Did you know we made chocolate chip cookie cakes? Now you do... 😜🍪👍🏼 Store is open 10-6!

Seasonal House Jam on Ricotta Toast | black current & rosemary from our local farmer 👩‍🌾 #dessertfirst #cleveland #clevelandfood

Expresse sentimentos pelo seu doce mais amado 💞

When an egg white breakfast looks like this...#vacationfood #yum #merigue #santorini #dessertfirst #livinglikeevelyn

Mooorning guys! Have a nice tartlar🎈
w/ @thisismels .

Una CREPE semplice e fragolosa. Zucchero,  succo di limone🍋 e FRAGOLE "d'alta quota"🍓, che in Trentino Alto Adige si raccolgono fino ad agosto. Una buona giornata dolce a tutti voi!

Are Fruits Dessert? 🤔🤔 Credit:hungryme.nl

🍋 mousse cheesecake sitting pretty @calm_tangalwood 😻

😍 Looks good doesn’t it 😍
🌋 M O L T E N 🌋
D O U G H N U T S (this is our double choc beaut with a core of molten double chocolate cookie dough & truffle 😱)
Only at @streetfeastldn #PublicWoolwich this weekend!!

Breakfast of champs!
The malty one... available at @yardsalepizza .
#icecreamsandwich #summervibes #heatwave

Brionuts🍩😍 Coffee flavour 😊☕ Much less doughy than a doughnut. It's fluffier and tenderer. The soft texture results in a dreamy concoction that tasted just like a coffee cream filled brioche, and that's why it's called Brionuts. Out of all the doughnut–derivative food I've tried so far, this is my favorite😌 I know I will offend a bunch of people by saying this... but I find Cronuts from DAB is so overhyped...it's time for brionuts to shine ✨Good morning guys💛

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