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Tell me you eat MEAT (FLESH) and I'll tell you "if it isn't plant-based it's debasing." Tell me your VEGETARIAN I'll say ok, "so you still pour puss in your cereal and eat high levels of mercury from fish and on the low low be chumping on chicken and have a side of veggies to make yourself feel healthy and above average". Tell me your pescatarian or anything inbetween I'll probably slightly roll my eyes due to the CONFUSION yet mantain a smile to conceal my inward thought of being like "WHATTTTTTT"..... Tell me your #VEGAN I'll raise my eyebrows and enlarge my eyes and "say oh wow"; Tell me you're a HEALTH REFORMER and I won't be able to speak cause you'll take my breath away.
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I started this fitness journal today and this seemed like a good page 1 to design! I did a short cardio and leg workout today 🏃🏻‍♀️ Next in the journal will be some diet guidelines, because you certainly can’t outrun a bad diet!! #dietcounts #fitnessjournal #sweatingforthewedding #bridebod

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We going back to back 💯💯 Step by step day by day. Rome wasn’t built in a day, we need to take everything around us shut it out and put all the effort into improving us. Improve yourself everyday whether it’s diet, workouts, being a parent, mentally, whatever it is put your all and everything into it. Go and get what your worth this upcoming year, stop procrastinating that this is your year. If it’s your year then shut up and go fucking get some 🔥🔥💥💥 #bodybuilding #traininsane #getsome #gainsoclock #backattack #widewings #dietcounts #225lbs #weworking #meatandpotatoes

Good morning! I've been a little MIA with my workout selfies over the last few days. I've been taking it light since I've felt like crap (sinus infection👎)... but my point, I haven't let my diet slip! #healthylife #bikinicompetitor #loveweights #dietcounts

30 % edzés - 70 % étkezés. Ilyen arányban játszik szerepet külsőnk, formánk alakulásában az étkezés és a rendszeres sport. 🍏🍲🏀🎾Sajnos...? 😄😂😂 #testtrend #tudatoseletmod #fitnessmotivation #dietcounts #sporttoo #gymandkitchen #dailywisdom

Late night supper- a glass of milk #gotmilk #latenighthunger #dietcounts

Getting stronger!! I like the way weights make me feel. Good workout today. Did a 8lb medicine ball rotation i found online before free weights and machines including an actual row machine and finished with 100 steps on the stair climber. I am trying to get in shape again. Its feeling pretty good right now. What i am putting in my mouth is getting much better as well. #chicksthatlift #gunshow #citygym #blackwomengettingfit #blackwomenlosingweight #thestruggleisreal ##tryingnewthings #dietcounts

Your quality of life is based upon how well you respond to your environment.... not your genes. •

#healthylifestyle #environmentmatters #stopblamingyourgenes #noexcuses #eattolive #exercise #stayactive #movementislife #chiropractic #brainhealth #nervehealth #dietcounts #familywellness

I didn't overly like the blue cheese one but THIS RIGHT HERE!!! The #boathouse cucumber ranch is the truth!!!! #dinnerflow #salads #dietcounts #blackwomenlosingweight

Hottest 😍 😍😘 ... ..
.. ..
Best one 😘😘 .. how adorable picture .. and how adorable you are ❣️❣️❣️😘😘💫💫 .... #DietCounts 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Needing to vent!
320lbs and 39 weeks pregnant. Prior to pregnancy I was around 280 lbs and that then was my heaviest weight. The left was taken on November 16th, 2016 and the new heaviest I had ever been. A day and a half later I gave birth to the best thing that ever happened to me and was left at 305 lbs. I challenged myself to change at 6 weeks post partum in January 2017 and have sinse lost 45 lbs. I dont see a 60lb difference which frustrates me. I identify still as the same weight in the photo on the left. This comparison frustrates me and I have gone back and forth on posting it. I should cherish the photo on the left but I absolutely hate it. I see and feel so much pain when it should be a celebration of what my body accomplished. I hated every minute of being pregnant because to me it was just more weight. I hated when people tippy toed around asking if I was pregnant because there was a chance I was just fat, or would just call me fat not knowing I was pregnant. I hate that no one could feel the baby kick through 150 lbs of fat. I hated that I couldn't or wouldn't expose my belly for those beautiful maternity photos, or paint it something silly for Halloween. I hated that it took until the third trimester to even slightly look like I was pregnant. I hated that my spouse still thought I was beautiful when I loathed myself. . and would affectionately grab my butt.. but he was actually grabbing my back fat. I couldn't work, I couldn't continue any of my hobbies, I couldn't hike with the dogs, I couldn't even drink my worries away. I was just to heavy and worn out. So. Much. Sadness.

So now that so much is passed me.. why do I not feel different? Why do I still see myself in that light? Why do I just shrug off those who congratulate me on my accomplishments? This is proving to be the hardest challenge of all. 26 years of self loathe is going to take a lot longer to change then I had anticipated.. and working out is no where near as hard as changing the voice in your head. Self love after so many years of sabotage and punishment.. ? I don't even know where to begin! Sure I've made some progress.. but today is deffinetly one of those relapse days.

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