When life gives you 🍋, make lemonade! #boomerang #itsawinkyworld

Tea time 🍵

Feliz aniversário minha branquela!
Maninha estava aqui pensando quanta coisa vivemos juntas em todos esses anos ... foram tantos perrengues e tantas alegrias que eu tenho mesmo que agradecer a Deus por me dar a oportunidade de ter como irmã uma pessoa tão linda ... tão cheia de amor por todos... minha companheira de futebol .. de rua... de fomeeeeee.... de arte daquelas que a mãe não soube por muito tempo... de acampamento ... de bebedeira . ... mana obrigado por cuidar de mim quando preciso... te desejo o melhor de tudo.. te amo... #irmã #minhafortaleza #elaelinda #minhabranquela #leitão #didao #amelhorzagueira #meteabicudadidao

🌸A life without dreams is like a garden without #flowers 🌸

NEW BLOG - HOW TO TRANSITION FROM WINTER TO SPRING 🌺🌸🌼 Flowers are starting to bloom, the smell of freshly mown grass is in the air, the birds are extra chirpy… which can only mean one thing! Spring is in the air, here in Australia and for all our southern hemisphere SuperFeasters.
The transition from winter to spring can be tricky for some, but we can follow the cues from nature to ensure we reap the benefits of this beautiful seasonal change. Like the folks from the Taoist tradition, observing nature can provide so many relevant and true insights. Easy example – spring is when the flower buds start to open and emerge, from their dormancy; like us, as we shake off those cobwebs and emerge from our insulated winter shelters. 🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇
Spring is a time for renewal, it’s a time for shifting gears from our inward facing, hibernation practices during winter, to something more proactive and creative - a time for opportunity and growth. This could mean many things for you – maybe it’s starting that project you have been putting off, reconnecting with friends and family, getting creative in the kitchen and trying new recipes or starting a movement practice to reinvigorate the mind and body. It really is like the clichéd butterfly emerging from her safe, warm, secure cocoon. Actually, we think it's a darn good time to try our 100 Days of Schizandra Challenge 🍇😜 •••

🦄Unicorn leaves a little sparkle whenever she goes 🦄

Viki Dress - Đầm nude thiết kế bèo ngực . 👒 Lâu lâu đi chơi, du lịch, diện thật xinh xong .... ..... Check in sáng thức giấc ở 1 nơi xa , có ngay 1 tấm hình “so deep” ☺️☺️ Chất đũi cực đẹp .
#damday #nude #sexy #didao #nhatrang #hoian

🦄 Unicorn is my spirit animal 🦄

Bye bye summer dresses 👗

Hằng Nga đây! Chú Cuội ở phương nào? 😂

🌺 Kẹp tóc hoa sứ 🌺 Không cần post khách cũng cứ hỏi là đủ biết hot cỡ nào. Đi biển hay đi dạo cài tóc đều xinh, bạn nào cũng nên thủ sẵn ít nhất một cái nha. 📍 Size lớn : 7-8cm 👉 Giá rẻ chỉ #10k/cái 📞 0909 720 703

#thuyvioet #kep #toc #hoasu #dibien #didao #phukien #trangsuc #giare #nhan #vong #daychuyen #bongtai #lac #phunu #congai #quatang #sinhnhat

I’m forever a kid at heart 🐠🐟 #merrygoround

It’s not easy to walk around the city in heels all day long 😕

The prettiest and unique carousel🐠🐟

My two favorites: macarons & tea 💖

Welcome to my new home 🏡 #iwish 😝

Get lost in nature and you will find yourself ☘️

It is healthy to get out of the city once in awhile to get some fresh air 🌿

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