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When a film crew comes in to film your dinner routine with your family and you make it look so much easier/cleaner than real life. 😂 The only thing that is actually consistent, film crew or not, is that we always wash our hands with @Dial because it kills 99.99% of bacteria, and smells great too. My favorite: Dial Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash. #DialUpHealthy #sponsored

Feel the love of a yummy, healthy home-cooked meal. I call this recipe “The Salmon” because I make it so often (recipe is below!). For a party, I’ll do a whole side of salmon, or when it’s just me, a single serving with a salad. Either way, I keep clean and safe with the new @Dial Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash. It takes away the salmon smell with an amazing citrus scent! #dialuphealthy #ad
The Salmon
2 (4 ounce) pieces salmon
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon brown sugar
Salt and Pepper
Preheat oven to 400 F. Season salmon with salt and pepper. In a small bowl, mix the chili powder and brown sugar. Sprinkle onto salmon. Bake about 6 to 7 minutes.

This two-ingredient vegan Alfredo sauce recipe is perfect for those moms who want a healthy dinner, but don’t have a ton of time to cook. All you need is 1 can of coconut milk and fresh minced garlic. (As much as I like the taste of garlic, I don’t like the smell of it on my hands. TIP: Wash your hands with @Dial Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash afterwards to eliminate the garlic smell.) Try it tonight for your family! #DialUpHealthy #Sponsored #PickyEaters

We love barbecuing kebabs and hanging out in the backyard, especially since Atticus and Rosie can help out and make their own. @Dial’s new Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash keeps our hands clean and kills bacteria from raw meat, so we can cook with love, not with worries! #dialuphealthy #sponsored

Honestly, is there anything better than a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie? My mom always made them for me, so now I like to make chocolate chip cookies for her on #MothersDay. I make a big batch and package them up for other special moms in my life. I keep it clean with Dial Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash so I don't have to worry about any bacteria from the raw eggs (And the lavender smells sooooo nice! like a spa!!). #dialuphealthy #sponsored

🐔What’s a cookout without kebabs? These Barbecue Kebabs from our friend @amberfillerup are a sure hit at any backyard barbecue. And keeping things cleans afterwards is easy with new Dial® Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash. It kills 99.99% of common kitchen bacteria (no more worries about raw meat!) and leaves your skin feeling healthy. #DialUpHealthy #foodie #yum

Going through my mail (have a roomful of 📦) and found some love from Dial. NEw Foaming Hand Wash for the kitchen 👐(Citrus Sunburst & Fresh Lavender) and bath 🛀🛁(Hibiscus Water & Coconut Milk) #DialUpHealthy

I made Roasted Garlic Hummus for the girls as an afterschool snack. I swapped out pita chips for carrots and celery sticks—still crunchy and satisfying. After, I washed my hands with @Dial Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash to remove the odor of the roasted garlic. Dip and enjoy! #DialUpHealthy #Sponsored #PickyEaters

Since becoming a mom I’ve been trying to master the kitchen. Things get a little messy, including my hands, which is why I make sure to find the best soap that not only kills bacteria but also smells amazing. Try new @Dial Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash #DialUpHealthy #sponsored 👏🏽


UPDATE: I’ve been using this @dial coconut and hibiscus water moisturizing body wash 💧to #dialuphealthy and so far so good (😂chuckling, cause the bottles half empty). In the fall my skin gets really dry and his wash coupled with my #palmers cocoa butter has really improved my skin todate. A future review (YouTube)of lol of the Dial washes will be up soon. Tune in🎥 to see which ones are my top pics... #beauyblogger #youtuber #mua #fallmakep #dial #bodywash #skincare❤️#soap 💦

Tough on germs with a lovely berry scent, Dial® Power Berries Foaming Hand Soap is berry nice. #DialUpHealthy #powerberry #foam

Clean up you hands for Global Handwashing Day with @dial I'm in love with their Dial Complete Kitchen Soaps and their hand soaps that keeps my hands hydrated despite washing them a bazillion times a day! The kitchen soaps are great at cleaning hands and removing food odors like onion and garlic! #dial #dialuphealthy #dialhandsoap #dialcomplete #soap #globalhandwashingday #handwashing #handwashingday #washyourhands #cleanhands #handsoap #hands #mommyblogger #mommyblog #momof4 #coldandfluseason #fightgerms #coldandflu

The gold standard when it comes to healthy feeling skin. #DialUpHealthy #gold

Dial® Fresh Pear Foaming Hand Wash has quite the pair: antibacterial meets gentle. #DialUpHealthy #pear

Water you waiting for? Today is your last chance to sign-up and earn a donation for Outreach! {link to sign-up in bio} #happyglobalhandwashingday 🌍👏💦 #Repost @dial ・・・
Today is #GlobalHandwashingDay! Sign up on DialRewards.com and enter code "FUTURE" and for every sign-up Dial will donate $1 to @outreachinternational to support hygeine and sanitation programs across the world. It doesn't take a lot of effort to make a difference in places that need it most. 🌎 💦🖐🏼🖐🏾🖐🏿✨ Access to clean water and regular hand-washing are critically important to maintaining good hygiene and preventing disease. Dial is proud to partner with Outreach International to support these sustainable solutions for this year’s Global Handwashing Day. #cleanwater #water #dialuphealthy

Bring the fresh mountain spring breeze to your shower.

Up to 12 hours of moisture release. Healthy. On repeat. #coconut #moisture

Power meets palpable. #DialUpHealthy #powerberry #foam

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