Belle-Ville Pancakes from Osaka Japan has (quietly) opened in Singapore at Bugis Junction. Daily from 8am onwards. Go there to enjoy some piece (and peace) before it gets crowded
bit.ly/bellevillesg #DFDMatcha

The famous Haritts Donuts & Coffee ハリッツ has quietly opened in Singapore without a big fanfare, at Havelock II that might require some google searching. Opposite Clarke Quay Central.

This is the Matcha Donut made with Uji matcha with some cream cheese inside.

bit.ly/haritts #DFDMatcha

When I knew there was Chocolate + Matcha + Red Bean, I was sold. Plus in that shape.
Beijing has a number of hipster cafes opening up, but they are typically hidden in hutong (old alleyways) and need to be searched.
So I asked for a knife to cut the cake for a video... and the barista took out THAT KNIFE 🍴
#DFDCake #DFDMatcha #DFDBeijing

Matcha Swiss Roll – soft fluffy sponge cake rolled up with fresh matcha cream in the middle, with matcha powder to create that ‘dirty’ effect.

bit.ly/keongsaikbakery #DFDMatcha #DFDCake

#脏脏包 ? One of those rare times I show my face #好丑啊 #不顾形象
This is the trending Dirty Breads. You eat and let the chocolate or matcha powder dirty your face.
I can imagine almost bakery in Singapore is going to start selling them.
Read where you can find these Dirty Breads in Singapore http://danielfooddiary.com/2018/04/01/dirtybreads/
Any others, let me know! #DFDMatcha

Matcha Custard Molten Buns #DFDHongKong #DFDMatcha

Operation @stormscape birthday surprise - a success!
Thank you @pinkypiggu & @hungryamanda , and thank you @panpacificsingapore for arranging this special Matcha Opera Cake (cos Nich loves Matcha.) May you be blessed with all that you wish for.
Those who have yet to follow him, quick quick. Should be a good birthday ‘present’ for him. Haha.

Perhaps Hong Kong’s most IN coffee place right now. #DFDHongKong #DFDMatcha

Matcha Latte and Matcha Cookie at Curators Coffee Gallery, a specialty coffee house that was created by a small group of antipodeans.

This is the 2nd branch of Curators Coffee, opened at the coffee saturated hub in Fitzrovia, near Oxford Circus.

London is going strong on their 3rd wave coffee shops. So far no bad coffee at London yet, only some slightly stronger ones. I maxed my coffee quota, so went for matcha 🍵 instead. #DFDMatcha #DFDLondon

My weakness is always Matcha. This is Matcha Mont Blanc from the Japanese confectionery which is invading Singapore. LOL. Their cakes are usually dependable.

I liked it then when there were a few small shops here and there though. #DFDMatcha #DFDCake

Maybe you are craving for this right now?
Other than the special Matcha Chocolate Godiva Softserve, looking out for other @sunteccity Lunar New Year Special:
- GODIVA Chinese New Year Chocolates
- Bee Cheng Hiang’s Bak Kwa
- Viet style Jellyfish Yu Sheng at VietBox by Wrap & Roll
- Vegetarian Yu Sheng Nature Cafe
- And Chinese New Year goodies at H&J Bakery



Matcha + Houjicha Latte #DFDMatcha

Waited for months before Roji finally opened. Had the Avocado Vanilla Genmaicha with cheese foam, sans the avocado (because it wasn’t available). It was an okay cup, though I really won't have minded if they sold a more straight forward Matcha or Genmaicha Latte.

Citron with Tsubaki Oolong was refreshing, though at $5.80 with much ice, I would really think twice before buying again. Maybe.
Could do with more marketing - a waste nobody really heard of this. #DFDMatcha

Matcha Donut = Almond Tea Cake, Matcha Coulis, Matcha Chantilly, Crispy Matcha Chocolate #DFDCake #DFDMatcha

脚THUS地. The owners of the cafe explained that they wanted to stay grounded and be humble. THUS, the name of this cafe.
Located at Upper Thomson, the cafe roast their own coffee.
Ordered a Chicken Cutlet Jjyolmyeon, inspired by Korean noodles. Think it was okay, sauce slightly off balance ...... but still good take to offer slightly different cafe food from the rest. #DFDCafe #DFDMatcha

Weather in Bangkok was 23 degrees at night. What shiokness to have some Bingsu to cool down even further. (How come SG no Sulbing?) Ordered the Matcha Tiramisu Bingsu, though I regretted. Should have got the melon. This was kind of boring. Oh well. #DFDBangkok #DFDMatcha

The Matcha Checkered Cake. Perhaps good for Instagram. That's all.
I will stick to the crepe cakes next time. 😜 #DFDMatcha #DFDCake

Take a look at The Hippest Cafe in Seoul.
The Korean youths really dress up to go to a cafe, walking with that swag.
Read more here > http://danielfooddiary.com/2017/10/01/cafeonion/ #DFDSeoul #DFDMatcha

Somehow every time I come back to Seoul 🇰🇷, I will have Osulloc first.
Still loving its Green Tea cake and drinks, with delicate bitterness and sweetness blending together.
The space has become slightly more upmarket, with digital menus and greater selection of desserts.
Lovin this city Seoul much. #DFDSeoul #DFDMatcha #DFDCake

It's Matcha Latte with Strawberry from the Boba Guys!
Bobas great here, soft and chewy, they have so many colourful drinks here from Thai Tea, HK Tea to Matcha Mango which are all tempting to try #DFDNYC #DFDMatcha

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