Everyday that I practice tattooing on fake skin like it’s all about putting the skills to the test and giving it 💯 to stay motivated no matter how your work will turn out like always challenge yourself and ask yourself “did I went over the limit?”, it’s all about motivation. What motivates you in life to go further of your expectations? Always think about your further distance in life of where you want to go because it’s all about risk taking and knowing what is the good risk you want to go to in order to succeed. Myself, when I pick that tattoo machine like a part of me changes as if a different person takes over and I try to go further an extra mile. When practicing tattooing, I want to tattoo forever like there’s no tomorrow and by all means like it pushes me to get better little at a time, and with time that I have, I know that one day I’ll be ready to pursue that tattoo life dream of a tattoo artist and experience it, but furthermore I will push myself to be one of the best tattoo artists on the planet which is a long life goal that I want to strive for and hopefully that day will come soon in the future 💉. With all being said, this is my latest design of this little traditional diamond for the day 💎#tattoo #tattoos #tattoopractice #blackandgreytattoo #blackandgreytattoos #traditionaltattoo #traditionaltattoos #traditionalflash #diamondtattoo #guyswithtattoos #girlswithtattoos

Coloursplash Diamond design on finger💎 do contact me at 88093665 to make an appointment!📞📞 #tattoos #diamondtattoo #watercolourtattoo #coloursplashtattoo #fingertattoo #minimalism #vscocam

I just gotta show it off one mo'gain #diamondtattoo

Pretty epic cover-up today. I’m a pretty live and let live kinda gal... but you know what really annoys the shit outta me? Spelling mistakes on tattoos. Never any excuse... People put their trust in us to create permanent art on their bodies and pay us well to do what we love everyday. We owe them our full concentration and care when creating designs... which means always triple checking spelling.
Anyways, that’s the end of my rant. Had a blast with this piece today 😊❤️
#diamondtattoo #coveruptattoo #spellingmatters #noragrets

roses and diamonds for the princess hour
#rosetattoo #clocktattoo #diamondtattoo #princess #tattoo


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