Blue Thread of Fate
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Silent music in a pretty palace built by a crazy bishop...
[Leica Q]

Hubris in an uncapped pyramid. Lightning struck in 2008 but we're overdue the thunder. Most are deaf to distant rumbles. Expecting another cyclical financial crisis is optimistic. It hasn't happened because it can't. It can't because the crisis is with capitalism itself. It's necessarily expansionist and, having no fresh virgin lands to exploit in a globalised economy, turns inward to devour itself. But capitalism isn't the simplistic triumph of capital over all. Limitations ensure its survival; nation states, democracy, education, human rights, civil society, environmental protections - all ensure longevity by protecting the citizens within the capitalist system from their owners. But, seeking growth in a finite world, all such sustaining structures are being dismantled. #OpenBorders for the free movement of human resources, the privatisation of water & other commodities, the tragedy of the commons situation that's destroying our ecology, continuous training to get accredited to perform required roles instead of learning to think, bread & circuses, state assets sold off to foreign investors and the rise of politics as show business all indicate this trend. When capital consolidates and concentrates without restraint, it automatically becomes power itself. This can be used to implement a zero-growth, hierarchical production economy in which, dependent on the system for survival, people exist. The necessary step is a manufactured crisis to create the public consent for such a spurious salvation. Graphs to check; the global debt burden including derivatives, global EROEI, world population growth since 1800, and the number of horses in America from 1700-2000. It's simply in the nature of the scorpion to sting the frog that bears it. Such an unravelling presents unprecedented opportunities, however.

100 years old houses sorozat - a Nagykörúton ragadt múlt egy-egy lenyomata fényképek formájában. / 100 years old houses series - the pieces capturing various moments standing still on the Grand Boulevard, Budapest.

Before you speak, don’t move ☁️

“La peinture est une poésie muette et la poésie une peinture parlante.”


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