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A rare solo performance by the one and only @hankgreen at The Music of Nerdfighteria Concert, Presented by Hollister.

‘I've been working on Turtles All the Way Down for years, and I’m so excited to share it with readers.’
We're absolutely thrilled to announce #TurtlesAllTheWayDown, a new novel from John Green, published on 10th October. Find out more about the book, and pre-order it at http://po.st/TATWDFacts

Throwback to VidCon in 2014 with @johngreenwritesbooks (who just announced his new book yesterday!). The last @vidcon I missed was in 2012, so naturally, I'm sitting at home reading my friends' posts about it on social media. If you are there, how is it so far?

I've had the pleasure of owning a first edition copy of every one of John Green's books and today I learned I'll be able to add one more to that collection! I remember counting down the days until The Fault in our Stars would arrive on my doorstep and reading that book so many times over. I'm so incredibly thankful for John's writing and for the community of people who are just as excited as me. October 10th cannot come soon enough! 🙅🏻

Signing some posters for you!! Come and get them tomorrow at the @dftbarecords booth!! #iamsterdam #dftba #vidcon

We’ve had a great time over the last few days enjoying our break. Driving overnight to California was ok but Char was over it about 2.5 hours before we got to Bakersfield and she let us know. We’ve been relaxing with family and friends, cleaning out the tent trailer to sell it so my parents can get everyone Disneyland passes, going to Universal Studios and more importantly Harry Potter World, and eating tons of delicious foods for Thanksgiving. We got front of the line passes from some random people at Harry Potter world so we went to the front of the line at Olivander’s and I WAS CHOSEN to get my very own WAND. IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Right after my wedding and having Charlotte, the happiest day ever and my wand is awesome. In more fun news, we got word back that Caleb and I got selected to get tickets for Nerdcon Nerdfighteria: an awesome conference hosted by and John Green in Boston. It was a day full of happiness and joy for me, Caleb, and Char 😊Char has been really great and really enjoying playing with all her aunts and cousins but she’s been pushing through 4 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth. She’s been one cranky baby. And the tumor under her arm has continued to grow so when she wakes up or is in her car seat for a long time, her arm gets stiff and she doesn’t like moving it. Meds have been helping though and we are extremely grateful for that. We will go back to Utah on Saturday night for Caleb to finish the semester. Then, next Thursday we’ll do a bone scan and then get started on radiation consult/planning on Friday. It’ll be a process including daily trips to Huntsman’s Cancer Institute for 5-7 days. We should be ready to head out on our Christmas vacation to Colorado to see Caleb’s family and later, to California to see my family by December 13th. Phew. I’m tired friends. Thoughts and prayers are still very much appreciated, we need them. I’m so grateful for all of you and for the knowledge I have that God loves all of us and we are his children. Love conquers all fear, and I’m not afraid anymore. I am thankful I have so much love. From Char. From Caleb. From all of you. Thank you ❤️#teamcharlotte #cancersucks but #DFTBA

We have all NEW items in our StarTalk store!
#Space-inspired jewelry by @sci_chic including this brilliant moon phase necklace & #NASA's James Webb Space Telescope-inspired pieces designed by StarTalk All-Stars/Startorialist's @emilylurice & @sumrtime from @startorialist! Visit our #dftba store to get yours now!

We've got some very VERY exciting news for you today! Yes, it's a new @johngreenwritesbooks book! 🎉😍😱 it's called Turtles All the Way Down and will be out in October. And now we wait... More info soon! 📖🎉

"We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be." May Sarton

#dftba #geek #nerd #crossfit #science


Always remember, you are a good burrito. You don't have to be the best burrito, you are good enough. 💜

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I met Esther's mom today and she told us to look forward to a big announcement on Esther Day (if you don't know what that is, Google it and be ready to cry in the most heartwarming of ways). I bought this awesome coloring book which features Esther-inspired art including this amazing drawing by Karen Hallion of Hermione holding Esther's book 💕 Hugs and love to all... #dftba #vidcon #thisstarwontgoout

Author Appreciation Post!
I have just learned that John Green, author of amazing books like Looking For Alaska and The Fault In Our Stars is expecting to publish his first book in 5 years in October of 2017. I have been patiently awaiting this news since I finished TFIOS two years ago. John Green is one of the best YA authors of this generation and I look forward to his new book. Another reason I love him so much is the John lives with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, just like I do. He also had a YouTube channel titled The Vlogbrothers where he and his brother Hank discuss a number of topics.
John Green is a wonderful author and person, I highly recommend if you have not ready any of his work yet to do so.
#qotd Who's your favorite author?
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You could say that I'm excited for @johngreenwritesbooks's new novel. 🤓📚 #dftba

Meet Hazan, a dust ball living in the Dust Bowl. He’s our submission to @StartoonCA, a competition to create a character to star in a future cartoon - watch the full animation at the link in our bio!⠀

#fitness #outsidefun #divinesteam #dftba

The Fault in Our Stars <3 Have we not read enough cry-worthy books? #johngreen #thefaultinourstars #bookstagram #dftba

Say I want to be dusted
Into the ground today.
Say I want to be trusted
To be your one wild stay.
I'm letting my heart out tonight.
Knowing full well it's gonna be shoved back inside.
It causes pain, temporary.
But it's worth the risk, not so temporary.
And all I seek is your arms accepting me.
- Syeda Farwah Rizvi
📸: @_reina_aiman_
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Dogs give so much love when you need it❤️ and Roxy is tired of me now, I can see it😂 but he stays by my side😍 #dogarelove #doglove #dogsrule #bestdogever #roxy #goodvibesonly #goodvibes #mydog #myfavorite #dogsforlife #bordercollie #dftba #smile #behappy #dogsdontjudge #selfie #dog 🐶

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