Princesa, levanta a cabeça senão a coroa cai! 🤣🤣🤣 Entregamos uma Integração com sucesso, mas segunda feira já é dia de treino!! Bora soltar essa musculatura, “queimar” o 🍺 de ontem, e TREINAR para ajudar as parceiras de equipe domingo que vem 30/09 na Maratona de Revezamento Ayrton Senna Racing Day. Simmm, correremos uma maratona (42km) dividida em 4 guerreiras: @coach_cyntia_hilkner, @tatiyamaguchi, @kalianessa Vamos dar o nosso melhor meninas! ☄️☄️☄️ #runnergirl #vidadeatleta #mãesnacorrida #dentistasquecorrem #galeradocorrebr #typeonerun #corredoresderua #amamoscorrida #boltrunners #eucorroevocê #papodemAratonistas #mulheresatletas #F2team #souF2 #f2assessoriaesportiva #diabeticmuscleandfitness #diabetestipoatleta #treinaquevem #xoinveja #aquisógentedobem #ObrigadaDeus

Make diabetes a priority 💉💉
I used to be very passive in managing my diabetes, doing the same thing every day without thinking about changing my ratios or doing more research into diabetes, happy to let my hba1c run a little high as long as I wasn’t ‘in danger’ of complications. But the harsh truth is if you’re diabetic you are always in danger of complications but the better you manage it the less likely you will have to suffer from any of them. And it’s not always going to be so hard and so much effort, once you spend a month or two really focusing on your levels, concentrating on how your body reacts to different foods, different exercises, schedules, temperatures, stress levels, illness, you will know exactly what you need to be doing in every situation and it will become second nature and no effort. Diabetes has taught me that there is no quick fix for anything, you have to be constantly learning and constantly improving to gain rewards, and the same goes for fitness. If you don’t put in the hard work and the effort now then you won’t see the results you want in the future. Invest in yourself now and the rewards will be so worth it down the line.


Saturday deadlifts - 3 x 117.5kg, 5 sets of 3 @ 111.5kg.
I constantly have to remind myself that the process of getting better at anything can be slow. That is why I always feel proud when I see any sort of progress in training, e.g. improved form, rep PBs, increase in top singles/ sets, improved mindset.

My deadlifts on Saturday were a great mixture of the above - my heaviest deadlift triple to date, there was no major form breakdown, and then doing back off sets with a weight that I was delighted to hit for my top set in July.
Progress, not perfection.

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No matter where you are in life always take time to reflect on yourself. More often then not we only see negatives. We don't have the job we dreamed of, not enough money, or don't have enough time in the day, maybe your body doesn't look perfect. In the end none of this shit matters. We all end up six feet under and hopefully spend eternity in a perfect place. Life is what you make it. You can spend your time looking at what could have been or you can chase it. You can spend your time wishing you had more material items or focus on the people who were always there for you and let them know how much they're appreciated and loved. Use your time for the things that truly matter and take care of those who have always been there. Hope everyone has a great sunday. #T1DStrong #Diabeticmuscleandfitness #fitness4less #adrenalfailure

You have Type 1 Diabetes!! 16 and a half years ago those words nearly broke my heart! Didn't know how i was going to live a normal life as a child... Saw alot of doctors over a few days and then I said to myself right you are just going to have to get on with it!! Pretty mature for a 9 year old looking back! .
Did I let it have a negative effect on my life?? Not a chance, I used it as a positive and to this day I still do! Looking on the positive side of things no matter what the situation is always brings more opportunists than you could ever expect!!! .
Some Sunday thoughts for everyone to go have a positive week!!! .
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Progress goals 💪
Most people only think about the results they want to achieve, but to achieve your goals you NEED to set yourself progressive goals along the way. If all you think about is the fact you want a six pack or a bigger bum or more defined arms, you’ll quickly lose motivation because these things take a long time. To keep yourself motivated and give yourself positive motivation (rather than the negative motivation that your body isn’t good enough as it is and that you need to change it) by thinking about the things you want to achieve along the way. The same principle applies for diabetes. If you want to knock your hba1c down then you need to think of goals you can achieve along the way which will show you how much improvement you’re making along the way.
Some fitness goals may be :
✨ get enough sleep ✨ hit your step count every day ✨ reach a new PB on a compound lift ✨ sprint faster than you did last week ✨ get at least 2 portions of fruit and veg with each meal
For diabetes there are also so many progressive goals you can get yourself :
✨ wake up in range every morning ✨ give your insulin 5 minutes earlier before every meal if your sugars spike after a meal ✨ have a meal out and carb count correctly (goals goals goals) ✨ have a week with no post-workout hypos or highs
Everyone’s progress goals will be personal depending on what your bigger goal is and where your current weaknesses are, but try to set yourself 1 new progress goal each week and you’ll get the results a lot sooner!

How much do you miss routine when you don’t have it!!! I love travelling and am so lucky and privileged to be able to but damn I miss my food ☹️. I always try and plan ahead and make sure I have proper meals, otherwise you find yourself snacking on empty calories still feeling hungry. There are plenty of these empty calories at your finger tips too 😬🤪. Home soon and then I’ll be whinging about my plain diet haha 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ #mealprep #t1d #missmyveggies #nyc #fitness #diabeticmuscleandfitness #food #healthylifestyle

How should you set up a training split?
There are so many options to choose from - body part splits, push/ pull/ legs splits, upper/ lower splits, so how the heck do you decide on your workout split?
1. How much time do you realistically have? If you can only make it to the gym 4 times per week and try to do a body part split this won’t work because there aren’t enough days for each body part per week. Not to mention that you should be hitting each muscle group twice per week for best results. Don’t lie to yourself and set up a 5 day programme because if you consistently miss the last day this means you’re consistently not training 1 muscle group and you’ll start to get serious imbalances.
2. How much rest do you need to feel completely repaired? I need 2 days between training legs because otherwise my second leg session will be useless, so I make sure I schedule legs on Monday followed by an upper body day, then a rest day, and then by Thursday I can hit legs again.
3. Do you have anything that you want to work on? I want to increase by bench strength, so I structure my training to have slightly more chest focus on upper body days to correct this. At the end of each 12 week cycle I reassess my weaknesses and tweak the programme for the next 12 weeks depending on what’s lagging.
4. Do you do other activities? Maybe a uni sports team or an evening club? If so you don’t want to over train otherwise you’ll stop seeing progress. You need to give your body a rest so make sure you programme at least 1 day where you have no training or sport so that you can recover and perform to your maximum.
5. What are your goals? If your goal is to get as strong as possible, then all you should be doing is strength training. But if you have aesthetic goals or want to improve athleticism, make sure you leave time for some cardio and functional training
6. Find a split that you love and that gets you out of bed in the morning 💕

Todays deadlifts, 3x5 @ 120kg after 3x8 @ 87.5 kg squats. I am going to go on å limb and claim that I respond very well to the 8 rep range, but It might just be that. Y starting weights was farther away from my capacity at that rep range.
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Losing motivation?
One of my key tips for staying motivated with your training is to switch it up somehow every now and then. As much as I adore strength training and the feeling of being strong, a strength training programme is very repetitive and sometimes motivation can dip. I know that strength training is something I want to continue doing for a long time so to make sure I keep my love for it I add some more functional ‘play around’ sessions into my week. I know that to keep making progress I need my 4 days of strength training per week but if I have the time I like to get to the gym 6 times. My extra 1 or 2 days are un-programmed and I use them for hiit, plyometrics, functional moves, and whatever else I feel like. I always go to the gym with a plan and so if I know I’m having a mess around day before I go to the gym I think about what moves and skills I want to practice. Planning these sessions the morning of the workout rather than following a pre planned programme means I get the absolute most out of the sessions because I do what I’m feeling like on that day and so I go at it with all of my energy. Having these days also means that I have my fun and then hit the new week ready to do more of the hard work and follow my strength programme. I also allow myself a week after finishing a 12 week cycle to do whatever I fancy for the whole week and then I knuckle back down to another 12 weeks of structured lifting. Mixing my workouts in these ways means I’m motivated 99% of the time and I don’t neglect cardio and functional movements because I want to improve my explosively and athleticism as well as my strength 💪

Pushing the back abit #diabeticfitnessworld #diabeticmuscleandfitness.. 💪💪💪💪💪

Healthy nachos 😍 .
I’m definitely an advocate of finding healthy alternatives for your favourite foods and this one is definitely a winner 😍 of course sometimes having the ‘real’ version of junk / comfort foods is exactly what you need, but I find that food is such a big part of socialising and so if I ate high calorie foods every time I spent time with my friends and family I would become very unhealthy and a bit of a blob! But of course I’m not going to sacrifice spending time with my loved ones so I like to find ways I can make fun foods more healthy. For example tonight me and my boyfriend really fancied nachos but we’re both trying to have a bit of a health kick so we whipped up a lower calorie, lower fat, higher micro nutrient value alternative 😋 instead of using store bought nacho crisps we finely cut sweet potato slices, seasoned them and baked them to make sweet potato crisps. James made the chilli which was just 5% fat minced beef cooked and perfectly seasoned and then I topped mine with a tiny bit of cheese (it’s a healthy alternative but it still needs to be satisfying and so cheese is an essential! I just used a lot less than would be on restaurant nachos and used reduced fat cheddar). To bulk it up and add more micros we topped it with some leafy salad and I can tell you the whole thing was delicious, super filling, and in my opinion tasted better than regular nachos 😍
Let me know if you try it or any other healthy alternative meals you know!

With a lal bit of running in the calendar over the next couple of months I thought I would treat my calf’s to some compression socks. I also thought I have bought a multi pack of colours but obviously not. Great sock from @more_mile1 at a super low price! #salmoncolour #style two 50 miles in 14 days. #beeinmybonnet #justdoit #type1diabetes #typeonerun #diabeticmuscleandfitness @run.type.1 my running season has started with a 💥 #diabeticultrarunner @medtronicdiabetes @snowdonia50 #ultrarunning

H B A 1 C|
I got my Hba1c back earlier this week and it’s a number I am happy with. I am finally in the non-diabetic/pre-diabetic range. I don’t eat a special diet, I don’t avoid carbs, I go out, I drink, I eat doughnuts and I don’t spend my life in the gym. Having a life and diabetes aren’t mutually exclusive. You can still have great control and a great life.

Remember the numbers aren’t a judgment just an indication of what to do next.

PS sorry for the extended silence, the diabetic community isn’t my favourite places at the moment 🙃
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