Just finished watching Dead Alive and I'm happy to say it played without any issues. It is so nice to have it back in the collection even at the price I paid since it's becoming so hard to find. It was Peter Jackson's second horror film (Bad Taste being his first and The Frighteners being his last horror film so far). There are not any well known actors but Peter Jackson does have a quick cameo as the undertakers assistant in this film. The movie itself is about an overprotective mother Vera Cosgrove (Elizabeth Moody), spying and emotionally manipulating her grown son, Lionel (Timothy Balme). During a visit to the zoo with the lovely Paquita (Diana Peñalver), his mother, Vera, is accidentally bitten by the fearsome Sumatran rat monkey from Skull Island. When the bite turns his beloved mother into a zombie, Lionel tries to keep her locked safely in the basement, but her repeated escapes turn most of the neighbors into the walking dead, who then crash a high-society party thrown by Lionel's boorish Uncle Les (Ian Watkin) which leads to unbelievable, gory bloodbath of epic proportions. The film has also been titled as Braindead and is recognized as one of the bloodiest films of all time with some 300 liters of blood used in just the final scene alone. This is a horror film I highly recommend any horror fan add to their collection. It is absolutely over the top.
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Story goes, these great big rats come scuttling off the slave ships and raped all the little tree monkeys. The natives use them in black magic rituals. Don't ask me how, probably suck the blood of virgins, eh, eh? Dead Alive/Braindead (1992) Directed by Peter Jackson 💀
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BRAIN DEAD [1992] Dir. Peter Jackson
Cinematography: Murray Milne
◼️Peter Jackson’s gross-out horror comedy Brain Dead aka Dead Alive. Follow up to his other gore fest Bad Taste. References to horror classics such as Psycho [1960] and King King [1933] which Jackson would later remake in 2005. Playful, tongue in cheek splatter extravaganza. Copious amounts of gut spillage. Leave any vestige of good taste and finesse at the door. 😀❤️❤️ it!

“They're not dead exactly, they're just... sort of rotting.”

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Desde hace días las redes están invadidas por un montón de muestras de cariño y profundo amor, las manifestaciones han sido estremecedoras. Es muy conmovedor ser testigo de cómo la vida te regresa tantos años de servicio imparable, apasionado, visionario, poético, soñador, amoroso, leal. Son dulces cosechas de una vida entregada al arte. Eso es lo que ha pasado con mi amada @dianapenalverd, quien necesita de nuestro apoyo para restaurar lesiones en su cuerpo, como un #kintsugi. (Hermosa metáfora)
Hoy, día de la mujer, la celebro como una de las más increíbles que conozco. Y, de igual manera, los invito a apoyar esta campaña #mikintsugi #caderadeoro #dianapenalver
Tiene tantas fotos bellas q fue muy difícil seleccionar una (es la mejor actriz de Venezuela) entonces escogí ésta de PARIA; porque, a parte de ser unos de los proyectos que más he amado hacer, fue el que de alguna manera nos unió para siempre y selló el inicio de una hermosa amistad. Ahora ya no es solo "la maestra", ahora es mi amiga y mi madre teatral. Te amo mi Peñal♥ #lolograremos

A very late yet very happy 25th anniversary to Peter Jackson's cult splatter fest Dead Alive (a.k.a. Braindead) which was released in the U.S. on February 12th, 1993. It's a tale of a teen boy named Lionel and his overprotective mother Vera who was bitten Samataran rat-monkey, dies and comes back in zombified states and after repeated escapes from the basement turns half the neighbor into ravenous zombies. If you got a weak stomach, this movie is not for you. It's unapologetically gory, crude and inspired and only Jackson can pull off the demented format with such creativity. It's still trips me out that this is from the same guy who beautifully brought Middle Earth to the big screen. #deadalive #peterjackson #horrorfilms #horrorcomedy #splatterfilm #zombiefilms #ikickassforthelord #yourmotheratemydog #timothybalme #dianapenalver #elizabethmoody #ianwatkins #1992movies #1993movies #90smovies #wingnutfilms #polygramfilmedentertainment #trimarkpictures

25 years ago today, a film so bloody disgusting, that it was extremely difficult for me to find a suitable image to use for this post! A hideous hybrid of a virus carrying slave ship rat and a tree monkey bites the mother of a mama's Boy whose recently found his soulmate. Infected, the mother turns into a festering, puss-squirting, living dead hungry for flesh. The boy's life is turned upside down as he now must have to clean the mess and stop his undead mother from raising a powerful army of the blood thirsting living dead. Happy 25th anniversary, "Dead Alive" *Brain Dead*! .
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I really love this artwork @stickfort did for Dead Alive aka Brain Dead. This is a movie I could never get sick of! #deadalive #braindead #horror #horrormovies #movies #art #horrorart #splatter #beautiful #peterjackson #timbalme #dianapenalver

Um verdadeiro rei trash, é o que podemos dizer de Fome Animal(Braindead ou Dead Alive) o insano filme de Peter Jackson. O pateta reprimido Lionel(Timothy Balme) se apaixona por Paquita(Diana Peñalver), uma balconista de mercado e decidem se encontrar no zoológico. Vera(Elizabeth Moody), a controladora mãe do rapaz segue o casal e acaba mordida por um macaco rato de Sumatra(!). A partir daí a idosa começa a apodrecer e acaba morrendo, o que ninguém sabia é que a mordida guardava uma maldição zumbi! Fome Animal é extremo, coberto de sangue e humor grotesco. Cheio das mais alucinadas bizarrices: um padre kung-fu, um massacre com cortador de grama, um pútrido bebê zumbi, mortos turbinados por drogas e até monstro gigante, loucura imprevisível numa primeira exibição. Revisitado para sempre! #nacaixa #fomeanimal #braindead #deadalive #peterjackson #timothybalme #dianapenalver #elizabethmoody #trash #grotesque #humor #humornegro #horror #terror #blood #gore #masterpiece #dedezonze #docarajo #revisitadoparasempre

Well thank god for Dead Alive and the music included in it. After watching The Firm, things were so bad, we didn't know if they would ever get better. Great music, great acting, great monsters, and great BLOOD!!!! Anyone out there still have one of the "vomit bags" that came with original rentals? I think we might start giving out vomit bags to customers when they pick up their repairs. Some of them sure act like they need one when we talk about prices ... though I MAY have "purloined" repair business from a major department store this afternoon and maybe it is THEY who will need the barf bags!🤔#deadalive #braindead #timothybalme #dianapenalver #peterjackson #vhs #filmreview #videocassette #moviereview #gore #yourmotheratemydog #greatsoundtrack #idontknowwhatkindofkinkyshityoureinto #kateswadling #peterdasent #tonybackhouse #arthurwood #maoribattalion #notyourfathersoldstagfilms

The Hong Kong Alternative to the Japanld for Peter Jackson’s Braindead aka Dead Alive 🧠💀😂

A Zombie Classic - Peter Jacksons Dead Alive aka Braindead 🧠💀🤘🏻in my opinion one of the best splatter comedies. The scenes with the mother, the baby, can’t stop laughing. Is that the movie with the donkey? 😂😂😂

Rating: 9/10

There hasn't been a film that I've had as much fun with as I did with Dead Alive. My mind is still reeling from what I just saw. This movie is balls to the walls, a total blast from start to finish. It is one of the most visually memorable films I have ever seen and it's one that I could watch over and over and never get tired of it. It isn't often that I watch a movie that rejuvenates my passion for horror, but Dead Alive has completely reignited my love of this genre.

What I love most about Dead Alive is how it flawlessly balances and contrasts elements which are in total opposition with one another. The characters, who are innately average and normal, react excessively and animatedly to events and situations. The musical score provides a sort of legitimacy and authenticity to a movie that is completely outlandish. The humor infused throughout the script counters the extreme gore reflected in the special effects. The whole movie amalgamates elements which totally contrast one another, yet it somehow works and makes for one of the most brilliantly creative movies in the genre.

Of course, the film is best known for its special effects. It goes without saying that the effects are incredible. I have never seen visual effects like this before. The movie is incredibly bloody and gory but it's depicted with such a lighthearted tone that it isn't even remotely offensive to the senses.

Dead Alive is one of those rare movies that I would give a 10/10 if I were basing my rating solely on enjoyability. But if I'm objective, I think the film's cinematography is SLIGHTLY too bright and would have benefited from more shadows and less lighting, in order to create more visual atmosphere. And, again being objective, the premise is a little thin and could have withstood a bit more depth and expansion.

But neither of those criticisms really matter because Dead Alive is one of the best films I've seen in years. I'm really disheartened to learn that the blu ray has gone out of print and I really hope we get a re-release soon because this is a movie that should be sitting on the shelves of every horror fan on the planet. I cannot recommend this movie enough!

Next up this evening,
Peter Jackson's bloody & outrageous Horror/Comedy gorefest: Dead Alive aka Braindead (1992) 💀
FILM SYNOPSIS: In New Zealand, Lionel, an innocent young man, is forced to care for his domineering mother and finds the task even more demanding after she's bitten by a cursed Sumatran rat monkey. Passing the point of death, Lionel's mother becomes a crazed zombie and sucks their friends and family into her gruesome existence among the living dead and now Lionel is sent into a ghoulish nightmare.
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#HeroinesOfHorror 6/31: Paquita Sanchez (Braindead/Dead Alive 1992) It is no surprise that the first time we meet Paquita in this Freudian fright fest is behind the counter at a grocery store - because boy oh boy does this lady know how to handle baggage. Mummy issues are a tricky feat for the strongest of personalities but trying to help nurse the decomposing body of the undying mother of your anxious and neurotic crush is a whole other ball game. With fierce protective instincts - any vulnerable human is an exposed egg and Paquita is their mother bird. So when a zombie demon baby, conceived from the amorous connection between a frisky zombie priest and his undead nurse lover threatens the safety of the surviving civilians at an unexpected party in lover, Lionel's home, Paquita takes no joy in punching it out of a window. However, as a powerfully strong romantic woman who has spent the majority of her new relationship with a fragile man, trying to fight off the advances, and abuse of his lecherous uncle - she takes great joy from ripping out uncky Les' spinal cord and swinging it like a bat, shattering the attached skull against the kitchen counter. Paquita comes to the rescue one last time when she pulls the amulet gifted to Lionel from her clairvoyant grandmother out of a pile of zombie mulch. Lionel soon uses this for luck and as a nifty knife when he finds himself reabsorbed into utero after confronting his literally monstrous mother about her figuratively monstrous parenting throughout his life. At long last Paquita and Lionel are able to begin their forseen romantic entanglement. That Lionel is one lucky fella.
October has been unexpectedly hectic - I gawta catch up 😣
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