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Noah will be leading meditation in Scottsdale tomorrow come down sit, say hi, buy some stuff . #dharmapunx #wanderlust108

May all beings be free from the causes of suffering.
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Dave Smith of @refugerecovery giving a wonderful talk about the Buddhist path of recovery here at Innovations in Recovery. Check them out at www.RefugeRecovery.org!

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Sending love to my boy meditation teacher and Dharma Punk - Dave Smith! Dave was just in a near fatal motorcycle accident, and could use some loving kindness, Daves dedicated his life to serving others through Dharma teachings with Against the Stream, and refuge recovery! Check out his GO FUND ME campaign to help him heal up and keep the Dharma Alive. #dharmapunx #againstthestream #refugerecovery #Buddha #dharma ✨📿✨

Day 1 of the #Dare2BareChallenge with @butiyoga and @goldenrationutrition
I am way out of my comfort zone. I have made a pact with myself this year to be seen for who I really am; and, damn, that is uncomfortable! I love myself, yet still am coming to terms with all of what makes me ME.
I'm in recovery from drugs, alcohol, and several years of disordered eating. Sobriety has been the biggest gift of my Life! I live to serve.
I am a shy tomboy-- though most would question this due to my extroverted persona. I am a follower of a spiritual path, a mother of 3 incredibly compassionate children, a wife, a coach, a dancer, and a proponent of following everything that lights up my heart❤️ I am the best listener you've ever met, which compels complete strangers to tell me their darkest secrets. I am an adventurous rebel that craves affection and approval. I can fight like a man, yet I choose the grace of forgiveness.
I am learning to accept and reveal the Divine Feminine within which Buti has unleashed.
I am grateful 🙏❤️ #dare2barechallenge #unapologeticallyme #dharmapunx #melissastorycoaching

Check out our good friend Dr. Josh Lichtman of @refugerecovery on this episode of You've Got Issues with @annabdavid!

#refugerecovery #againstthestream #dharmapunx

If your near Sacramento today come sit with Noah in the park , we have merch also #dharmapunx


Inspired by Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society...Seattle's own Rebel Saints Meditation Society meets every Tuesday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 10:30am. Our Allies group meets this month on 7/22 from 11-12:30pm. Come meditate.
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#feelbetternow If a young guy in the #subway can make this #promise why can't I ?!? Join us at #dharmapunx on the #bowery tonight. #thursday 7/20 at 7pm. #guidedmeditation talk and #community

"Spiritual revolutionaries must be committed not to what is easiest, but to what is most beneficial to themselves and the world." 🙏🏼 ~ Noah Levine
#dharmapunx #noahlevine

TONIGHT (and every Wednesday)! Come sit with us! #dharmapunx #sofladpx #againstthestream #meditateanddestroy

This book is changing my life and opening my eyes to further more understand myself in this life of sobriety and recovery. #DharmaPunx speaks for itself and is truly inspirational; best birthday gift I've ever been given from the best of friends I've ever known. Gratitude helps me grow every day. #innerpeace #recoveryisworthit #soberlife #bookworm 🙏💋💕❤️🕉☮️☯️😍

Great session with the Sangha 🙏
May all beings be free from suffering.
Don't believe everything you think.
#MeditateAndDestroy #Namaslay #DharmaPunx

Seriously. We've got 1 freaking life in this body with this brain on this earth and at this time in existence. Please do alllll the things your heart pulls you to do! It is so worth overcoming your fears and challenges! You are NOT a product of your environment or circumstances. You are NEVER at a dead end. There are ways thru every single obstacle that is holding you back from living the life you want. Yes, some are much harder than others but you can fucking do it! -
Sincerely me and my random hopefully inspiring thoughts before I get to sit down and get my jewelry making on! Thank you all for helping me to live an inspired life!! 👊👊🖤🖤🖤🖤

The Dharma wheel keeps rolling...come meditate tonight at our weekly Rebel Saints Meditation Society Tuesday night Mindfulness sit at 7:30pm. All welcome.

#thevajraseattle #thevajraontenth #rebelsaintsmeditationsociety #refugerecovery #againstthestream #dharmapunx #dailypractice #inquirewithin #sitwithitall #knowtanha

You know those days when you feel like you don't have time to meditate? 😳Those are the days when I find the practice to be the most impactful and transformative. 🔥 It's freaking hard to come to the cushion sometimes but when I sit myself down with my feelings of overwhelm and scarcity I always stand back up feeling more clear and less fearful. #meditateanddestroy

Reread #againstthestream by @noahlevine108 the founder of #dharmapunx while I was away in Tuscany. His memoir was one of the first books I read (2003) as my #yogic #spiritualpath was beginning. What a profound experience to read something again with fresh eyes and 16 years of study under me. It hit me like the first time I read it except there was such a deep appreciation for the path I've been walking and a deep understanding of how powerfully it affects our lives when we can be consciously #mindful #present #compassionate #loving #grateful and #equanimous #loveistheanswer #startwithyourself #studentfirst

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