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Los divinos altares creados por los talentosos estudiantes de Loyola High School. 😍💀🎨 #altares #diadelosmurtos #arte

Celebrating Mama's life for #DiaDeLosMurtos, and every day after that.
Te quiero, Mama. <3 "The commemoration of the dead has a dual meaning. Sadness mixes with hope, and this is what we all feel today in this celebration: the memory of our loved ones, in front of their remains, and hope.” “But we also feel that this hope helps, because we, too, have to make this journey. All of us will make this journey — sooner or later, but everyone; with pain — some more, some less — but all. But with the flower of hope, with that strong thread of hope that is anchored in the hereafter.” -Pope Francis

Altar and food offerings for day of the dead.
#dayofthedead #diadelosmurtos

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