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️

Caramelized mushroom and garlic pasta made with @eatbanza chickpea penne! This pasta has 25g protein and 13g fiber per serving 🙌🏼 Topped off with some pesto, parsley, Parmesan and pine nuts!

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