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can't believe this is real ⠀⠀
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Eu não acredito que essa garotinha virou uma mulher incrível que ajuda a cada dia o mundo ficar melhor.
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فكربيك حتى بوكت ماناســــــــــيك ،💖
اومن كد ماذكرتك ضوجت صـــــــبري 💖
ادري بروحي يمك وادري اموت عليك،،💖
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malibu+parts of her other music videos+💓
in love with this woman
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We are going to look at some strong issues here about race and history.
Better to address it and confront it than to shy away from it. On this page, we keep it real, and keep it raw.

American Indians owning slaves??? This was news to me! Because most black people claim to have Indian in their family. My mother used to say this to me all the time, and I never believed for one iota.
She passed away, and one day I was over my auntie's house, my mother sister. And she had an old photo on her mantle of an Indian woman, a Native American from Generations back, it was a very old photo.
So I asked her who's this? And she said that's your great-great-great (and I forget how many greats) grandmother, from the Shawnee tribe, and I was taken aback by that.
But to find out, that even Native American Indians owned slaves, that's some bullshit! Like what the fuck was going on back then? Was it like a free-for-all, it seemed to be!
And they don't want to teach this in schools, they don't want black people to really dig back into our history, they want us to "get over it."
Get over it? WTF? You get over what the fuck you talking about, you get over your people's history, fuck everybody else then if I got to get over my shit! You feel what I'm saying? THE fact of the matter remains people, if Jews can be paid reparations for the Holocaust, if Asian Americans can be paid reparations for being herded in like cattle on camps during the World War, I don't understand why people don't agree that the most devastating of crimes against people in modern history has happened to the so-called, African American.
And if you don't agree with me, you probably on the wrong page. My people have suffered something that no other people in modern-day history has encountered, and when you are the victim of a crime, what does the victim want more than anything? JUSTICE! Justice needs to be served, and it hasn't been served. While you have people who have gotten rich off the backs of slavery while the slave's descendants, which is a person like me are poor. Then the wrong needs to be righted.


If it's yours then it's yours, if it's not then it's not.
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Eu não acredito que essa garotinha virou uma mulher incrível que ajuda a cada dia o mundo ficar melhor.
#mileycyrus #mileyraycyrus #destinycyrus

can't believe this is real ⠀⠀
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