The new new new Skin Ritual for glowing, clean, smooth skin that's absolutely polished. Perfect timing for party season and Summer dresses.

HALO is designed to keep your skin looking radiant and feeling smooth. It contains the skin brightening and toning Jasmine Green Tea with Lemon Oil (distilled so it's not photosensitive) and purifying Australian Ivory Kaolin & Quartz Clay that draws out impurities and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Exfoliation to some degree occurs every time we cleanse but doing a deeper exfoliation can help to reinvigorate the skin and encourage a firmer, more youthful appearance. An exfoliation helps to remove dead cells from the surface and increase circulation, which increases cell renewal, giving you a soft, glowing complexion.

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Detoxifying mask on my last night of being 32 is oh so appropriate! #thisis33 #mybestyearawaits #anotheryearolder #anotheryearwiser #detoxify #theyearofme #newbeginnings #aztechealingclay

Trying to get more antioxidants in your diet? Lose weight? Detoxify? Well this super fruit is one you may want to add to your diet!
Dragon fruit (aka Pitata) is an antioxidant powerhouse which will help to detoxify the liver to get rid of toxins and free radicals in the body which means ⏩ improved skin, hormone balance, improved digestion, weight loss, improved immune function amongst many more!
Dragon fruit is a key food in @medicalmedium Liver Rescue protocol to give our livers some much deserved nourishment! The liver does so much for us and is bombarded daily with toxins, pathogens and bacteria. Give your liver some ❤️ by adding this fruit to your diet!

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Program Smartdetox dengan produk dari Synergy, semua produk berlisensi BPOM dan 100% halal.
Didukung oleh dokter-dokter di seluruh dunia.
Semua produknya bukan obat melainkan suplemen protein dan makanan untuk tubuh, sehingga Anda dapat membersihkan racun dalam tubuh dan diet dengan cara yang sehat.
Program ini sudah dibuktikan oleh berbagai kalangan dari artis (Indra Bekti, Saiful Jamil, Tengku Wisnu), dokter-dokter hingga polri.
Konsultasi dan pemesanan ke : 087775911529 atau klik link di bio
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🌙 Product :
" My Masque Bar's Gold Foil Peel Off Mask" 🔆 -
🌙 Directions:
Apply thick layer of oil peel off mask onto cleansed skin.

Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes until mask becomes completely dry.

Gently peel off mask in a downward motion from outer edges and rinse off with warm water, or facial toner -
🌙 Review:
Oof let me spill the tea about this one sister ☕ There was a lot of product in this little package so I just went ham and caked my face with the entire package ! 🎂I really recommend doing that. Even though it will take the mask a lot longer to dry, i feel like the thicker the mask, the more nasty crap you can pull out of your face (excuse me if im wrong). Most peel off masks hurt my face and make me break out really bad but this mask made my skin glow and super soft 🔦😍 I didn't even break out after using it ! -
🌙 Tips Before:
Exfoliate and apply a warm wash cloth over your face for 2-3 minutes to open up your pores. You want the mask to have the full effect right? You need to do things before and after so it has the full effect! -
🌙 Tips After:
It says to rinse with warm warm water but i honestly just peeled it off and applied my face serum and moisturizer 💋 -
🌙 J 🌻:
Im so sorry i havent been active ive been handling some important family issues ❤
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No matter what occupation, sport, hobby, or health goal you have, one thing is certain
you want to be in good health during any activity.

Make R³ a part of your every day life to live happy and healthy 💜

Learn more! R3CARE.com!

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Angel Message😇 11/12😇

The angels come with the message about the importance of cleansing and detoxifying our body, mind and soul. It seems quite a lot of us have taken on harsher energies such as thoughts and emotions that disempower us. The angels say that these are not ours to carry and have been picked up by the people and environment we surround ourselves in✋🏽

Pay attention to your energy levels when you step into certain spaces or are around certain individuals. Do you feel drained, tired or depleted? This is a sign that your sensitive being is absorbing energies that are not helpful to you 😰

Take some intentional time this evening to clear your energy with sage and/or palo santo, take a cleansing epsom salt bath or do a guided meditation to clear your energetic body. While we can't always avoid the outside world, we can find ways to limit harsher energies and protect ourselves🚫

AA Michael can be called upon to help you cut any cords or attachments to unhealthy habits and you can call upon AA Raphael to assist you in the detoxing process 😇💚💙

For some of you this means needing to take a technology detox so that you can hear your own inner guidance rather than distracting yourself with social media and mindless internet browsing(so guilty of this 🙊) while others of you need a physical detox of the body🌊
Maybe you have not been eating foods that replenish you but instead cause more harm🤢

Now is the time (and always) to start taking care of the beautiful vessel God has given you. You don't have to do anything extreme or make any huge changes so remember to start off small. Add more veggies into your meals, go to bed earlier or start with a 10 minute workout 3x a week. It is the small steps we take that end up making a huge impact✨

Set the intention today to take better care of yourself 🙏🏽if you don't know where to start, ask the angels to guide your steps and thoughts to what is best for you. Trust the answers that come through and trust that you are becoming more in alignment with a healthy version of yourself💪🏾

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