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F I N A L L Y a toy I'm allowed to pull apart and destroy! 😈
Finding any toy that keeps Armani entertained is very hard. It seems that if he can't destroy it, then he's over it pretty quickly. Thanks to Pinterest I saw this cute idea to fill JW Hol-Ee Roller with rags. Armani loves destroying things so it's a win win. After he's pulled the rags out, we can just put them right back in. We tend to hide treats in the rags too. We recommend it to any foxy pet or pup that is more on the destructive side. ☠️

I photographed this wild fox a few years back. It had just picked uo my scent and I snapped this shot before it bolted. How something can be so cute yet so destructive is beyond me. I would prefer to shoot it with a gun than a camera.
#fox #pythonkiller #destructive #cutebutneedsshooting #protectournativewildlife

When something goes wrong with release agent. I call it flower 🏵🌹🌺🌼🌸 #carbonfiber #carbontube #destructive #destroy #flower

I think a goofy looking circus clown would like my outfit

When the gum-sampler sure knows how to sell his product😂 #Stride #Destructive

Aren't we the prisoners of our own thoughts ?
Sometimes our thoughts become a barrier to us and we don't even realize it,
We tend to think a lot about someone or something, ending up in an aisle,
unaware about where to go.
You are stuck in a maze, finding a way out,
But sometimes we still hesitate to be solved, we just don't wanna come out, we are good with ourselves.
But for how long ?
For how long would you survive among your own thoughts ?
Photographer - @roxy_sneha
Concept and Editing- @Silli_girll
Series - (1/3)
#destructive #thoughts

can you imagine if we actually obsessed over the stuff we LOVED about ourselves 🙃 #destructive


Look 👀 what I did daddy! Think she's rebelling against the haircut 💇🏽😂 #dogsofinstagram #naughty #puppy #haircut #shihtzu #destructive #cushion #no #more #shredded

When the gum-sampler sure knows how to sell his product😂 #Stride #Destructive

My grandma, Brenda is in the hospital again and isn't doing well at all. Please keep her in your prayers. 💕

Last night I finally remembered to set out a roll of toilet paper to take to the new house (they haven't turned off my water yet!). This morning in the time it took me to feed the dogs and get coffee started…
This was all Clove. Cinnamon doesn't leave my side in the mornings.
#clovesfault #toiletpaper #shredded #baddog #destructive #moneywaster #notachewtoy #goodmorningtome #🙄

Was such a warm day this day, loved just being able to sit in the privacy of my dads garden with all the fur babies 💕💕💕 if ya know me you'll know I'm the biggest sun whore everrrr ☀️☀️ beautiful weather makes me feel like I can go out but now I'm back home I don't have a garden and I am always too fucking scared to just go off out alone 😪 had my boo over last night tho, been getting better with being hugged/touched/kissed, but I love her just for keeping patient with me ..... eating is seriously difficult for me rn but I am trying my hardest to have at least a dairy free yoghurt and bag of French fries crisp a day but somedays have been much harder than others .... just been struggling with a lot of situations all at once so stress plays a huge factor atm ..... for now tho let's just pray the weather stays warm(ish) xoxo

Update on what has been one very crazy long day 😳💦🌬we still have horrendous winds, and coupled with the rain it's making an almighty noise. Thinking it could go on for another few hours but regardless we will sit here with our romantic candlelight and drink and eat like kings, mainly because if we don't it will all go off. Needless to say DEBBIE WE ARE DONE! Make it stop 😰😱💨💦😳🙏 #debbieitstimetogo #cyclonedebbie #debbiefuckyou #doneanddone #canwegetageneratornow #romanticcandlelight #cyclonessuck #sickofhearingwind #whatcyclone #thisisliving #whitsundayslife #whitsundays #cyclonessuck #destructive #cannonvale #tropicallifestyle

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