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My feelings about chasers.
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I'll post more Hentai uhhhhh #diecisscum

Hello yes it is I your normal 100% mentality stable peoplequeer lesbian feminist 🤔🤔did you know that 9 out of 10 m*n will r*pe in their life time🤔🤔 i chose to present m*sculine because I’m scared of the evil m*n in the patriarchy oppressing me. Also I support the mass genocide as every m*le it does not matter the skin colour or sexuality they all must die (except for the trans m*n who don’t transition because L*BTQIA are incapable of sin) I think that pregnant people should be able to have an abortion up to the birth date. Remember to pounch anyone that disagrees with you and call them a n*zi and r*pist because there’s a 9 out of 10 chance they are #femmism #feminist #endmysuffering #sjw #socialjustice #blm #antifa #blacklivesmatter #thisisironic #pleasedontkillme #menaretrash #diecisscum #killallmen

This isn’t profound or new information, i am just upset. I wanted you to hear it in my voice but I don’t have the means, so text will have to do.

When I look at Instagram (I follow a lot of queer trans people) there’s this whole thing about comparing images from ‘pre-transition’ to ‘transitioned’ and it’s pretty much always defined in binary terms. It’s often documenting medical transitions and comparing the aesthetic differences between past and present. Its uncomfortable to me because it plays into the concept of ‘passing’ it plays into what is considered transitioning. I’m sad that it feels like there is so little space for non binary and trans folk who aren’t physically transitioning. Cis culture tells us that binary identities and physical changes are the most (or only) legitimate forms of being transgender. There’s a pressure to conform to binary expressions of gender, because when you don’t conform you don’t belong anywhere. #transgender #nonbinary #genderfluid #transition #queer #diecisscum #enby #crybaby #binaryoptions

May as well remove the entire curriculum 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ #sjw #blm #liberals #whiteprivelege #diecisscum #feminism #cringememes

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