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How can one possibly express the immense thankfulness you feel for your family and boyfriend when there are no words big enough or sentences long enough or combinations that can even compare to the way your heart feels??? This Christmas I was provided with basically everything I will need for my career once I graduate from school. In addition to my incredibly amazing mama who has been providing me the financial aid I needed to begin this journey. And an extremely inspirational woman, Jess, for seeing potential in my art and me and giving me the opportunity to attend her school. There is absolutely no way that I will ever be able to accurately describe how much this means to me, other than by keeping my head down and doing the best work I can to prove, everyday, that I was worth this investment. Eternally grateful seems to be the theme of my life, and these gifts upped that to a whole new level. Thank you, @megdrennanrobinson, @bamthethird, @foolzerrand and dad (who doesn't have Instagram 😂), and @tattoosbyjessvann. I WILL make you proud.
My heart is forever overflowing with gratitude for your unbelievable love and support. 🔥💚🔥
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