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26.6.17 - sesubuh lagi dah mencuci. karang nk sambung gi beraye 😄


FlashBackFriday to one year ago when my aggressive kidney search really began with a cover story in the local paper. Thanks to Patricia Hill's letter writing campaign that peaked their interest to cover my story. #eternallygrateful #blessings #kidneydiseasesucks #dialysis #dialysissucks #dialysisdrainsme #fighton #kidneyneeded #kidney #kidneytransplant #cutenurses #shareakidneysavealife #spareakidneysavealife #pain #donorneeded #davita #latimes #glendalenewspress #glendale #fbf

On Thursdays we get visits from Max the therapy dog 🐶 ❤️ therapy dogs are amazing. Not only do they provide our patients with some love and enjoyment, but they pick up the spirits of staff. #dogsofinstgram #stvincents #stvincentspub #dialysis #therapydog #lortsmith #lortsmithanimalhospital #max #maxthetherapydog #puppydogcuddles 📷: @nicoleleeromei

#taboo.. #dialysis and #kidney failure isn't something I'm ashamed of nor am I embarrassed to show it or talk about it.. think what you want, if you think I'm doing this for attention.. unfriend me now, I don't need that kind of negativity in my life 😇 on the contrary.. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me! I'm okay! Life has thrown the worst curve balls and I'm still standing.. from losing my brother and my mother 7 months apart.. to having stage 5 kidney failure.. things happen for a reason and I look at the bright side of things. Sure depression always hits, but it's up to you if you want to stay depressed. This post is to give motivation.. just know that when life is hard... keep moving forward with your head held high ! If I can cheer up just one person.. than my purpose is fulfilled. I am 4 days post surgery and I feel okay! I push my body.. to be healthy you have to think healthy. Yes the tube will be sticking out of my stomach until I get a transplant.. no I'm not embarrassed anymore.. it's a part of me now and I have to embrace it... my only thoughts are .. "it could be worse" lol and that's what gets me through my days ❤️ thank you to those who have supported me through this journey. The love helps a lot !

“During my pregnancy there were signs of something wrong; but on all the ultrasounds she looked perfect. We decided to not have an amniocentesis  done. Which is a decision I wrestle with myself about. Although I'm not sure it would of made much of a difference in her treatment.
After she was born, we found ourselves in small ER room being told my child was gravely ill; the doctors weren't sure of why.  When it was finally pinpointed to her kidneys, I was warned not to “Google” what they suspected she had. How could I not!? The first sentence I read was "Most children diagnosed do not make it past the first year."
Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome is a rare, genetic condition that causes the filters in the kidneys to not work properly, if at all. And in her case, they did not at all. She was spilling everything, good and bad, in her urine. We were transferred to a different hospital with a Nephrologist that had more experience with the condition. It soon became our second home.
She stopped responding to her treatment plan, so at 5 months old she had both of her kidneys removed, and both types of dialysis catheters to be placed. This was the best choice for her to have any chance at surviving.
The next couple months were filled with highs and lows with several hospital stays, but it became less frequent. We were finally settling in to a new normal. And then she turned one! The day we weren't sure she would make it to.
Emerson is a spunky feisty little force. She receives dialysis every night at home. And is 1.5 kilos away from being eligible for her life saving kidney transplant. Currently she's on about 10 different medications daily, as well as a growth hormone injection each night. You would never know she was sick just by looking at her.
Her journey has caused many delays, primarily physically. But she has 4 therapists who she sees weekly and every day she grows stronger. She will be turning two this August and we are forever grateful for every day we get.
I have times where I find myself in deep waves of grief. But someone once told me, “To ask what, not why”  And it has changed so much for us."

Heard the rattle of your letterbox? Grab a cuppa and settle down to enjoy your summer issue of Update magazine 📮☕️🛋 #TEAMKIDNEY #kidneyresearchuk #kidney #transplant #dialysis

One for the keeps box.


Like father like son , but he is so cool me? not so much😀
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Topic: Exercise and hemodialysis


Ask The Doctor Ep. 12: Diet for Dialysis Patients (Part 4)! Dr. Osman continues to elaborate on diet regulations for dialysis patients and shares additional dietary information to keep in mind. Watch, Share, and Enjoy!

When going to dialysis becomes a family affair ❤ I want my kids to be as familiar with the situation and with the illness as age-appropriately as possible. They're still just babies so for now they just know mommy needs to go to the hospital but they obviously don't understand what for. I will soon start PD at home and they'll need to be aware that "we can't touch mommy's machine" just like Gabriel has learnt that we "don't touch mommy's booboo" (my neckline catheter). This will be their normal so I'm sure they will adapt easily. They won't know a life without kidney disease, whether it's on dialysis or with a kidney transplant, it will follow us throughout our lives.
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I have been so busy today packing for a long drive to Georgia tonight, but I needed to make a video about this. I was inspired by a post my fellow #kidneywarrior @traverse_the_skies made and the fact that it is difficult at times to not believe that illness defines you. Remember that what defines you is inside of you, it's the reason why you fight to stay alive every day. If illness really defined you, you wouldn't fight so hard just to have 1 day, hell, 1 hour of no pain just so you can do whatever makes you feel good. You wouldn't make those sacrifices that you know your body will pay for later because they were so worth it. You wouldn't share your story if it didn't mean anything. You wouldn't love and want to be loved by others if your life had no value except what illness gives it. Dig deep and define yourself. 💚 #youarenotyourillness #facesofkidneydisease

I was out book shopping when I got a text to see if I could come in early in early to dialysis. So only cute socks that I normally wouldn't have worn since I already wore a pair of #powerpuffgirls socks this week/year.
My hair is long enough to braid again!

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The @americankidneyfund is holding a vote for all of the video submissions for an opportunity to attend their annual gala this year. Please take a moment to click the link in the bio and vote for my video (and if you haven't watched it, please check it out!). I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to represent as a patient advocate for kidney disease. 💚 #imaginethepossibilities #facesofkidneydisease

You all have already seen a picture of our dog Bear. This is Koda. We rescued her in February 2016. She has been so good for mom emotionally. Whenever mama is sick or recovering from a surgery, or whatever the case may be, Koda will stay by her side. She has helped mom's mental state so much since she joined our family, and we love her so much! #dogsofinstagram #emotionalsupportanimal #emotionalsupportdog #transplant #transplantstrong #teamshook #teamshookstrong #kidneyfailure #kidneytransplant #transplantjourney #donatelife #kidney #kidneydisease #donatelifetexas #livingdonor #livingkidneydonor #livingkidneydonation #transplantawareness #kidneyfailureawareness #kidneyfailuresurvivor #transplantsurvivor #transplantwarrior #dialysis #dialysissucks

Back to a bit of reality this evening after my day in London. Hooked up on kidney dialysis for four hours 🙄roll on another transplant! #dialysis #kidney #kidneytransplant #hospital #nofunzone

Dialysis days are rough days. Mama was feeling pretty good when she left the dialysis center, but as soon as we got home she started getting very tired. We were able to meet dad for lunch but as soon as she got home she crashed on the couch. This is how it is every dialysis day. #transplant #transplantstrong #teamshook #teamshookstrong #kidneyfailure #kidneytransplant #transplantjourney #donatelife #kidney #kidneydisease #donatelifetexas #livingdonor #livingkidneydonor #livingkidneydonation #transplantawareness #kidneyfailureawareness #kidneyfailuresurvivor #transplantsurvivor #transplantwarrior #dialysis #dialysissucks

At the #Dialysis Unit In Norfolk Va, with Mom......😊

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