Your boy getting big again 🤪🤪🤪vibing hard to my man @dj_j_flave mix he sent me 🔥🔥🔥 good looks bro! I need some more!!! 🙏🏾💯
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Whatchu know about this fruit?🥑💚
If you love avocados as much as I do, then you know they’re not cheap and they also don’t stay fresh if you don’t finish one the same day. They turn brown and can become rancid.👉 So, here are some hacks to help this fave fruit to stay fresher longer and  not turn brown quite as fast. Cuz you know, who wants to throw away a delicious and pretty piece of fruit?!?😜
To prevent them turning brown- first know why it happens. 🥑 Avos contain compounds and enzymes that when exposed to oxygen, produces the brown-black pigment.  Once the fruit is cut or bruised, those compounds are oxygenated and the browning of the avo starts.  SO… bottom line – don’t expose your avo to oxygen.🚫
🥑Lemon or lime juice – squeeze a small amount of fresh citrus juice over your avo (or guacamole) and this will help browning for at least a day.🍋
🥑Oil – this is a barrier to oxygen. By brushing a thin layer of olive oil on the surface of your other half of unused avocado.
🥑Red Onion – cut the onion into large chunks and place in the same container as your avocado . Just make sure the onion only touches the skin part of your avo. The gasses released from the red onion being cut help prevent oxidation. 🥑Some say that leaving the pit in an avocado or even pressing a pit into a bowl of quac
Whichever way you choose to help prevent the browning of this green yummy goodness, always store your avo in an air tight container to prevent it from drying out.👉 Oh---- and you don’t want to buy an overripe avocado. Swipe to the left 👈 and see how you can tell if your avocado is ripe or not!

Transformation Tuesday!

I just wanted to share a little bit about how important motivation, accountability, and keeping up with my fitness routine has been during my pregnancy so far.

One year ago this week, I was still a subject of random visits from WADA, the world anti doping agency that assures athletes are honest and clean. Two years ago, I was in the shape of my life having just competed in The Paralympic Games.
But during that time, I struggled with infertility, realizing that my body was aging, and all at once needing a goal to care at all about my health but also feeling out of control with respect to the circumstances around me.
Joining a virtual group with motivation, accountability, fitness and nutrition structure was just what I needed to smile again!
And now, as I feel tired, sluggish and excited about the future all at once, my group is even more important to me! The connections we have keep me going, and we all feed off each other in such a positive way!
If you are looking for a long term plan for a healthy body inside and out, join us today!

The sale of the year is on now, and we are quite the diverse yet motivating bunch😉
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Don’t play wit me fam, you know ya’ll love this vegan mac 😂 #thanksgivingwithblackfamilies

To live is to be ready for change.

Transformation Tuesday!! Me in May on the left, me last week on the right. I’m down 92 pounds, almost halfway through my transformation!
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Holy 🐮! 30 DAYS!
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed with how small changes have changed my life 🤷🏻‍♀️
✔️I feel lighter🏃‍♀️
✔️Not struggling to catch my breath😛
✔️more confident💪🏻
✔️healthier hair, skin and nails💅🏻
Admittedly I didn’t hold myself accountable for working out [oops🤦🏻‍♀️] and I’m kicking myself for it but..
.I DID NOT FAIL❌ I LEARNED; I learned the true power of what I have my hands on💊 🌈
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As I was deep into my workout dripping sweat I realized I was pushing myself through some intense push ups (not on my knees). Our bodies were created to be strong and to work at our advantage. When I started my journey I could barely do push ups on my knees. Today I am doing a sequence of push ups with a row! Definitely proud of myself and will continue to see what this body of mine can do!
#noturningbacknow #pushyourlimitseveryday #determinedtobefit #40andfitmom #perseverancepaysoff #determinedtosucceed

~You are beautiful, and worthy of good things, and if you don’t believe that, nobody will.” – Rachel Hollis
Just me in my workout hair and my giant furry kid (Bolo)with your daily reminder that this message is for YOU.❤ But first, you have to be willing to BELIEVE it. Don’t lose the faith, girlfriend. Just show up everyday.
And keep telling yourself – your current situation is not your final destination. You.Got.This.🙌
Ps-- and it's nice having a furry kid to give you love too. Never enough of that!❤🐶

Life is a series of constant change - if you're not ready then maybe you should start reflecting.

Stop the scroll!!! 🛑

New Week
New Monday
New Goals
Monday morning sweat session is ✅
Your girl here was trying so hard yesterday to be productive. I was having a blah day. I NETFLIXED & Chilled all day and deciding it was great idea to just eat whatever I wanted .
By the time I went to sleep I felt horrible! It was just one of those days. Having a pity party for 1! Ummmmm, no one likes a pity party especially me.
I thought for sure I would wake up feeling like complete crap & bloated, but NOPE!
Instead I woke up with a new mindset once again. And looking just as I do everyday. You don’t gain weight over night. The bloat after a day of indulging is just part of bad food choices and not enough water.
I’ve decided I’m not gonna worry about the things I want to happen in my life. I’m just gonna keep my faith. I will continue to show up everyday and do me! You can keep stalking me till you decide it’s your time.
I will be here waiting for you!
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Monday morning musings. And why not? Why not go after exactly what you want? Other people have what you are longing for. You know the difference? They went after it. That dream job, dream relationship, dream house, dream handbag, dream family, dream business, dream vacation... all of that, and everything else you want absolutely EXISTS. So decide that you are so determined that nothing is going to stop you. You are going to see it, work for it, push yourself when you want to quit, keep going, and MAKE IT HAPPEN! #iamdetermined #confidencewithcaytie

What is your calling?...... Have you ever thought about that? This video was shared with me this morning during my personal development time and it coincides with the reading I did this morning.....So I thought I'd share it in hopes that someone else out there needed to hear this.
Each of us has a purpose and a calling. Are you courageous enough to fulfill that calling?

This link probably doesn't work...but this video is of Opray Winfrey and it's a great talk. If it doesn't work and you want me to send it to you, I will. Please check out this YouTube video.....
https://youtu.be/SskrmHCoiRc .
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T H A N K Y O U🇺🇸 #happyveteransday #thankyouforyourservice

H A V E A G R E A T W E E K💋

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