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"A Good Stay Away From Home”
Feb 6, 2018 by chroniclesoftendai on Trip Advisor

A Great week @Harbourfs in UK #tested #Approved #quality #trucks #keepingAfricaonthemove #destinationZimbabwe 🇿🇼. Contact us in Harare if u looking for an approved truck ‭002634750628‬

I sure do miss those African sunsets. 🌅

That weekend with the HHI Aimites. #destinationzimbabwe #DopeSnaps #AmazingGod 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

One of the best experiences I’ve had. 🐘

I love this little tree in the mist. 🌲

Simple beauty in Zimbabwe, Africa. 🔆

Strolling down rural African roads. 🙌🏼

"A brides must have"....Congratulations Vimbai you looked beautiful 🌷
#picturehubzim #destinationzimbabwe #troutbeckhotel

Mana pools national park is in the north of Zimbabwe. The park is known for wildlife visibility beside the river and in the flood plains. Large populations of elephants, hippos and Nile crocodiles father at sunrise in the Ĺong pool. In the park's south, lions wait for prey around the waterhole at Chitake spring.
Photo credit: Andy Lowe

Some of the coolest women I know. 💯

Don't do life alone. 🐘

Monday's got me feeling like... 😴

Texas, meet your only sunset competition. 🌤

The Way Way Home...
Going along the main road (officially known as Robert G. Mugabe Way of course) to the eastern suburbs involves crossing 12th Ave and I'm always greeted by the view of the cooling towers of the city's power station. The best view is sadly in the middle of the road (no traffic islands on this one annoyingly too) but I promised myself I'd try and get this before I fly out.
So this is the best I could do as the sunset and to mark one last trip homeward bound 😊
On my way home now...
It's been sweet.


I've just spent the last few days visiting my grandparents in Maphisa.
It's a small growth point town in Matobo District of Matebeleland South.
There was no electricity on the first two days (no internet access on my part either hence the silence) so pace of life was a lot more chilled and relaxed and I really appreciated the digital disconnect.
It made me not take for granted the little time I had here be it just sitting and talking with my grandfather or just watching the night sky identifying random constellations.
Quite thankful for that 😊

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