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When I had those guns with me always💪🏽!#just because you are content I don't have to be! #determinedtobehealthy

Some vegan protein. 🙌🏼 trying to get more meals in has me drinking them because who wants to eat veggies all the time #determinedtobehealthy this one has banana spinach and a few blueberries to flavor. About to start doing 1/2 banana 1/2 cauliflower instead of just 1 banana.

Prepping my smoothie ingredients for the week. A little mashed banana frozen cubes works great for sweetness and thickness. Plus makes it quick and easy in the morning when all frozen ingredients are in 1 ziplock bag. #determinedtobehealthy #smoothies #foodlover #addictedtosmoothies

Getting my detox on before Christmas Eve dinner! Remember to make healthy choices! #determinedtobehealthy #donthavetogainpoundsaroundtheholidays #merrychristmas #healthygoals #healthyfoodchoices

Feeling good! #determinedtobehealthy

I decided to switch up my routine a little and I'm So PROUD of myself! 2 miles in 20min! It use to take me 30min, so this is an accomplishment for me. I refuse to get on the scale cause my beauty is determined on how I feel. I want to actually see physical results not just stare at numbers. I know I'm losing cause my clothes are fitting better and people are seeing it. I have a size goal the lbs mean nothing to me. #determinedtobehealthy #9weeksin #teamgetrightandtight #stillmissmybestie

You know your trying really hard to reach your kids healthy eating habits when their Easter baskets are full of art supplies and pistachios and only one piece of chocolate.. #DeterminedToBeHealthy #EasterSunday #LoveThem

My evening reading. #determinedtobehealthy

Looks like I'm going to need some smaller work out clothes.#determinedtobehealthy


Uhhh excuse me while I go indulge myself in this amazing dinner I just prepared 🙌 #keto #ketodiet #ketogenic #healthyeating #healthydinners #thiswasamazing #allketofriendly #determinedtobehealthy

So awesome to meet my Herbalife Coach while I was in Florida! He trained me on what to do N what not to do when working with weights. Got on some machines to work legs, biceps N triceps! 💪💪 Even went swimming! 🏊 Man, did it feel good to feel the burn. Thanks for all the motivation you give me! 👍💪

Feeling good! #determinedtobehealthy

When I had those guns with me always💪🏽!#just because you are content I don't have to be! #determinedtobehealthy

Determined. That's all I can tell others who ask me how I do this. Workout, eat with a specific plan.

I am inspired some days. I feel like it some days. I am motivated some days.. But all of those feelings are not solid. They aren't strong enough to get me to do my workouts and stick with my nutrition. It is DETERMINATION that is what does it. I must be determined.
Determination for me - means non negotiable. It needs to get done. The ONLY way I will miss a workout is if it is a rest day, or if my body is telling me it needs a rest. I do listen to my body, which is very important. But if I just don't feel like it, well - I've determine that I will do it anyway.

My outcome - I feel good. I feel proud. See those exercises I'm doing - goodness gracious I couldn't do those before when I tried. I had too much body fat and not enough muscle strength. That is processing to be opposite - more strength, less fat! That is the direction I am heading - and I won't stop.

#determinedmomma #determinedtobehealthy

My evening reading. #determinedtobehealthy

On my walk while my car is being worked on. I already got in an hour and 20 minute gym workout! #determinedtobehealthy 💃💪💪Oh the alligators that are in there! #onlythingihateaboutflorida #alligators #nothankyou 🐊🐊 😒😒😒😨

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