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Today is the last chance to experience UNCONFINED The Galaxy S8 Design, the @SamsungMobile collaboration with @Zahahadidarchitects and @UniversalEverything, inspired by the #Galaxys8. Visit @base_milano to discover what happens when technology and design are seamlessly unified
#tortonadesignweek #tdw2017 #fuorisalone #DesignToConnect

ממש התעקש אז הסכמנו #tortonadesignweek #designtoconnect

Today, @renzoserafini presents 'pir[∆]mide', a table lamp inspired by the glass-made pyramidal structure of Cocoricò, at @tortonadesignweek 2017 | #DesignToConnect. This is the first step of the new project 'Industrie Libere Cocoricò' ran by @giancarlobarletta and @riviera_network.
Soundscapes by @armonicamusic, more info at — bit.ly/2oQF6ol.

The MINI Living Breathe installation by SO-IL architects is proving popular #installation #Milano #milan #tortonadesignweek #designtoconnect

DESIGN WEEK: What's happening in #basemilano?
To celebrate the new #GalaxyS8 design, Samsung Mobile has commissioned world renowned Zaha Hadid Architects and acclaimed digital design collective Universal Everything to create an immersive experience, inspired by the new device.
Visitors will be invited to interact as they journey through a completely bespoke interior, triggering digital installations.
#MDW2017 #GalaxysudioMilan Samsung Italia #tortonadesignweek #tdw2017 #DesignToConnect #fuorisalone2017 #fuorisalone #basemilano #zahahadid #architecturelovers #design

La mia giornata nel quartiere Tortona si conclude con una un allestimento di grande impatto del gruppo Moooi, che si è presentato al Salone del Mobile di Milano con tanti nuovi prodotti e complementi d’arredo.
Le nuove collezioni sono state presentate utilizzando le immagini "Microsculpture" dell'incredibile fotografo @levonbiss.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been slowly (very slowly, indeed) working on a little brand refresher for 10 Fingers For Design. I should know better, there’s no such thing as a little re-brand, it’s easier said than done. Branding (or re-branding) can put me on the verge of an identity crisis … Does this happen to you too?  But, I’m keeping my hopes high, and my intentions focused. I’m giving it lots of good thoughts about why I’m doing this.

There are several reasons for rebranding, all valid, but in reality, I grew tired of the hot pink in 10 Fingers For Design. While I love it because it’s so sexy, feminine and fun, which have been part of my brand values for two years now. I wanted a change, period. Isn’t this a good enough reason? I’m thinking about replacing it with orange and burnt red, for the energy, intensity, power, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, and success that they embody. I want it to feel like me, and I want those I connect with to feel confident and grow alongside my business in 2017. I’m just warming up to possibilities!

Your turn, what are you changing in your brand in 2017?
Happy Saturday!

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Questions aren't silly; you must ask to know and have what you want! But, some days your body and soul need to be quiet in your safe and sacred place, you need a chocolate kind of day. Thinking chocolate ice-cream as it's so hot today😆

with the past.

So fun @meetkvell😆Fun is so needed:) I am pretty sure next time we buy raspberries they will look 👀 at me just like this 😂

FUN for Wednesday, drive a car full of balloons. Will you do it?
#Great inspiration by @ohhappyday❤️❤️❤️❤️

Being genuine online is on demand, and it means you show up as you are and spin your natural superpowers with passion. Effortless wins.

What do fur mama, storyteller, and celebrator all have in common? Well, they all describe the multi-talented Kelly Elizabeth Scott. Kelly’s focus is on making sure you stay true yourself and that your message is honest, powerful, and bold.

Join me as we chat with Kelly in "Live Your ART", and get to know the person behind an incredibly successful content creation business!

A luminária pendente #Meshmatics foi um dos destaques da @moooi na Semana de Design de Milão. Quer ver o que mais eles apresentaram? Veja esta matéria com fotos minhas e texto da Camila Carramaschi que preparamos para o @arquitetorio. http://www.arquitetorio.com.br/blog/milan-design-week-moooi

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