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Quanto mais você viver sua vida guardando a originalidade, mais brilhantes as chances de descobrir suas atribuições na vida 🖤!
The more you live your life retaining originality, the brighter the changes of discovering your assignments in life 🖤!

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I wanted a hero. I became one. 💥

I am so stoked to be announced the new Siam cup Australian champion😻 I can't thank everyone enough for the love and support ❤️ it was a close and hard fight last night getting the win with a split point decision 😄💕 I definitely have a lot to work on but I am determined to continue training hard and living my dream 👊🏽✨ #boonchu #muaythai #love #mylife #determined #sohappy #greatful #thankyou #aogear #lki #girls

Ejercicios de Cadena Cinética Abierta y Cerrada ¿De qué hablamos?

El concepto de cadena cinética en biomecánica hace referencia a la cadena muscular motora que interviene en el movimiento de los eslabones óseos (huesos) a través de las articulaciones.

Cuando hablamos de cadena cinética cerrada (C.C.C. en español o C.K.C. por sus siglas en inglés) nos referimos a movimientos en los cuales el extremo distal de una extremidad (pies o manos) se encuentra en un punto fijo.

Un ejemplo de ello serían las sentadillas, donde los pies (que son el punto distal) están en un punto fijo, en este caso el suelo. Otro ejemplo de cadena cinética cerrada son las dominadas, donde el extremo distal, las manos, están en un punto fijo (la barra de dominadas) y es el cuerpo el que se desplaza.

Cuando hablamos de cadena cinética abierta (C.C.A. / O.K.C.), el punto distal de las extremidades es libre y se desplaza, siendo el cuerpo el punto que se encuentra fijo.

Un ejemplo de ello son las extensiones de cuadriceps o el curl femoral, donde los pies son los que realizan el movimiento mientras el cuerpo permanece estático. Los jalones o el press de banca son otros ejemplos de cadena cinética abierta, pues son las manos las que se aproximan y alejan del cuerpo de forma libre.

No obstante, debido a que es una definición un tanto limitada para abarcar todos los movimientos posibles del cuerpo humano, diferentes autores proponen definiciones adicionales para poder clasificar todos los ejercicios con mayor precisión en un grupo u otro. No entrare en ello para no perdernos con más definiciones y tecnicismos de los precisos para entender el concepto del que hablamos.

Sigo hablando de las cadenas cinéticas en los próximos post!
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The best way out is through. Robert Frost

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The best way out of a situation is always making it through it. Sometimes we encounter situations where it seems hopeless. I kid you not the answer is in solving how to overcome that problem. I know I spit seem strange but your answers to the challenges lies within the problem itself. Robert Kiyosaki says in the cash-flow quadrant you have to ask yourself how can I solve this problem or how can I a forward this product or service period when you ask yourself those questions your brain go searching for the answer period it was back in 2008 that I first started reading Robert kiyosaki's book. Here it is 2017 and I'm finding myself solving problems by asking the question of how can I solve this. Try it out or comment if you have use the same technique.

Not my best Video but great lifts
Legday was a Test
▫️230lbs Squat x 10
▫️540lbs Leg Press x Failure
▫️295lbs Deadlifts x 10 (last set)
▫️180lbs Cable Crunches x Failure
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My love, Michelle's ( @bodyposipower )instagram was taken down for "violating community guidelines". I'm going to repost. This post is SO important and SO beautiful..👇🏻
REPOST of @bodyposipower
✨💖Summer isn't a one size fits all season.💖✨
DIET CULTURE IS EVERYWHERE. We are always being told to get ourselves "ready" for summer, like what does that even mean? There is no way it actually has anything to do with health. It is purely for your physical appearance. Summer has barely begun, yet all these tea-toxes & diet magazines are flooding not only my instagram feed, but the grocery lineup. & this isn't a new thing, it happens every year. Women who are too thin are told to have instant curves, women who are too fat are told there going to have the best Summer yet IF they live off of cabbage soup and water for a couple weeks. The media influences us in SO many different ways, I think it's important to remember that their opinions, their diet culture bs that they play every year, it just isn't for us anymore. This summer, I encourage you to wear whatever the hell you want. You are ALWAYS ready for the beach, for the summer. Nobody can tell you that your body is wrong, because it isn't. Now go make a splash 🐬💙

🎥@fitforcalis "WORK IT OUT 🙌 - TAG A FRIEND ⤵❤ -
👏 -
Routine of my fav exercises. Try out the last weightless exercises! You can do them anywhere, even at home. I promiss you, you'll feel it burning after a few sets 🔥🔥 -
Kick backs (3x15reps), Side kicks (3x15reps), Hamstring extensions (4x12reps) & finally Walking lunges, jump squats etc... (15 steps go, 15 steps return, each variation 2 times) 🙌 -
Try it out and let me know you think about it "💥 -
Music: Branononthetrack (😅) ft. Jay Lozoya, Jojo Simmons - My B!tch (peep 🔇 sorry guys) -

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Ayez toujours le sourire, appréciez les petits moments de bonheur, concentrez-vous sur ce qui est positif dans votre vie, éloignez-vous des personnes négatives et toxiques, donnez et n’attendez pas en contrepartie, dites je t'aime souvent, prenez soin de vous chaque jour et de ceux que vous aimez, vivez l'instant présent, pensez et parlez positivement, gardez la tête haute, restez motivé, faites ce que vous aimez, riez beaucoup, vivez chaque jour comme si c'était le dernier, mais surtout.. aimez la vie ! ✌🏽


Literally the same photos as yesterday because I have the same 💩 attitude as yesterday! 😂

Just for the record, Darling!
Not all positive change feel positive at the beginning. You're going through it lately but you're gonna grow through it baby. 😘✨
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Finishing off the birthday weekend for my boy. This was a huge achievement for my sister and me. She has lupus and I have rheumatoid arthritis. Something we would not dream of doing only because of the problems it may cause on our joints the following day or that day. The simplest things you do with children can be challenging for us and both of us were always up for challenges and adventures. As a child I was in the netball team and a keen gymnast until I had a car accident at 9 which stripped me of everything. It took me years to recover and by the time I did at the age of 17 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Having children and being so restricted on what I do with them has been heartbreaking and the fact I can't take them skiing or as simple as taking them swimming can be a nightmare for me. Since leaving my ex I have been determined as he would try and do the more adventures stuff with them but now not having any contact with them it makes it tougher for them to do more adventures thing with me. Today I was determined and I know you guys think really on that thing!!! Yes on that thing that a child could do so easily but so challenging for someone who has a crippling disease.
So we did it, yes it may have took us an hour just to go over a quarter of it but my children were so happy to see mummy do something as crazy as this.. I have not laughed so much in a long time and my sister and I had so much fun. Thank you #aquapark#Windsor we had a ball. #determined#wateroark#giantinflatable#obstacle#challenge#arthrits#singleparent#loneparent#birthday#family#love

A Taurus is spontaneous they dont like to plan their #life ♉🔥#slay #taurus #woman #fearless #determined #positive #strong #love #passion #life

One of the good ones. Went to hell and back with this man. Brothers for life. #afghanistan #memorialdayweekend #combatvets

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