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🇸🇪Post travel check in ✈️ 👀
I spent last week in Stockholm at a work conference 🤓and I genuinely took the absolute piss with food 🙋🏼 I'm a greedy wee thing! 🐽 .
Not a single gram of food (or drink🍷👅) tracked. I went ALL OUT at the breakfast buffet, tried pretty much every chocolate bar Sweden had to offer🍫, doughnuts (they had 🍫🍊ones 🤷🏼‍♀️)🍩 and cake 🍰 with plenty of 'proper' food thrown in too. I didn't restrict AT ALL. If I saw something I liked the look of- I ate it 😋🤷🏼‍♀️ cuz why not? I'm not cutting for a show/shoot or anything else. Eating and training for fun 🤗 .
🏋🏼‍♀️Training wise- whilst the hotel had a gym I was fortunate to get to use a pretty good local gym for free 🙏🏻🙌🏻 so I did 💪🏻 got a few sessions in but my step count doubled 🆙🏃‍♀️
Soon as I got home.. did I restrict calories or do extra cardio? 🙅🏼❌Got back on Monday and ended up eating out again + dessert (🍫🍊cheesecake in Scalini 👌🏻) and got back to my usual 10k daily steps 🏃‍♀️..
🔍📝The result.. I've lost 2lbs on the scales, and bodyfat skinfolds are down 😜
If you're going away on holiday or whatever, give yourself a break. Try new foods, enjoy yourself and sign out of MyFitnessPal 😜 .
💭Imagine coming home thinking "I wish I'd tried that" 💭😭

💥If you're going to freak out over drinking diet soda then you may want to skip this post.
💥I wanted to make this post to help others understand that for fat loss, calories are king. Now, we can argue about diet or regular or whatever, but the fact is that you can't lose fat unless you're in a calorie deficit.
💥And, drinking 200 plus calories of soda *probably* isn't going to work in your favor. So, if you'd like to keep drinking soda and still lose fat, I'd recommend you switch to diet soda. Now, I'm not claiming that diet soda is healthy or necessarily 'good for you.'
💥But, if calories matter most, which they do, then drinking a diet soda with 0 calories IS going to be better than downing 240 calories from regular soda.
💥Calories will always matter most when it comes to fat loss, even before food quality or composition even though the gurus want you to believe otherwise.
💥Whether you wanna drink diet soda is up to you. Just know that drinking regular soda is going to set you back a couple hundred calories.
💥I hope this helps. If you have any questions I'd love to hear em. -
💥Ps. My personal favorite diet soda is diet root beer. Mmmm😜
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Bismillah .. bertabahlah untuk sebulan ni .. #diet #dietfoods #challengeyourself

#Dietfoods, popular food available in all general stores. There is no quantity control while having these diet foods. How much is the diet food "Diet"??? We generally tend to be believe whatever is written on the packet. And we rarely enquire about the method of preparation of diet food. In a random shop when I happen to go and taste the diet snack it tasted same as the regular fried one. So I asked the guy the method of its preparation ?
He said, " Madam we deep fry the food item and then we place it in a vaccum machine wherein all oil gets evaporated." Throughout our childhood we have always heard of water getting evaporated and now someone says that oil also can get evaporated 😂😝. There are people who believe just kind of an explanation. So please be wise when you buy certain local diet snacks.

3 Unhealthy Diet Foods - Avoid These for a Fit Lifestyle #fitlifestyle #ginaaliotti #fitnessrxwomen #dietfoods http://www.fitnessrxwomen.com/nutrition/healthy-eating-tips/3-unhealthy-diet-foods/

Dinner ne. Diet FOOD. Train hard and eat right after! 🥘🍗🤝🇪🇬🤝🇨🇦🤝🇮🇷👽👽👽 🇰🇵 😅😅 #dietfoods






ensalada de lechuga mixta con garbanzos #comidasana #dietfoods

Bugün aşkam yemeğinde kabak spagetti var 😋👌🏼 nedir bu kabak spagetti 🤔 kolay bir sebze yemeği 🙈😍 tarifi hemen aşağıya bırakıyorum 👇🏼
Malzemeler: 4 adet kabak, 2 küçük boy kuru soğan, 1 diş sarımsak, 2 tatlı kaşığı zeytinyağı, 1 yemek kaşığı domates salçası, 3 adet domates.
Yapılışı: Kabakları tek yöne uzun uzun rendeledim, 1 çay kaşığı tuz ilave ettiğim tencerede diriliklerini kaybetmesine izin vermeyene kadar derin suda kaynattım. Süzgece alıp suyunu süzdürdüm.
Sos için ise; zeytinyağı, küp küp doğranmış soğanları, ezilmiş sarımsağı bir başka tencerede soteledim. Salçayı ilave ettim ve karıştırdıktan sonra küp küp doğradığım domatesleri ekledim. Suyunu çekene kadar pişirdim. •
İki ayrı şekilde servis ettim ikisi de gayet güzel oldu 👌🏼😋 birinde haşlanmış kabaklarımın üstüne yoğurt, üstüne de domates sosu ekledim. Diğerinde ise kabak ve domates sosu karıştırdım, yoğurdu yanına kaseye koydum. Seçim sizin ✌🏼

Today's lunch is the same as yesterday's 200g of chicken pieces, mixed with 100g of mixed peppers, 3 mushrooms fried and 125g of red kidney beans. #weightloss #fitnessjourney #wightlossgoals #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #nutrition #health #food #foodgainz #foodjedi #instafitness #instafit #fitfam #fitness #instafam #dietgoals #diet #musclelock #musclelockdown #protiendiet #motivation #dietfood #dietfoods

Günaydınn ✌🏼 dengeli ve yeterli bir kahvaltı gününüzü kurtarabilir, sonraki öğünlerde aşırı yeme eğiliminin önüne geçer 😌 iştah kontrolü ve hormonlarımızın düzenli çalışmasında en büyük faktörlerden biri kahvaltı 👆🏼 öğle yemeğinde porsiyon kontrolü sağlamak için kahvaltımızı atlamayalım 🙋🏻 benim tabağım bu şekilde: domates + zeytin + badem + dereotu+ wasa üstüne kendi hazırladığım kahvaltı sosu ➡️ haşlanmış yumurtayı 1 tatlı kaşığı labne peynir ve bir tutam dereotu ile blendrda bızzztt 🌪 monotonlaşan kahvaltı sonucu yumurtayı nasıl bir hale sokabilirsinin cevabı 👆🏼 bence lezzetli oldu😋 Haşlanmış yumurta sevmeyenler için de tükebilmek adına güzel bir seçenek 👌🏼

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