What a wonderful day!! 😊💕A very special thanks to all of our friends!!! THANK YOU so much for making our shower so special and fun! We feel so loved and we love you guys so much!! And a VERY very big thank you to the best manager ever James Thorp for taking care of us! You’re the greatest and I miss my Rustic Root family!! And thank you to our Moms for helping out and flying in to be here for us! We love you and appreciate all the you do! Lately to Jacleen for being such a wonderful friend always!! 💕💕 Now it’s time for Baby Lee to get here!!! 🎉💕💕👶🏻 #babylee #33weekspregnant #justinworeajamesonshirt🤦🏼‍♀️ #imcontagiousnoweveryonespregnant #diapersgalore #wipesonwipesonwipes #iatetheentirecake🤷🏼‍♀️

I was expecting a cumbersome hard sided basket, but to my surprise this is a soft sided very versatile container. The material is.sort of like a neoprene and is very light weight. The dividers are removeable so you have a variety of configuration options. It is also very lightweight which makes it easier to lug from room to room and is quite large and can hold a lot of diaper goodies. #favorites #emitter #diapersgalore https://smile.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07BQSB9WR?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_yo_pop_mb_pd_t2

Had a blast at our babycue 🍓🍍🍔🧀🍪🍴celebrating baby #2 Joseph! Thank you everyone for coming & for the fun, fellowship, diapers & gifts. We really appreciate it! We feel lucky to have all of you in our lives. 😊🍼👶 #josephharrisonmitchell #diapersgalore #thankful #excited #7moreweeks #lucabenjaminmitchell

Anyone curious if 3,000+ diapers can fit in a hatchback? The answer is yes. Barely. #diapers #diapersgalore (how have there been 618 posts before mine with that last hashtag)

This guy here, my best buddy. 60% through his first day back to work - after taking off a month to wait for our daughter to arrive, spend a week in and out of hospital entertaining me through my induction, and stumble our way through the first 12 days of parenthood. We’ve come out the other side stronger than ever and watching him be “Daddy” to our daughter is more joyous than I ever could’ve envisioned.
Here’s to all the new parents having to split their hearts and heads in half as they try to balance their professional life with a fundamentally shifted personal one.
#paternityleave #parentalleavesucks #daddytime #diapersgalore #nappys #newdad

When @samsclub has a good deal on diapers you order 4X what you usually do. #🤪 #diapersgalore #samsclub

The accomplished feeling that comes with shitting on moms duvet cover.
#twoweeksold #diapersgalore #poopgamestrong #cantstopwontstop #evolutionofevelyn

#diapersgalore We’ve only paid full price for Dixie-Roses diapers twice.

I can't even begin to say what an amazing Christmas we had this year. I was so nervous traveling for so long & so much with Pebelope for her 1st Christmas but it wasn't too bad. We got to stay with Casey's mom for 2 days & celebrated with their families on Christmas Eve, and then traveled to my dad's that night to stay and then woke up on Christmas to celebrate, then lunch with our cousins & other family, and then got to see our aunt Carla, and spend time with our Uncle Jr & his son that we hadn't seen in ages, and then lastly we got to go see my mom, stepdad & some of my neices & nephews and have dinner and spend Christmas evening there! Unfortunately I started getting sick, and have been sick since thankfully our sweet P hasn't gotten sick. But, this Christmas was absolutely amazing and we are so filled with Love & Joy for all of our families & friends. We appreciate the gifts so much, and thank you for getting us things we NEED! 😍

#1stchristmas #memoriesovergifts #diapersgalore #wearesoloved #thankful #blessed #family

We’re so happy to share the news that our family has grown by one. Zoe Helena stole our hearts a month ago and we’re so excited to be parents. #newparents #adoptionjourney #diapersgalore #overthemoon #newbornlove #sleeplessnights

Holy shit Batman! Anyone wanna come help me with diaper laundry😂 #diapersgalore #sendreinforcements #diaperlaundry #niceandclean #readyforTyler #clothdiapers

2️⃣ M O N T H S with my favorite chunky blue eyed baby boy, who just keeps getting cuter 🙂#imbiased #teamnosleep #feedpooprepeat #diapersgalore #butstillthebestjobever

Diaper cake for baby Mila! Glad mom liked it. #winterwonderland #diapersgalore #itsagirl #lecreecreations

Today has left me so speechless and with my heart so full. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that made this day so incredible, especially my mom and aunt. The love you all showed me, Caleb, and our little boy today is more than I could ever ask for. We love you all so much and can’t wait to show our son what amazing family and friends he has when he comes in to this world 💙

Would you just look at that stash! #diapersgalore #fluffybaby

My sweet coworkers surprised me with a gift for the baby! Definitely didn't not expect it! #thankyouAIteam #babycarriagediapercake #diapersgalore

First walk as family of 4! Which is a big accomplishment given she is on outfit #4 today. #RubyJune #dailygem #diapersgalore #eatsleeppooprepeat

Can you breathe 😍@gentrysfarm @marymorgangentry thank you for always providing the most massive amount of fun humanly possible in the fall. Small tip to everyone-go on Monday if you can!! #stellajune #lilliemae #arlogale #onlyonemeltdown #diapersgalore #myhearts #fleetingmoments @karenfairchild thank you for Arlo's hat!!!

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