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I bake the cookies, he makes me ice cream sandwiches. #teamwork #homemadewithlove #desserteveryday #lifestooshort

Happy Sunday ! #desserteveryday

Angele vs Me #DessertEveryDay

After the most enormous effort to build a sandpit containing 1.5 tonnes of sand, I made these lemon delicious puddings to celebrate for dessert. There was no talking just the sound of spoons scraping the bowls clean.

A girl and her shave ice 🌺🍧 #hanalei #desserteveryday

So this is how I spent lunar new year😂 #dessertoftheday #desserteveryday


"But what do you EAT?!"
This is a common question I get often. People automatically assume that because I drink a shake everyday it gives me the go ahead to eat what I want, when I want #iwish Or that what I eat must take HOURS to make and no one has that kind of time 🤔💁🏼
A little background for ya...Ed and I actually follow a dairy free and grain free lifestyle 90% of the time. Partially by choice and partially because we simply just FEEL better when we eliminate dairy and grains. And it's with the ADDITION of our REAL superfoods in our shake, our energy and digestion is 💯on point during that 10% we treat and on the daily.
Yes, our vegan shake does fall into those "fringe foods" because it has a grain derivative ingredient (oats protein), but let's be honest, it is waaaayyyy better then the alternatives 👌🏼
I am a busy wife, full time employee, business owner, volunteer, and I hate being bored {so, I'm constantly finding something to do 😉} So, I don't always have the hours in the week to dedicate to making ALL of our meals. Plus I enjoy a life with a treat or two once in a while 🍦 #balance ..
So, this shake keeps my body happy when the days and hours get away from me. And the anxiety of getting "off the plan" away. I'm NOT perfect. It simple reminds me how good I feel and continues to give me all this antioxidants to keep me from getting sick 😷{only vitamins I take are in this shake from REAL foods} and my body from rejecting me after an enjoyable meal or dessert once in awhile.
I have stayed on this plan for myself which has resulted in INCREDIBLE results and good clean energy to keep this #busybody going for a looooong time 😉with no guilt! Nearly {2}years strong and I'm not burned out yet! 💪🏼#lifestyle
#cleannutrition #balanceyourlife #eatrealfood #perfectlyimperfect #findwhatworksforyou #dontjudge #desserteveryday #doctorapproved

Singapore's 52nd National Day cake 😍😍😍 #sg #lovesg #cake #shangrila #singapore #desserteveryday #citylife #citygal #republic

Singapore 52nd national day reception by High Commision of Singapore in Kuala Lumpur #sg #lovesg #singapore #citygal #kualalumpur #shangrila #joochiatrd #desserteveryday

Thank YOU @dietitiandeanna for the inspiration behind making #lowcarb day bearable... #nightcap of chocolate protein waffles made with @sprouts #veganproteinpowder and drizzled with @cellucor chocolate peanut butter whey frosting, @maranathanutbutters melted coconut butter (absolute heaven), and of COURSE warmed up @waldenfarmsinternational pancake syrup 😋 #alwayshungry #bottomlesspit #desserteveryday #gimmeallthewaffles

Creo que estaba un poco emocionada por los macarrones que me regalaron. #ootd #desserteveryday

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