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If only I could write this fast in real life! Finally getting a chance to practice my pointed pen, but the glossy paper made it difficult to achieve thicks and thins. You win some, lose some? 🤷🏻‍♀️
[Swipe to see the very complex and high tech selfie stick setup haha]


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Este site apenas funciona offline. Desliga a Internet. Re(para) e Re(pensa). Este projecto não pretende limitar opiniões mas, sobretudo, abrir caminhos para questões e especular sobre temáticas que se interligam entre si, que fazem parte da sociedade e das novas manifestações contemporâneas.
O poster é como uma folha em branco para explorar novas técnicas, novas ferramentas, novas composições a cada novo projecto. Os diferentes resultados visuais são provocados pela curiosidade em explorar diferentes ferramentas e materiais sem imposições. Permitiu resolver problemas estruturais e formais através do design gráfico e da tipografia, estimulando neste sentido.
O poster é ainda responsável por muita da nossa cultura visual no contexto urbano, sendo uma vertente com uma linguagem diversificada, um certo activismo, porque as mensagens por vezes são alertas, apelos, manifestos do pior e do melhor que se passa dentro da sociedade e da cidade.
Não é um projecto sobre como ou o que fazer, reflecte uma jornada pessoal. Por isso é importante clarificar que uma só mensagem pode servir vários propósitos e interpretações. Agradeço ao Chullage por ter confiado e disponibilizado em Março a acapella IntenCIDADES, que fez com que este projecto se desenrolasse.

Patternpatternpattern • 79/365 • I should DEFINITELY do these more often. Sometimes I just waste too much time 'perfecting' a lettering that doesn't any (more) 'perfection'. Lettering sketches can be good as well if not even better from time to time. Do you have a favorite? 🤔👊🏼
Brush: 'A Rough Tool II' (self-created)

Signage / lettering this past weekend for the #bossbabeexpo at @windandjames ⚡️

👉🏻✨ The number one question that slides into my DM’s is “how do I start lettering?” And the answer is “just DO IT”. It’s easy to say and quite hard to do. But you don’t need an iPad or a graphic design degree or fancy pens to start. Grab a pencil and get writing.
You’ll probably be dreadful at first (I know I was) - but consistent practice and patience will help you improve. Your style will develop over time, it’s not always a fixed thing or some goal that you achieve. (see my stories for pics of my first sketchbook) And you don’t always have to have a perfectly inked and finished composition at the end of every practice session. Sometimes, you just need to sit and write with a pencil and erase a lot and scribble and make mistakes. Like I did, on this rainy Monday, listening to a podcast by @me_and_orla + @jencarrington_ and just filling up a page without worrying about it being “instagram-worthy”. Because you don’t have to be perfect at something to be good at it. You just have to be willing to do it. And fail. And forgive yourself and try again. Alright, then, who’s ready to try? 😉💙 I’ll be sipping my tea and cheering you on. And have a lovely evening, my dears.
// notes from @lettersfromahopefulcreative podcast episode 2 .
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She back! Today was an incredible day! I’m officially in France with my sister and I’m so happy to be here! I feel really grateful to be able to communicate with the people around me. For most of my college career I had a French minor and at one point I was really fluent. So I’m happy to be submerged in a country where I’m able to practice and work up to that level of fluency again. It’s definitely a challenge and my brain is so tired 😴 but it’s amazing to be able to have this opportunity.

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Worked up a piece for @welltownbrewing first Oktoberfest. 🍻

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