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i love ONE man

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cc; i forget kill me

I love this 😍 (follow @13rwrodrick (me) if you hate the new Rodrick ! 😤) #rodrickrules #diaryofawimpykid #notmyrodrick #rodrickheffley #notmygreg

a legend
- im late on this trend but I had to make an edit for daddy
-ac: plotwistaudios
-cc: unknown
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Check out the link in my bio to buy this shirt in order to protest having the real rodrick taken away from us! 😤
we will not stand for willy wonka as the new rodrick! 😭👋.
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EVERYONE IM ABOUT TO WATCH DIARY OF A WIMPY KID AND LIVESTREAM IT SO GO WATCH ME #notmyrodrick #rodrick #diaryofawimpykid #memes

This is nice fan art
Diary of a Wimpy Kid is on 😂
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel สภาพดีเพราะแทบจะไม่ได้อ่านเลย ราคา 200 บาทค่า

Here are the movies I most looking forward to in May 2017
NOTE = I'm doing this list based on the relased date on Indonesia, so there are maybe some movies coming next month that came this month
#FreeFire almost made my top 5

5.) #Baywatch = There are times that I just wanted to watch a dumb comedy movie, and this is the time, maybe I'm not gonna watch this, but it probably be a one time entertaiment. Plus, The Rock is in this.

4.) #KingArthurLegendOfTheSword = I honestly never saw the trailer, but I'm really intrested.

3.) #WonderWoman = I get an early screening for this, and was pumped, looks like DCEU find their nitch now hopefully.

2.) #PiratesOfTheCarribeanDeadMenTellNoTales = Loved the franchise, really looking forward to this. Trailer looks dope also.

Finally my number 1

1.) #AlienCovenant = Not only it's my most anticipated movie of May, it's my fifth most anticipated movie of the year, trailer looks amazing, really hoping it will be great.

Least Anticipated = #DiaryOfAWimpyKid = Please just throw this movie now, this movie looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

What is your most anticiapted movie of May? Comment below and let me know!

#notmygregheffley #notmyrodrick but it's still on my top movie watch list #diaryofawimpykid

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