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Here's my scoop on Protein Shakes (pun intended). First of all, protein is VERY important when you are transforming your body. It is the building block for your muscle, and you must get an ample amount to maximize your transformation results. But eating enough solid protein is difficult for a lot of reasons: it takes time to cook, it can be expensive, it is physically hard to eat that much food.
That is why I'm a huge proponent of shakes.
To be totally honest, I probably drink 3 to 4 shakes a day to help get my protein in. Is this ideal? Absolutely not. While there are a lot of incredible nutrients in shakes, I'm missing out on a lot of key nutrients found in other protein sources. But in my everyday insanely busy life, it's the best I can do right now. When life slows down, I aim for 2 or so shakes a day.
Fortunately, there are a lot of great shakes out there nowadays. When it comes to the numbers, we look for one with less than 2g fat, less than 5g carbs, and between 20-30g protein. (Circled in red above)
Hope this helps!! Keep transforming my friends!!

Ich starte meinen Tag heute mit einem leckeren Schoko, Blaubeer, Erdbeer Minze Shake. 🌠
Da steht heute noch so einiges auf dem Plan.
Deswegen hab ich es gerne wenn mein Frühstück schnell, einfach und lecker 😋 ist.
Aber auch eine optimale Versorgung bis zum nächsten essen. 🌠

The elegance of darkness.
Photo credit @nemo_nihil !

Fitness should be fun. Of course, no one feels like working out everyday (that's ok). But the best thing you can do for yourself is to find types of fitness that you actually enjoy. If you like lifting, lift. If you like running, run. If you like HIIT, do HIIT. If you like yoga, have fun with it.
There's no one "right" way to workout. Certain types of exercise get different result. But if you want to be happy & healthy long term, find ways to move that make you happy.
Workout for yourself & your well being. Not for anyone else or a MEANINGLESS NUMBER OF SCALE.
Move your body to feel better inside & out. #foreverfitid #designyourbody

Feel sooo good to be back.. Feel so good that I finally can make time for working out. On progress to get my stamina, strength and shape back. 😊😊
Today's morning 3cycles of lower body workout & 3cycles of abs workout with my partner @lianatalia1010 and hydrate with Alkaline Powered @cheerswater 💪🏼🔥💦

Why don't they make platters like these so we can all stay on track while still having a social life?! RG: the talented @talinegabriel

Lunging around 😉. If you're looking for a full body flow, this one's for you.! Abs & thighs approved 💯⭐️ *Make sure to step the foot far enough out to track over the knee. Track by simon eng
#corpstechnique #designyourbody

tidak ada bentuk tubuh yang bagus tanpa adanya latihan (berolahraga) dan nutrisi (makanan dan minuman) yang terpenuhi/tercukupi. . .Ini proses, bukan instan, jadi salah satu kata kunci dari proses adalah harus sabar jika semuanya ingin alami. . . 🙌😁😊 #designyourbody #hardwork #calisthenics #weighttraining @foreverfitid - take photo by: @banjoz_08


"Hi my name is raymond and im ready to raydiate" one of the most fun and hardest worker in our group training season I, he will be entered again for one purpose only , to be winner of men division. 👊😎#daretobefit #raydiate #foreverfitid #bodytransformationchallenge #bodytransformation #fitness #fun #instafit #surabaya #designyourbody credit to @raydiatelifestyle

You dont need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great. Credit to @_yinyinhuang . First time i met her she barely can do squat properly in her own bodyweight , have a lot of knee valgus but right now she squat and hipthrust like a boss. Consistency trumps everything, its about being better than before and striving each day, i believe that woman need to be strong, research shown that woman can have similar strength as men(70%) , so i train each my client to be their best strong of themselves. Strong is sexy. #ladieswholift #strongcurve #personaltraining #foreverfitid #designyourbody #strengthtraining #strength

If you were in to see us today you may have been lucky enough to meet Kylies adorable Hazel 😍 Kylie is our very own Hypoxi Super Mum! Have an awesome Saturday!!

❤️❤️🎉🎁 Low carb doesn't mean you have to miss out on pizza and pancakes with the Protein Co products available at HYPOXI Cammeray. WIN a protein co gift pack. Just follow us and @proteinbreadco on Instagram or Facebook and tag us in the product you can't wait to try. T's & C's apply. ❤️❤️🎉🎁

Meal prep is one of our BIGGEST recommendations to help stay on track with your weight loss goals !
Use this weekend to start your weight loss journey and get your meals together for the week! #hypoxi #designyourbody #weightloss #health #nutrition #penrith

Our 3d printed bone choker in stainless steel.. stay tuned cause in few days it will be also available in cast silver 925!

Today at 18:00 pm GR time will be announced the winner of the shell necklace !! Check @hiroine for the results!! Thank you all for joining the contest !! ♥️🙏

Hypoxi Vacanaut ile karın bölgesinde biriken yağlardan kurtulmanız çok kolay!

Vacanaut terapisi, karın bölgesinde %80 oranında yağ yakımı gerçekleştirir. Kısa bir süre içinde değişimi fark edersiniz.

Kendinize en uygun Hypoxi seansları için uzmanlarımızla iletişime geçebilir, ücretsiz deneme seansımıza katılabilirsiniz!

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The ability to hinge (i.e., a posterior weight shift through the hips) is our single most-important movement pattern. It helps us squat and deadlift like bosses for maximal size and strength gains, not to mention do those things pain-free.

Yet a basic hip hinge pattern seems to be an elusive quality for many lifters, namely due to quad-dominance, poor hip mobility, and poor core stability.
It's time to get back to the basics and master the hip hinge so that you can chase big squat and deadlift numbers while keeping your back injury-free. Its always mastering the basics first and i think the best way to teach this is by using your own bodyweight, A hinge is about sitting back into the hips with minimal knee bend and snapping forward with a strong glute contraction at the finish. That's it. Thats why i teach all my client first thing we met. Credit to @kikivirgias #hiphinge #masterthebasic #fundamental #fitness #personaltraining #fitmom #ladieswholift #fitspo #instafit #strongcurve #strongissexy #foreverfitid #designyourbody

The elegance of darkness.
Photo credit @nemo_nihil !

❤️❤️🎉🎁 Only 6 weeks to spring - Top up your package for today ONLY 🎁6 x basic sessions for $300 🎁 6 x combo session for $549. T's & C's apply. ❤️❤️🎉🎁

Bone ring in cast silver 925!

Another testimonial from couple who we think just missed one of the whole group training workout. Credit to @dianmaya_ps and @wendy_sutrisno. #bodytransformation #testimonial #fitcouple #fitspo #instafit #foreverfitid #designyourbody #fitforlife #daretobefit

Take a new video module for the body transformation challenge participant about the art and science of flexible dieting also the importance to track your fitness progress. Excitex to bring more value to our next #daretobefit body transformation challenge. #fitness #fitspo #videoshoot #vlog #progresstracking #flexibledieting #healthydiet #diet #nutrition #coach #foreverfitid #designyourbody #bodytransformation #bodytransformationchallenge

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