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Bumpdate:: Yesterday marked #thirtythreeweeks of #annacatebaby. I very much resonate with one of my dearest friends (@elenireid)'s post at this exact mark of her pregnancy last fall, when she said baby Michael was 16lbs and 58 inches. (πŸ˜‚) My honest answer to inquiring minds on how I am is uncomfortable. Julianna Cate has gotten to the point where she can skillfully kick me in the ribcage and my back simultaneously. She's estimated to be 6+ pounds already (#diabeticprobs) and is somewhere in the 80-97th percentile for growth. 😳 Her heart rate this morning was 155bpm and fortunately she complied with prodding to practice her breathing (finally). I feel like she's bigger than a basketball -- more like a BEACH ball -- and the weight of all of it makes for some major posture problems and joint pain. I'm honestly surprised my ribs and groin haven't just split from the pressure on my poor bones, but then again the whole thing is truly miraculous and mind-blowing how the human body accommodates growing a new person. Craving ice and unsweetened cereal with milk (which I can't have). Nesting efforts include our dining room reno, ordering her crib mattress and llama sheets, picking up a baby swing from a BST group, ordering/assembling my super legit Chicco Bravo-for-2 double stroller, and applying for life insurance policies. Thinking about Lilly meeting her for the first time brings me to happy tears. Sleep is uncomfortable but I need beacoups of it. Still waiting to get our car back from the shop. Need to make it past next weekend for important wedding meetings, and then this baby can hurry on out. Grateful, tired, "everything hurts and I'm dying", sooooooo appreciative of Drew, and very excited for the new chapters of life to come.

I've seen a few posts about being "bullied" or shamed for being diabetic the past few days. Thankfully that's not something I can relate to. I truly believe we show people how to treat us. If I'm not worried about it no one else will be.
Don't give other people power. It's nothing to be quiet about or hide or be ashamed of. The more people who know the better for your own safety.
My pump shows in plenty of outfits, swimsuits & clearly when my clothes come off. Believe me, I've never had a complaint. πŸ™ˆ Ladies no decent man is gonna give a damn about a finger poke, pump site or needle prick if you don't. I promise. ✨❀️
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Pharmacy! My favorite place to be! So try haven my insulin but no needles apparentlyI have no refills on the needs tips πŸ˜‘... I don't think they realize I need this stuff to survive! I WILL DIE without it! #diabeticprobs #type1 #diabadass #itainteasy

First time trying out the leg site - not sure what I think yet, my arm is definitely still my favourite spot! Feels so much more exposed on my leg. #diabeticprobs #omnipod #diabetieslookslikeme #mynewpancreas

Got tackled by wasps on my to see the endocrinologist. Ugh! No knitting or crocheting for a few days. Pooh!! Then at the doctor's office when I went to hand the nurse my pump to download, my infusion set came off. πŸ˜• I should have just stayed in bed this morning. #waspssuck #diabeticprobs #diabetesproblems #pumpproblems

This is what I deal with each day now. It gets worse everyday 😫 I'm gonna have to muzzle this little dude because he bites me now πŸ˜… #fiestylikeme 😈 #diabetes #diebeticdog #diabeticprobs #diabeticlife

thats my hero πŸ‘†πŸ½ #diabeticprobs #myforevergoals

"Whip it out" I need your HELP 😊
For years I used to get self conscious about taking my insulin or testing my glucose levels in public
I'd always feel like people were watching me πŸ‘€ I'd avoid taking my insulin until later on when my glucose levels would have already sky rocketed πŸš€ -
Please TAG any diabetics you know or anyone who has to take medication on a regular basis, I hope this helps 😊
Don't let a condition define who you are. You control it, it doesn't control you πŸ’ͺ
And remember......WHIP IT OUT (your medicine I mean.....geez πŸ™„)
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β€’Sweet|Dreamsβ€’ ;but not too sweet 🍫🍬 #DiabeticProbs


Who can relate???πŸ™„this is why it is so important to learn how your body reacts to specific exercise and looking closely at what makes your BG levels drop or rise. If I am above 10mmol, any exercise I do will make it rise more. But if I am 4mmol before exercise, it is always going to make me drop more....he joys of diabetes!!! #diabetes #diabetic #training #typeonediabetes #t1 #t1d #t1diabetes #t1dayinthelife #diabeticprobs #annoying #fitdiabetic #healthydiabetic #fitness #training

No, you can’t say hi to me!! 😑😑😑😑#diabetes #diabetic #diabeticprobs #no #why #diabeticlife

Always forget how good the gym is on my levels πŸ’ͺ🏼 #FreestyleLibre

New things on the horizon for me and the bear! Be on the lookout #sugarless #diabeticprobs #itainteasy #diabadass #type1 #startups #businessasusual

First post since being released from the hospital! I had a few rough days where my vision was a complete blur and my back pain made me limp around. A couple days later and I can see fine! And my back pain has subsided more or less. Unfortunately it's given way to some very uncomfortable pain in my left leg. It feels a little numb and at the same time like I can feel every vein in my calve and foot. Like the blood circulation is constricted. Oh mannn, let me keep my leg. I hope this isn't permanent πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€• I'm going to try and remedy with an episode of GOT before I have to go to my doctors appointment at 12:30 πŸ’‰ on another note, yesterday I lost complete control over my BS and tried to combat it with way too many carbohydrates. The effects show cause I woke up with a 240 mg/dl level #Diabetes #type1life #diabeticprobs

My baby boy went back to school today after being of with tonsillitis only done 2 half days since starting and only managed the morning today as his sugars were to high...so home with mummy to get them down took a gd few hours but back in range thank god....i miss him so much when his not with me πŸ’™#mylittlesidekick #myminime #type1diabetes #type1strong #type1son #type1kid #diabetes #diabetes #hypers #diabetic #diabeticprobs #schoollife #schoolday #copingwithtype1 #mumtoatype1 πŸ’™

Katie V. Signed our More for a Cure Petition for her Daughter Olivia, who was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 8.

Sign the petition today to fight for a future free of T1D for our children.

Link in Bio.

If I had a Β£ for every time I got asked one of these πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I'll try my best to answer people's questions so that hopefully it creates more awareness for diabetes - type 1 especially

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