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Yup, and I LOVE it 🤘
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Chapter one: books
Lmao I'm giving you a good look into the fact I can actually write...
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No, I'm not crying. Definitely not... (also throwback to when I did T&S nails) .
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"I really liked that place. We should go again sometime." Dean said shyly biting his lower lip.
"Of course!" Cas replied simply, closing his eyes adorably while smiling gently.
They had spend the evening at a 50's café. It wasn't their first date, no, they first was at the movies. Cas asked him out that time and Dean got really excited but he wasn't sure if it was going to be a friends date or something else but after the movie when they were going back home and Cas grabbed Dean's arm while crossing a busy avenue, he felt something running through all his body and when Cas didn't let go of his arm even when they were safely walking down the street he knew Cas was also into him, but Dean just couldn't accept it. The first time they met Dean was so into Cas even from the first glimpse and when he discovered a rainbow patch sewed on Cas' backpack he knew he was into boys too. Dean was bi but none of his previous relationships, if he can consider them as such, had been successful, but with Cas he felt something different. They had spend various nights watching Netflix at Cas' place. Cas would lay his head on Dean's shoulder and Dean's heartbeat would speed up but they never would talk about it and that was making Dean go nuts. He didn't want to go so fast, he was afraid that Cas would find him annoying and wouldn't go out with him again but every single date after the first one ended in awkward small talk. Dean running his hand through his hair, then stopping at his neck, pinching himself ever so lightly not to do something he could regret. But that night he was so flustered that he just couldn't stand it anymore. Their dates were once maybe even twice a week, but every time when he was walking back home he would beat himself up, thinking about how much he wanted to kiss those lips. And Dean was a cheesy son of a bitch, even if he didn't accept it, he was. He wanted the perfect first kiss with Cas. Something at a fancy restaurant, or under the moonlight, you call it, but he was also terrified that maybe Cas would pull away, frowning annoyed saying they're just friends, but again, friends don't walk through the mall holding hands, do they?
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In the following link is one of my favorite destiel fanfics ever in the history of supernatural. It hs smut. https://archiveofourown.org/works/4741982/chapters/10838417 // #mishacollins #supernatural #supernaturalfandom #destiel #destielsmut #destielfanfic #supernaturalfanfiction #jensenackles #deanwinchester #castiel #castielnovak #teacherau

||Don't read if you haven't watched the latest episode||
Dear Cass, .
I'm not exactly sure where to start or why I'm actually writing this as I'm usually not one to even write letters and you'll never even get to read this, but I needed to get something off my chest that I never came to realize until it was too late. Until you were actually lying right in front of me, lifeless, hopefully someplace better.
You've been part of our family for what seems like forever now. You're my best friend. We've been through thick and thin, have seen each other at our worst, yet I always thought... I always thought I could have told you this later, because you being dead wasn't something I had ever thought of actually happening, but here I am... I just burned your body, said my last goodbye to you.... and I just now came to realize that I should have told you earlier about my true feelings for you Cass... I love you.
I really do.
I don't think I have ever felt this kind of love with anyone, not even Lisa. See, I was able to let her go, but you? You I was never able to let go when I should have and when it got too dangerous and I just wanted you to be somewhere better.
I couldn't because I loved you too much. Too much to even let go.
I needed you around a lot of times when you were gone or when I was a dick to you and said I didn't want you here.
But now? Now you're ripped out of my life just like that and I can't help but regret not telling you how I felt about you this entire time. I should have let you in, let these feelings in and not pretend like they weren't there. Maybe we'd be somewhere else now... Maybe you'd be alive because I would have been able to protect you better. I wouldn't have been afraid to hold you back, wouldn't have let you go back to Lucifer... Many things would have been different if only I would have told you earlier that I loved you. .

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