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Ptyas mucosa, commonly known as theoriental ratsnake, Indian rat snake,darash' or dhaman, is a common species of colubrid snake found in parts of South andSoutheast Asia. Dhamans are large snakes, growing to 2 m (6.6 ft) and occasionally even to 3 m (9.8 ft). Their colour varies from pale browns in dry regions to nearly black in moist forest areas. Dhamans are diurnal, semi-arboreal, non-venomous, and fast-moving. Dhamans eat a variety of prey and are frequently found in urban areas where rodents thrive. The species is also known as দাড়াশ (darash) or ধারাজ (dharaj) in Bengali, ගැරඩියා (geradiya) in Sinhala (Sri Lanka) and in Kannada language ಜೇರೋತನ (Jerothana), జెర్రిపోతు (Jerri pothu) or Joru pothu or Jerri Goddu ( in.Telugu language), Sara paambu ( in Tamil language) and Bairokh (বাইৰখ) in Assamese language.

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With You,Its A Different#Happy Faces#Dhaman#lifeline 😘😍💑😎

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Best feeling is giving your buddie bday bumps.....😀😁😂 🤣....heheheheh..#dhaman'sbdayitwas....#nytrides😍😘

This is what I wanna do right now!! These pre-monsoon showers followed back by Mr.Sun has made things pretty bad!
Meanwhile, this Rat Snake finds it's "chill maar rahe!!" spot 😊
#ratsnake #ptyas_mucosa #squamata #dhaman #herptiles_ #reptile #herping #snake #nonvenemous #splendid_kritterz #wildlifeindia

One bite to end it all: Most Venomous Snakes of Pakistan. "Cobra" .

Dozen of species of snakes can be found in Thar, out of which cobras, Sindhi Krait (Bungarus sindanus), Russel’s viper, saw-scaled viper, Dhaaman Rattlesnake and sand boa, are the most common and largest in number. Thousands of wildlife species flourish in Pakistan’s diverse landscape of highlands, plateau and plains, making their home in the tropical to temperate climate that wildly fluctuates between flood and drought. Among the rich tapestry of flora and fauna are 67 species of snakes. From the mostly harmless colubrids to the deadly Russell's viper, there are a host of sea snakes, vipers, pit vipers, blind snakes, kraits, cobras, thread snakes, boas and pythons.

Pic By @munassam

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