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Even after some fatal mistakes.. 😃
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Follow your heart? Or Follow your brain?
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Well, I think we have to follow our hearts, while we also need to be realistic of our reality. We have to really dream to have hope, but at the same time, we have to be realistic. But realism can also be optimism. Life is a balance. In the beginning, our brain is always very fearful of taking chances; and was always comfortable with our current situation; which is our brain will tell us not to take any chances our heart sees and feel (opportunities) and tell us to stay at our current situation because there is too much risks by taking that opportunities (comfort zone). I think a lot of people in society, have the feeling like you live in this fearful mode where you don’t want to take risks because fear dominates, but sometimes we have to follow our heart, because Great Things never came from comfort zone.
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Vacations are for people
who hate their lives. 😔

Traveling is for people who
design their lives. 🔥✈️🌎

Why would someone create a life that they
need to vacate from in the first place? 🤔

The beautiful thing about what we do is that
our office could be anywhere around the
world because we don't have a 9-5... 😁

We have a 24/7 - 365! 🙏🏽


Decode your fear and embrace it!
Everything is a test in life. Defining moments like graduation, job, marriage, house, relationships, failures, and pain are daunting moments. Our conscious mind dwells on living up to expectations that society pushes on us.
Fear carries a great source of growth; a doorway to discover more about you. However approaching such tests with a negative attitude will have a detrimental effect on your health. The driving force to overcome fear is your ability to respond when it surfaces. To keep it at bay, live with passion and positive energy so you can prove to yourself that it was worth overcoming.
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"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful."

Do what you want to do! 👊
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Make your own choices in life and learn to take the risks.

Quote from Charles Koch. A very successful man that is never not grateful for where he is in life. Be grateful for everything you have and are and that is the first step to happiness and success.

Don't Let Your Happiness Be Controlled By Something You Can't Control

Deseo irresistible de libertad. 🏊🏼🚨 #swimming #swimmingpool #liberty #desire

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I'm disappointed. 👎
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#Desire belongs to the #Divine #Spirit of #God within each of us! The #Word "desire" means "from the Father." 🔭

The longing we feel is actually the expansiveness of #life within us, pushing to #know, #be, #experience, #love, #give, #contribute and #embody #MORE 🔭

Do not give up on your desires. Make room for them, flow with them, act on them, trust them and #cooperate with #life so that they may come into being
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Si cada letra es una nota, escribo mi historia a ritmo de vida

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