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Does your company support volunteer activities?

Our data collection tool is in active beta as we work toward our pilot. Many thanks to @virtualpsyched for the meta analysis work. 🙌🏽

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One more for tonight, Orcus from Fat Dragon Games. Proving 3d printers can do more than just buildings! #dungeonsanddragons #3dprintedterrain #determinants #plasticdemons

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What do you value in your work?

Intrinsic motivation is related to rewards that are personally meaningful while extrinsic motivation is related to rewards that are material in nature. What motives you?

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Kepler helps managers build personal relationships by understanding each team member a little better and acknowledging their performance with appreciation, surprise and delight.

62% of Millennials are more likely to say that their loyalty to their company is influenced by how much the company cares about their financial well-being as compared to Gen X (50%) and baby boomers (36%). - PWC

Our determinants driven solutions are based on research data.

Well, it took me very long time to wait this story finished. The things that make me patiently waited for this story finished because the author was very good in writing. Plus the maturity of her words that make me felt the warmth was spreading. This was her second writing that I enjoyed to read.

The story was about a pair of twin. Both were girls. One was Monica, meanwhile the youngest was Monique. Monique always felt being placed as the second one (the consolation prize) because of her twin sister; Monica got lots of abilities and specialty which make their parent and surrounding people kept looking down on her. Until one day, on Monica's weddings day, her twin sister was gone. The climax started when her mother was in accident and got coma. Then Monique was fall in love with unworthy people who was a cousin to her sister's  husband-to-be, Nathaniel. You will discovered in this story how bad Nathaniel was. As for me, I can't forgive on what he already did to Monica, Monica's husband-to-be; Oliver and towards Monique.
"She hated herself for so long she forgot that there was a thin line between love and hate, that it was easy to cross the other side of you allowed yourself to."
"Placing second was already a huge feat, being always second didn't mean it was a loss. It meant she was human, and that she was bound to make mistake."
"People would always leave, no matter how good of a reason you gave them for them to stay. They would eventually go and would want to explore the world for them to grow up to become a better person."
The Consolation Prize by determinants
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Les déterminants, le genre et le nombre
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Heroes get remembered, but mathletes never die #PiMu #determinants #kahoot #wheresJMo?

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