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Improv on Savasana Dub by the homie @mcyogi #patience #dhayana #yoga #listenmoreplayless

Cumple de #Dhayana

Olha elas no festival junino 2015 ❤.
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De ontem Casamento Rayanne e Leonne.
Make linda by @feminicesmakeupam @anamarciarodrigues #a_melhor
#Dhayana #Cantora #Banda_PraBailar

Summer kondatam


My sister @rshulman5003 painted this for my birthday present #samadhi is the state of meditative consciousness attained by the practice of #dhayana or the joy of concentration. This is BZ and I and it makes me SO happy and I am incredibly moved by the joy and connection portrayed here. #thankyou #yogaaddict #yoga #mydailyboogie #mybirthday #graceineffort #anythingworthdoingwellisworthdoingbadly

Wanting to deepen your meditation practice, our next 6 week course with Maya Bhadni begins tomorrow.⠀

Time to nurture yourself through guided meditation. Freeing us from stress and negativity. Nestle within and tap into your inner strength and resources. Mediation will energise each of the major chakras as we move into a state of wellness and contentment.⠀
⠀ ⠀
Date: 12th October – 16th November 2017⠀

Location: The Berry Yoga Shala⠀

123A Beach Road on Galls Lane, Berry⠀

Time: Thursday 9.30am – 10.30am⠀

Cost: $90 for 6 week course⠀
⠀ ⠀

Bookings & Enquiries:⠀


ph: 0410460345⠀

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🌿 Trying to have control in life is like asking a river to press the pause button. Better let's sit by the stream and enjoy the flow 🌿

Also known as Samadhi mudra or Yoga mudra; n Japanese: Jo-in, Jokai Jo-in; in Chinese: Ding Yin. It is the most common gesture of meditation. .
HOW TO: put together your hands in your lap. Left hand must lie on the right hand and both thumbs should touch each other. The two hands are in a bowl shape
BENEFITS: 1- Helps to reach a deeper state of concentration 2- Supports to reduce stress levels 3- Alleviates irritability .
NOTE: the most common yoga asana to enjoy this mudra is sitting, either half lotus or lotus, but can be performed standing as well. Always consult with a doctor before you start practicing yoga to know if this is a suitable practic for you
Yoga Teacher: A.J. , wellness consultant and Yoga/Pilates/Barre instructor, living and teaching in Dubai, UAE. You can contact her for Yoga classes on: aj@ahvconsultingllc.com
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My brother Rishi chanting mantra at Gyan Yoga Toronto. #yoga #mantra #chanting #toronto #canada #ontario #meditation #dhayana #patanjali #gyanyoga #kundalini

The Yamas are an invitation to reflect on our actions and find the optimal  path to our happiness. When we live mindfully, we may find the opportunity to create a better environment for ourselves and those around us.
Day 1 of #8days8limbs #Yamas
#tadasana #mountainPose ▪Yamas▪

Ahimsa ~ non harm

Satya ~ truthfulness
Asteya ~ non-stealing

Brahmacharya ~ moderating the senses

Aparigraha ~ non-possession
#8limbsofyoga #yogachallenge #dailyyoga  #yama #niyama #asana #pranayama #pratyahara #dharana #dhayana #samadhi



I love this challenge, bringing the 8 limbs of yoga to shine.  So thankful for the hosts and sponsors for this one!
I wonder if my friends would like to join ?
#8limbsofyoga #yogachallenge #dailyyoga  #yama #niyama #asana #pranayama #pratyahara #dharana #dhayana #samadhi #8days8limbs

Peaceful warrior. Open heart. Grounded. My dad taught me to be committed to creating my own oasis of peace in the midst of external chaos and negativity. And so I do. #peacebeginswithme #dharana #dhayana #breathe #thistooshallpass #peaceaddict #warriorforpeace

When you are not, you become the whole😊 Meditation makes you sharper, happier and intuitive #dhayan #meditation #namaste #omshanti #yogini #yogabeginner #thirdeye #chakra #aasana #fityogi #fityogis #bodytransformation #dhayana #yogilife

Giving attitude is not always a good thing ! 🤓
Are you someone who's always nice to people, get's betrayed ?
you dated a guy you knew didn't deserve you and in the end he did something unimaginable , you raised an employee to heights they didn't work that hard for & they stole from you . You made friends with someone who seemed mean to others , yet you kept the friendship alive and they stabbed you on your back? If any of these is true ..read.
Story Time !
Once upon a time there was a very powerful learned Yogi who lived in a cave and meditated. In that very cave lived a mamma Mouse and her 5 little Mice. One day a Cat came in, devoured the Mother and 4 of the little ones. Yogi had pity on the little one & started taking care of him, he ate and played &
soon grew into an adult. One day Cat came again & Yogi had to get up from his meditation to save him. He thought if I turned him into a cat, he wouldn't have to worry or get up from his meditation. So, he did that, then dog came so he had to turned him into a Dog. The dog got curious step out of that cave & soon came running to Yogi as a Jackal was chasing him. So, finally the Yogi thought if I turn him into a Lion, he'll be the king of jungle and
no one would bother him or the Yogi. So he did that.

Now, the Mouse was the king, he was confused about what had happened, inside he was still a mouse in lion's body. So, he thought only the Yogi knows my reality, if I kill him I ll be the real King, Lion I am. So, the Loin went back to the cave to kill the Yogi, Yogi realized his mistake and before
anything could happen he turned him into a mouse again. This was a classic mistake of giving without thinking. The cat eating the mouse is nature, the
mouse needs to grow on inside and earn for his survival, you can give the mouse a body of a lion and the mouse would come to eat you up first. .
In life everyone needs to work for what they receive, if they haven't worked for it they should not receive, because simply they are not capable of
handling it. Next time to pray to God don't ask for anything, ask for wisdom. So , when great things come to you, you have the inner strength to receive it.
📸 my fav @arbwaj 🤗

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