“Maaahhm do you HAVE to do laundry?! 😭” #desperate #beartooth

Seriously, taking any and all suitors for that sweet, sweet EU passport #desperate

You won’t believe how affordable is this set! @ritarow rules 👊🏽

When u haven’t got a corkscrew only a knife would do #desperate for red wine 🍷

If I can get to 80 followers at the end of today I’ll do a #facereveal cause am that #desperate

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"У меня было чувство,что я где то тебя видел, Это называется дежавю... сигнал от зрительного нерва идёт прямо в мозг... Нет, дело не в этом...Тогда может в другой жизни? А я вот тебя запомнил... " просто лети, просто падай... беги..беги ..." #dejavu #dejavoodoo #feel #mysoul #opium #desperate #dream #dangerous #darkside #angel #lips #kiss #killme #hard #young #obsession

Bestie catching up on her best friend duties... about time hun, this is your last chance, support me, need all the likes I can get. @sammooneyxx #needy #desperate #supportme

Robin Hood, Robin Hood!! That better count as a 20!!
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we ARE DESPERATE.... to SAVE CHAZ 💔 our baby.
So.... What happened... 😔😞😭😢😭 2 months ago - Chaz was being his active happy self, playing ball with Mike. We were using a chuck it (a device that throws the ball really far) and Chaz has always been an all or nothing dog - he did his full on sprint after the ball. He slipped/ fell through/ twisted his legs in the hard snow.
So of course we feel and are sickly responsible. Although it was something we did often, the results were still a surprise.
Mike has been home to be his personal elevator, tricking my mind into thinking this was a manageable situation. has been gone back to work for one set, (4 on 4 off rotation) and I have been forced to open my eyes to the severity of his injuries. Chaz can't get up. He cant get around. He is crying, depressed and frustrated. His life went from being bouncy, healthy, daily walks, hikes, swims, socializing to... bed rest.
Last night I finally got him up from laying down to go pee before bed, he had to lie down to pee and with no one around... I couldn't get him back up the stairs despite all efforts. So he layed there on the pavement for 3 hours, I got my computer and sat outside in the dark on the pavement with him and repeated attempts. He screeched in pain and and then just continued to cuddle me.
Chaz needs (in simple terms) TWO knee replacements in both of his back legs. Yes, he blew out not just one - but two knees.
He requires two separate invasive surgeries where they will shave down and around his bones so that they will fit together while taking out the middle part of his knees, including bone and ligaments.
Then, they will then more or less make him artificial, but very functional knees by screw plates on either side while making them hinge, this is a total of four plates plus screws.
1. It is 4200-4500 dollars PER LEG and they will not do surgery unless we sign a contract to do both, because otherwise it would be a waste and they just wont do it. So it will be 8400 to 9000 dollars (pending all goes well)
PLEASEE if you could in anyway, even the smallest amount... I have linked his go fund me account here in the comments and in my bio. ♡

#Petpeeve When u in the business with sharks 🤷🏽‍♂️ people throw their power/ tantrum around and they used to bullying hair/make up people cus they know A lot of us are #desperate and will jump every time they say ✌🏼celebrity✌🏼 even tho it’s just a B Lister u can’t get 4 digits rate and more substantial stuff( w me, it always ended up like the ending scene in Jaws, always 🤩🔥🔥🔥) And The best is when u told them they’re not That important ( w attached screenshot of their clients list from WhorePresents 💁🏽‍♂️📚 but their clients ( that u don’t wanna work with) still asking for you but it’s always for BS things like flying your own arse to LA for some “cover” shoot Except u already done like, 3 better ones this week that s gonna come out around same time, so why bother and dilute yourself with something ( or someone) that’s like, 25 notches beneath 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽. Tough thing bout my biz is, the pretending to be nice to people u hate cus they might have something for you ( Except usually they friggin Don’t) so I don’t do it. It’s so not about quantity. #showbiz #celebrities #hollywood #lifeofanartist #nickism

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