Benefits of yoga (that I have experienced) 🌻
• Calmness • More sense of control in mind, body and life
• Flexibility
• Strength
• deeper breathing
• possibilities, everything is possibly and the body is truly amazing
• fitter body
• selflove and acceptance
• healthier mind, body and soul
• better sex • tighter muscles everywhere 😉
• easier to orgasm
• better balance
• happier • freer
• get to know my body a lot better, I can feel the moment I start to get stiffer, when I need to pause, move, stretch, more strength etc
• sometimes less/more controlled pain (a lot thanks the reason above)
• letting go of tension
• letting shit go
• so much more, I might add on as I go😄🌸

Baby you are a wild thing meant to be free🍃

Making shapes in the evening, feeling happy and free🙏❤
#urdhvadhanurasana #wheelpose #oddmolly

"When you surrender to what is and so become fully present, the past ceases to have any power. You do not need it anymore.
Presence is the key." ❤
Eckhart Tolle
#dancerspose #natarajasanapose #oddmolly

Woop woop I caught my fot with both hands in #natarajasanapose for the first time 😄❤ Double chin and serious face 😂 Took some concentration and I had to have my #drishti 😄
#dancerspose #oddmolly

Idag höll jag mitt andra utomhus pass, min yogaklass "free", det kändes så mycket bättre denna gången 😄❤ Börjar lära mig och komma in lite mer att vara #yogalärare 😀 Efter lite mindre än halva så släppte nervositeten och allt bara kom mer naturligt 😄
Deltagarna var helt fantastiska och jag fick en del tack efteråt, trots att det var helt o hållet deras förtjänst🙏❤ Jag kände mig glad i hjärtat efteråt (om man kan säga så)😄 Lycklig helt enkelt att få dela stunden i #Nolhaga med underbara människor 😊❤ Namaste🙏
#endorfinalingsås #alingsås #yogainthepark #oddmolly #globalyoga

"Our yoga is moving meditation, meant to get us out of our heads and into our hearts"❤🌸
Yoga med mig imorgon bakom slottet i #Nolhaga kl. 16.30 😄❤
#endorfinalingsås #yogainthepark

When I wrote my own yogaclass I wanted to make a flow with room for your own growth, letting go and feeling free. I wanted to give a challenge but still make the asanas accessible to the beginner and the more advanced. I don't know if I did that but that is one of my goals haha (still working on it)😄 #Bodybalance was my way into #yoga, not the "original" yogaclasses. It just wasn't my thing to be too stagnant, I got too frustrated and therefore bored. It is wonderful at times and I like them more now, but I need to really get into the flow and my body to let go of my head and into my heart. Because the "easy" asanas is sometimes the hardest and finding the meditative state while going too slow (or fast) with so much baggage was to hard especially for me who think a lot and feel everything so deeply. I tried yoga several times before I found one that I liked actually "yogawithcindy" on youtube 😊
I can go on forever but to get to the point, I added #dancerspose because this was one of the poses that kept me going, it was hard but I could do it, far from perfect (and still is) but it still felt amazing, I felt beautiful, flexible and strong. This was one of the poses I have to focus so much I actually found myself in my soul not my mind. I do not mean that someone should push themselves to far, not at all, that what's I mean with trying to make it accessible and I don't say that you should stop practicing the ground asanas because they are so Important! all I am saying that for me I need to get the ground and feel the growth from it, I need the forward folds, warriors and mermaid pose, king pigeons, dancers and splits (truly doesn't have to be the full pose). It is not about "achieving" the #asana it is how it makes you feel and this pose made me feel free 😊
As they, "yoga is not about touching your toes, its about what you learn on the way down."
People will disagree with me and please don't get me wrong do not skip the sun salutions and ground poses but don't be afraid to try something new and try it your way and make it yours. It is your body and your soul, what makes you feel good?
#transformation #tbt

Love me some #backbends 😍

Open your heart and let go of everything that longer serve you🙏❤

I got a lot to write and share but that will have to wait til tomorrow 😊 Spent my day of with my mom and the dogs just enjoying having a day off with walks, good healthy food and movies 😊❤

This was an absolutely amazing experience and I can barely wait to do it again this Sunday even better 😀❤ If someone told me 3 months ago that I would teach over 60 beautiful souls to yoga, without music and mic, I surely wouldn't believe it 😄 I got some great feedback and advice and gonna give even more soulwork next time🙏 It's amazing to share something I put my heart and soul into and do it my way and I think my yogaclasses will be a little different but good different hopefully 😉💖 I've been really hard on myself but this is a journey and I am excited to share this journey with you 😄
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Yoga med mig imorgon kl.16.30 på baksidan av #Nolhagaslott 😀❤ Ta med en matta, kanske en filt och var med och njut av min alldeles egna yogaklass free 😄💖🍃🌞
#yogainthepark #endorfinalingsås #nolhaga

Headstand play yesterday 😊 tried posting the whole video on my igtv but insta didn't like me having music 😂 so had to delete that 😕😉 #inversion #headstand #headstandvariation

Enjoyed the fun week in Roma with this one :) #despitesickness #roma #italy #rome #Italianfood #weloverome 🇮🇹

Day 5, 3, 4 and back to day 3😂 #resolutionhandstand2018 is #straddlehandstand #splithandstand and #halfpikehandstand and the two last with help of #paulthewall 😀 I held my first straddlehandstand (without a wall) today after many many tries 😂 I honestly was so happy I started crying 😂 I been so tired all day and despite having a rough #fibro day ❤
With hosts:
And sponsors
#yogachallenge #handstand #handstandchallenge #inversion

"Sun, shine on down
Wring our worries out
Sun, shine on down, oh

Live our lives and take our chances
We're still young enough to dream we will go far
'cause we don't care for all the answers" Joe Brooks - 'Hello Mr.sun'

So many just weird shitty things happened today 😂 Made me question if I should have stayed in bed but despite all I had a good day with a great collegue 😄❤ And with a lot of help from my moma 😄🙏 Day 2 #resolutionhandstand2018 is #ladylegshandstand 😀 With hosts:
And sponsors
#yogachallenge #handstand #handstandchallenge #inversion

Darling, you have a inner light within you and trust me that shit is strong 🙏❤

Well I did finish the #junesoulbalances on the last day 😂😅 A great challenge at a quite busy time 😄🌸 Thank you for the patience for my short insta break 😄
Day 12: #toestand
11. #standingsplit and a happy #birdofparadise
10. #sideplank
9. #camelpose and #tigerpose
8. #boatpose
7. #galavasana
All after very own, first real yogaclass at the new workplace 😍😀

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