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So as of the first of April we do FRAGRANCES!!! That's right this Fragrance addict jumped (OK I may have screamed a little too) like a crazy women at this news when she heard. 😁 If you like smelling DEVINE these fragrances need to be apart of your life. #Nationalfragranceday #Yscents #Fragrance #Devine

Premier qui donne la réponse je lui paye un mcdo #devine #devinette #funny

Jnana mudra, is the mudra of knowledge. Created by placing the tips of the thumb and the index together to form a circle with the palms facing up, this mudra stimulates an opening effect allowing you to be receptive to wisdom and insight.
The thumb represents universal consciousness, while the index finger represents individual consciousness. The unity in this gesture symbolizes the union of the divine with the self ❤️🕉🙏🏼
#jhana #mudra #yoga #peace #introspection #wisdom #love #meditation #shiva #devine

Delicious rich and warming stifado, made with beef instead of the traditional rabbit.
Flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg in a delicious tomato and red wine sauce.
Get inside my belly!
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🌹I told myself that for the month of March it’ll be filled with #love #Newfriendships #Abundance #Challenges #Peace #Happiness #newclients #celebration #Laughter #Releasing #newbeginnings and this month has provided it all for me. I’m truly grateful for it. Everyday I challenge myself to become better. No I’m not perfect nor try to be. We all have a story. All of us is trying to become someone or do something. It doesn’t stop at this month. I have bigger and better plans. ✨

Bigger challenges that I know I’ll face & ready for!! new friendships and building a #Sisterhood, more Love 💕 Releasing all that is not worth. Letting go of unwanted burdens. Traveling one way or another, building clientele for my businesses -@ryannocleaningservice & @spirituallyfreecollrob (Clothing Line coming soon) (Healing Circles coming soon) & Helping others see the beauty in themselves. That’s all I will do & I say this to say that I want you to challenge yourself~
Speak good to yourself, do good for yourself. If you notice that something isn’t sitting well with your spirit-Ask yourself why are you holding onto it ? If you aren’t happy with a situation- Ask yourself why are you putting yourself in that situation? Do something that blows your mind. Create something new. Challenge yourself!
#Dontsettle #knowyourworth #challenge #devine #healing #buildingconnections #smallbusinesses #bond #release #masculineEnergy
#feminineenergy #feminism #powerful #Queen

I have had a(nother) wake up call,
It presented itself to me within
A dream.
One of those weird dreams when you are aware that you are not fully asleep but also not awake.
When I am overwhelmingly stressed, one physical trait that will present itself is that I will clench my stomach, poise my jaw, and hold my breath.
In my half awake state early this morning, I was completely conscious of a string.
This string was attached to my belly button and tied to my jaw.
D has been sick all week and it has had me distraught. Traveling, it is only him and I. With every decision and his health in my hands,
It opened a weakness that I possess, that I am not as strong and independent as I had perceived myself to be. I depend on him so much and while he slept in a fevered state, It opened up another door to my vulnerabilities that I have tried to keep shut.
This string was cranking tighter and tighter. I could feel my jaw opening,
My head and my womb being pulled closer together.
I was folding into myself.

I woke up feeling so much energy trapped within me.
I have suppressed all of the anxiety of his health and the stress of the burdens this week has brought physically within myself.
Boiling and bouncing around, begging to be released.
He woke up better today.
It is strange how the body will communicate with you. Trying to let you know "this is what I need!" I try to control so much of my life, to the point that I let it distort my body.
Everyday is a battle for me to keep peeling back the layers of my onion. And right now I am facing the layer of control.
Learning to release what I can not control but also how to embrace that I have no control.
Today I am implementing my stress reduction plan to help build my stress management skills and I encourage you to come with me🦋


March 19, 2018

Roast for dinner desired with bake cauliflower, sauteed onions and mushrooms, rice, smothered with dark brown gravy. #Devine. "Snakes 🐍 don't HISS anymore they call you friends, b/f-g/f, bro, sister," "BE HUMBLE YOU AIN'T ALL THAT!"

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